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Rock Art List
Abbreviation: RA = Rock Art = Petroglyphs or/and Pictographs/td>
HW#128 Petro False Kiva Needles Overlook
Arch Cyn Ruin Fighting Men RA Newspaper Rock
Ballroom Ruin Fish Creek Ruin Owl Panel
Bartlettra RA Fisher Towers Pahreah Ghost Town
Big Crane Panel Fishmouth Cave Ruin Paul Bunyan Potty
Book Cliffs RA Floy Canyon Peek-a-Boo RA
Bradford Ruins Floy RA Price Canyon
Bridge Jack Rd RA Glen Canyon Procession Panel
Butlerwash Ruin Hands Panel Pothole Point
Castle Rock Hill RA Hidden Valley RA Roadside Ruin
Cave Springs Hog Springs RA Red Fleet SP
Cave Houses Horse Canyon Sego RA
Cave Ruin Horseshoe Bend Sheep Creek Canyon
Coke Oven Horse Panel RA Sky View Arch
Cedar Point:
  Sideways Panel
  Duckhead Panel
  Dots Panel
Hymass Trail Slick Rock Trail
Cold Springs Cave Ruin Indian Creek:
  Fighting Men Panel
  3 Locations RA
Split Level Ruin
Colorado River Overlook Intestine Man RA Stavation Reservoir
Combwash RA Johns Canyon RA Target Ruin
Corona Arch Kane Creek RA Three Kiva Pueblo
Deadhorse Point Loys Lake Tower Ruin
Dinosaur Track Site Moab Upper Butler Wash Ruins
Doloress River RA Moki Dugway Upper Sand Island RA
Double Stack Ruin Monach Cave Ruin Valley of Gods
Duckhead Man Panel Montezuma Canyon:
  Sunhead Man Panel
Walnut Knob RA
Edge of Cedars SP Monticello Westwater Canyon
Evaporation Pond Moonshine Arch Westwater Ruin
    Mule Cyn Ruin Wilson Arch
Before 2017/td>
Abbreviation: SP=State Park, NHS=National Historical Site, BM=Bench Mark/td>
100 Hands Pictographs 6/9/16 Flaming Gorge 8/3/10 Noahs Ark, Parowan 7/8/13
Antelope Island 8/17/10 Fremont Indian SP 7/29/10 Notch Peak (Attempt) 10/26/14
Arches National Park 6/26-27/12 Fremont Rainbow Panel 6/11/16 Ogden Waterfalls 6/24/16
Bingham Canyon Mine 10/1/10 Glen Canyon 10/21/10 Petroglyphs Canyon 6/15/16
Black Dragon Panel 6/15/16 Goblin Valley SP 10/19/10 Pine Park 10/10/14
Bluff Fort 7/1/14 Golden Spike NHS 9/30/10 Poorman's BM 8674 10/12/14
Bonneville Speedway 10/2/10 Goosenecks SP 10/23/10 Prehistoric Museum, Price 6/20/16
Bridal Veil Falls 6/23/16 Gunsmoke Set, Johnson Canyon 6/3/12 Quail Creek 6/6/16
Bryce Canyon NP 10/17/10 Hole in the Rock 6/24/12 Red Canyon 6/7/16
Buckhorn Wash Panel 6/12/16 Homestead Creater 6/23/16 Red Ledges 6/22/16
Butler Wash Panel 6/29/14 House on Fire 10/22/10 River House Ruin 6/29/14
Canaan Gap Panel 6/28/14 Hovenweep National Monument 7/1/14 Rochester Panel 6/14/16
Rochester Panel 7/30/10
Cane Wash 6/16/16 Indian Creek Petroglyphs 6/23/12 San Rafael Swell 6/12/16
Canyonland NP 10/20/10 Island in the Sky, Canyonlands NP 6/29-30/12 San Rafael Swell Panel 6/12/16
Capitol Reef 10/19/10 Joe’s Valley Reservoir 6/13/16 Sand Island Panel 7/1/14
Sand Island Panel 10/22/10
Cedar City Library 10/12/14 Kanab 6/3/12 Sego Canyon 6/19/16
Sego Canyon 7/1/12
Cockscomb 10/24/10 Kanarra Falls, Kanarraville 7/9/13 Shay Canyon Petroglyphs 6/23/12
Coke Oven, East Carbon 6/19/16 Little Egypt 10/21/10 Sick Rock Black Dragon Hike 6/15/16
Coral Pink Sand Dune SP 10/25/10 Looking Glass Rock 6/24/12 Sinbad Area 6/18/16
Cove Fort 10/11/14 Lower Calf Creek Falls 10/18/10 Signal Peak 7/10/13
Cricket Mountains HP 10/25/14 Lower Gray Canyon 6/19/16 Spiral Jetty 9/30/10
Crystal Geyser 7/1/12 Lucinut 6/25/16 Spooky Gulch, GSENM 6/8/16
Crystal Hot Spring 9/30/10 Meadow Creek Canyon 10/11/14 Sunglow Campground, Fishlake 6/9/16
Delano Peak 7/7/13 Meadow Hot Springs 8/15/10 Sun Tunnels 6/24-25/16
Devil’s Garden 6/7/16
Devils Garden 10/18/10
Millsite Reservoir 6/11/16 Timpanogos Cave 10/2/10
Diamond Fork Hot Springs 6/22/16 Mine Camp Peak 10/11/14 Tow My Car 6/30/14
Dinosaur National Monument 7/2/12 Moab 6/25/12 The Wedge 6/11/16
Dinosaur Quarry 6/12/16 Molen Reef Panel 6/10/16 This is the Place 6/24/16
Donuts Falls 6/24/16 Monument valley 10/24/10 Three Canyons RA 6/18/16
Dry Fork RA 8/2/10 Moore Cutoff Road 6/14/16 Toquerville Falls 6/6/16
Enterprise Reservoir 10/10/14 Natural Bridge 10/21/10 Tree of Utah 10/2/10
Fantasy Canyon 8/1/10 Needles, Canyonlands NP 6/22-23/12 Upper Calf Creek Falls 10/19/10
Ferron Canyon 6/10/16 Needles Overlook 6/24/12 Utah State Capitol 6/24/16
Fish Creek Pictographs 6/9/16 Newspaperock 6/22/12 Vermillion Castle, Parowan 7/8/13
    Nine Mile Canyon 6/20-21/16
Nine Mile Canyon 7/31/10
Wahweap Hoodoos 6/27/10
        White Pine Peak 10/11/14
        Wolfman Panel 7/1/14

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