Kay's Photo Journal - Jun 2014
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6/29/2014 Tow My Car, Comb Ridge , UT - About 100 feet tow out my car from sandy spot to stable dirt road that cost me $900...Ouch! There is no tow company in the town of Bulff, a means tow truck came from another town, I spend all day for waiting, wha't a wasting time and money. I am sure I won't go back to Bulff area any time soon.
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6/29/2014  Butler Wash Panel, UT (9.4 miles) - The panel is large in size and there are more than one group of the panels do exist. The best way to reach to the panel is via river boat. The panel is located steep side and doesn't come out right for my photos. There are many petroglyphs on the wall.
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6/29/2014 River House Ruin, UT - This place was bonus to found it, where I was on my way to the Butler Wash Panel, the River House Ruin is located near the panel. The sign said "Don't climb the wall", so that I couldn't get inside the ruin. All I did was take photos from the distance.
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6/29/2014  Monument Valley, AZ - It is located Arizona and Utah atate line, not far from the four corners. Sticking up tall rock formations are unique and beautiful that can be seen from long distance. The last photo is the Mexican Hat rock that located near by.
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6/29/2014 Glen Canyon Dam, AZ - The water level of the Lake Powell by the Glen Canyon Dam is still low, just like the Lake Mead by the Hoover Dam that locted below the Glen Canyon Dam. We need more water that's sure but we don't know where to get it. Dinosaur foot print fossil is placed at the front of the visitor center.
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6/28/2014 The Clam Shell Petroglyphs and Pictographs, Fredonia, AZ - All those are located atop of the hill under the large rock roof. Many petoglyphs that located outside the roof are deminishing by the weather. Pictographs are located at the bottom of the rock roof.
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6/28/2014 Red Pueblo Museum, Fredonia, AZ - This place has impressive collection of the arrowheads. There are so many that started to thinking, are those real arrowheads made my native indians or someone made it by modern era people? Also they have collection of the griding stones.
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6/28/2014 Canaan Gap Panel, UT - Finally I found this place by kind local couple took me to this place, how lucky I am to meet a couple. The panel is very deep carving and showing inner white rock color, this is unusual way of making petroglyphs than any othere places.
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6/21/2014  Geographic Center of Nevada, NV - I don't know how to determined the Geographic Center of Nevada, because figure of the state of Nevada is so irregular shape. There is no sign or no indication of the center of Nevada, only the samll cairn remind. I think it needs an official sigh there.
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6/21/2014  Hickison Petroglyphs, NV - It is located by the highway 50 and just east of the Hickison Summit. There is a big sign, and nice free campground by the petroglyphs loop trail. Petroglyphs are on the sand store and most of petroglyphs are deteriorated, difficult to see the original figures.
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6/19/2014  Bunker Hill, NV (5.9 miles) - Three false summits to get to the true summit. My route was relatively easy route to climb up to the summit, however involved bushwhacking before to get to the first ridge. I saw snow patches few places. I saw only the reference mark not BM, and no register.       Download GPS File
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6/12/2014  White River Narrow Petroglyphs, NV - This is my second visit for this White River Narrow Petroglyphs site. It is located near the highway 318. There is no signs to get to it, need to ask someone, who knows the location. I added some color so that easy to see the petroglyphs.
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6/12/2014  Currant Mountain, NV (5.5 miles, Attempt) - It was steep slope to get to the where we were standing that was enough for us and turned back, and leave the summit for the next time. Beautiful mountains veiew and many standing beautiful old trees.
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6/11/2014 Duckwater Peak, NV (7.6 miles) - It is located north side of the Currant Mountain. The distance between the Duckwater Peak and Currant Mountain is only couple miles apart and very sharp knif edge ridge to go through. There were tons of moths all over near the TH.
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