Kay's Photo Journal - July 2013
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7/31/2013  Duckwater, NV - I have visited the crystal clear Duckwater Big Warm Springs that nicely arranged natural mineral warm water pond, and a large hole at the bottom of the pond that warm water is flowing. Also Duckwater Little warm springs that only weeds and no pool to soak, and nice waterfalls that the water flows from the Big Warm Springs.
7/30/2013  Robinson Mine, Ely, NV - It was called the Keystone mine before and near the small mining town of Ruth. There were overview point, but turn down and waiting to build a new one. It is still active surface mine and I saw it from the train ride few days ago and wanted to visit.
7/28/2013  South Schell Peak, NV (9.1 miles) - I did loop hike, to the peak that the BLM ranger's suggested route that suppose to easy one, I turn different place and I did most difficult route to climb up. On the way out, there were many sheeps, estimated 500 of them. I don't know how to deal with them and two dogs were barking me, I use whistle to go through middle of them, it was challengeable experience.
7/27/2013  North Schell Peak, NV (5.7 miles) - It was relatively easy to follow the tril and reach the peak. Above the timberline, it was very wide view area and deers are everywhere, there are in small groups but here and there, over 30 deers were watching me that was especial experience. There were a dozen deers in 1st row 4th photo.
7/26/2013  Ely Train Ride, NV - It is the Nevada Northern Railway National Historic Landmark. The train station is locted east Ely. I was happy to ride this over 100 years old steam engine train. I had a chance to go to inside the driver seat that was a bonus for me. It was fun couple hours trip.
7/25/2013  Word Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park, NV - There are six good size charcoal ovens in this place, and each oven size is very similar to the Charcoal Kilns in the Death Valley National Park, however Death Valley has more kilns. The campground is full of people during hunting season otherwise very quiet here.
7/24/2013  Cave Lake State Park, NV - This is another popular fishing lake state park, and located not far from the town of Ely. The view of rock formation will get everyone's attention. I don't know exactly why got name, but I can see the many small caves here and there.
7/23/2013  Jeff Davis Peak, Great Basin National Park, NV (1.2 miles) - The distance is from the Wheeler Peak that adjacent to the Jeff Davis Peak. When hike up from the TH, total distance is 10.8 miles. The view of the mountain fire was very clear from the summit and fire locattion is next to the Granite Peak, which I climbed few weeks ago.
7/23/2013  Wheeler Peak, Great Basin National Park, NV (8.4 miles) - This is a trail hike, nice trail all the way to the peak, and many people enjoy nice view hiking. When I was not too far from the summit, three elks showed up, I was relatively close to them. There is beautiful view from the summit.
7/22/2013  Bald Mountain, Great Basin National Park, NV - The view of the Wheeler and Jeff Davis peaks is wonderful from the summit of the Bald Mountain. I didn't see anyone climbing to the Bald Mountain. I stopped by to the Stella Lake that located below the Wheeler and Jeff Davis Peaks.
7/22/2013  Buck Mountain, Great Basin National Park, NV - The Buck Mountain was not on my list to climb. I was totally confused, I thought this is the Bald Mountain and also I had a GPS archive file that indicated this mountain. When started to climb up this mountain, I can see the real Bald Mountain behind me, but I have completed anyway.
7/21/2013  Spring Valley State Park, NV - The size of lake is much bigger than the Echo Canyon State Park and more fishermen here. Drive on the dirt road after finished the paved road for while, it is nice to see the both sides of the road cliff rock formation.
7/21/2013  Echo Canyon State Park, NV - The former land owner has been donated the reservoir area of land to the State and became one of the state parks in Nevada. The paved road is connected to next state park, Spring Valley State Park, the both sides of the valley cliffs are nice to see. Nice place to go to fishing that's sure.
7/20/2013  Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV - The highlight was saw the two red foxes that they called home here at the Cathedral Gorge State Park. Around 6 pm, they came out from the small cave. When we didn't move, they are feel free to walking around, totally ignor us and not too far from us, just like the zoo without fence.
7/20/2013  Panaca Springs, NV - This place is a community warm springs pool, and located in the town. Whole town people come to enjoy the warm springs at variety of time. This springs water is running from the bottom of the pool, some spots are warmer than others. They do clean the pool once a year to eliminate the algae to grow.
7/20/2013  Ash Springs, Alamo, NV - This place is temporary closed but no one there to stop me to get inside and take few photos. Nice warm hot springs water is coming out very nicely and small pool and large pond are look so nice to soak in to. I stopped by the nearlest gasoline station to ask, but they don't know when to re-open.
7/10/2013  Signal Peak, UT (13.4 miles) - I took the Forsyth Canyon Trail, which is the longest and easiest one to reach the Signal Peak, but much longer than I thought. Trees are green and tall, water in the creek was nice to see it, wildflowers are all over the places, however from the summit the view was blocked by the trees that was dissapointed.
7/9/2013  Kanarra Falls, Kanarraville, UT (5.2 miles) - It is families and kids friendly place, and beautiful place by many wanterfalls, the canyons walls are very tall in size, and not much water in the creek that consider to be the safer place for kids. I merged to group of 10 people to enjoy this incretable waterfalls canyon.
7/8/2013  Noahs Ark, Parowan, UT (2.8 miles) - This place is also located in the 1st Left Hand Canyon from the highway 143, and not far from the Vermillion Castle. Suppose to large scale of the rock formation that looks like the Noah's Ark, see the rightmost 2nd row photo, can you image the Noah's Ark from it?
7/8/2013  Vermillion Castle, Parowan, UT (1.6 miles) - This place is located in the 1st Left Hand Canyon from the highway 143, and red rock formation called the Vermillion Castle or Grand Castle. It is beautiful rock formation and nice place to be. I was stay on the trail, there are many more places to explore around here.
7/7/2013  Delano Peak, UT (3.2 miles) - Everything looks like planned, I didn't know where is the TH, I asked a guy, he told me to follow him because he is heading to the Delano TH, when we reached TH after few miles of drive, Susan, Lori and Judy were appeared from no where and told me to join to the Delano Peak hike, so I did. What's a day!
7/3/2013  Mt Charleston, NV (16.2 miles) - I started later morning from North Loop Trail. My initial plan was to hike up as much as I can, and end up at the summit of the Mt Charleston. At the summit, I can see the mountain fire that was too close to comfort. The wind direction helped me out. Trail closed sign was posted at the end of the day.

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