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7/29-31/2012  Fort Peck Dam, MT - The Fort Peck Dam is the largest hydraulic earth filled dam in the world. The length of lake is from east to west is 134 miles long. It built at the same time to Hoover Dam construction, during great depression, the Hoover Dam made entertainment capital of Las Vegas, however the Fort Peck Dam made a Theather.
7/28/2012  Highway 2 roadside, MT - My image of Montana is the first photo, endless sky and endless field with hay bales; this is the common scene in Montana. The rolled up hay bale is larger than I thought, higher than my height and heavy, I can't move it even an inch. Charles M Russell is the artist and the NWR named after his name.
7/27/2012  Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, MT - The Sleeping Buffalo Rocks are located by the highway 2. Those rocks are important rocks for the native Indian people, they bring the tabacos or colorful scarfs and leave it on the rock or tight it to the fence. The Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is located one mile from the Sleeping Buffalo Rocks.
7/27/2012  Natural Bridge, Hays, MT - This natural bridge is located in the Indian Reservation. The people in the Indian Reservation are very nice to guided it for me. Only problem was to cross the creek couple times with driving car, so that it is tough for the small passanger car. There were many signs but not for the Natural Bridge.
7/27/2012  Landusky and Zortman, MT - First row photos from Landusky and second row photos from Zortman. Both use to be mining towns and became ghost towns, then change to retirement communities. There are not much left the old buildings except many new or updated buildings, but I managed to got those photos.
7/25-26/2012  Fort Peck Lake, Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge, MT - It is a large lake and I saw only portion of it in 2 days. Many campgrounds are free of chage. There are no established hiking trails, according to the ranger, we can hike any places we want to that sound nice but most places are 1-2 ft high vegetations, how to hike???
7/23/2012  Terry Badland, MT - It is beautiful and large area of the badland. There were 17 Natural Bridges before but only 7 remining, I was lucky to see all 7. I suppose to stay couple nights on the mountain but rain cloud force me to come down to the lower flat area. The 1st row 4th photo that the Outlaw Springs, where I have parked my car.
7/23/2012  Evelyn Cameron Gallery, Terry, MT - This place is listed on the Montana State Map. The Evelyn was from England and lived around the town of Terry until she die. When Danna Lucey published a book about her photos 50 years after she die, people recognized her photo work and have a gallery in the town of Terry.
7/22/2012  Makoshika SP, MT - This is the largest State Park in MT, however only three hiking trails and less than one mile each. The road runs north to south and 20% is paved and 80% is dirt road, last 5 miles or so that wide enough for one car and challengeable driving skill needed. The Cap Rock(hoodoos) Natural Bridge trail that was only .6 miles.
7/21/2012  Medicine Rocks, MT - In this park, there are many swiss-cheeze like soft sandstone rocks. I heard there are many petroglyphs, so that I have visited but it is modern time petroglyphs, a means graffiti, people draw their names and date that all over. I wonder today's people doesn't have any artistic talents like old indian drawed petroglyphs???
7/20/2012  Cheyenne Indian Museum, Ashland, MT - It was unexpected that I can take photos inside the museum, usually Indian people don't want us to take thier photos. I was interested to see thier celemonial clothings, which dispalayed in the museum. The first phoso is the St Labre Indian Mission building.
7/20/2012  Little Bighorn Battlefield NM, MT - Rangers don't know the exact numbers but the battle was about 260 US Army soldiers and about 100+ for Indian side, and Indian won the battle in 1876. There is National Cemetery and added 5,000 tombstones later on. It is wide open area and many little hills.
7/19/2012  Yellowtail Dam, Bighorn Canyon NRA, MT - It was 100 ºF and lot of humminity when I got at the Yellowtail Dam. I have visited south side of the Bighorn Canyon NRA on 7/14 from WY and wanted to see the north side from MT. There is no hiking trails to enjoy the canyon view that was disappointed. In WY, major rivers run from south or north.
7/17/2012  Kaycee, WY - I have visited Kaycee WY because I heard there is Indian Rock Art Cave. Kaycee has the Hole in the Wall, which doesn't have any holes instead of it is a getway place of the outlaws, and the Outlaw Cave that outlaws hide out cave. The city park campground is free of charge like a town of Lovell.
7/16/2012  Wyoming Highway, WY - There are many beautiful mountains, rock formations, lakes scenes on the highway 14A, 14 and 16. I drove all those highways and stopped many places. However driving was another story, it was steep and some places were hairpin curves and narrow, I don't know I want to go back there any time soon.
7/15/2012  Shell Falls, WY - This place is an easy access because located by the highway 14 that the why many visitors here to enjoy beautiful waterfalls view. This place is well maintained; they made nice short sidewalk that the loop and everyone can see the wonderful mountains view beside the waterfalls.
7/15/2012  Bucking Mull Falls, WY - The sign shows 2 miles from TH to falls overlook point but total 5 miles hike. The overlook point is located far distance from the falls, which means I can see the falls are very small. This falls are large and 550 ft drop down. This place is very popular for the horseback ride
7/14/2012  Porcupine Falls, WY - This beautiful waterfalls are located at the elevation of 8,000 ft. It is a horsetail falls that drop nearly 200 ft. It was only one mile total hike but many people take breaks here and there because very steep trail. There are several short waterfalls after the Porcupine Falls in the Devil's Canyon.
7/14/2012  Medicine Wheel, WY - There were few cowboys and cowgirls moving 800 cattle that was unique scene to watch. This place is high in elevation and still have left over snow. The Medicine Wheel is fenced out and no way to get into it that was dissapointed. Native Indican people bring tea, tabaco and special herbs and tie it to the fence.
7/14/2012  Five Springs Falls, WY - It was very steep and narrow road to drive up to the TH. At the TH, there was a campground, from there hike up to the waterfalls. The distance was only 0.5 miles total but scramble up in the river that was not expected. When got the near the waterfalls, it was steep mountain side and not easy to stand to take photos.
7/14/2012  Bighorn Canyon NRA, WY - There are Horseshoe Bend and Barry's Landing to access to the river but the Devil's Canyon overlook has the best view. Just like the Grand Canyon, the river water made very steep rock walls. I was lucky to see the deers close by. One of the deer was standing at the center of the photo that 3rd row 2nd from left.
7/12/2012  Devil's Kitchen, WY - It is located 8 miles east of the town of Greybull. It is beautiful and colorful sandstones and shale badland with sink holes. Many short size green hoodoos that unusual color. There were no hiking trail down, so that I enjoyed my own way to hike down to the bottom of the floor.
7/12/2012  Dinosaur Track Site, WY - First 7 photos are from the Dinosaur Track Site. Suppose to many dinosaur tracks there but it was not easy to find it because nature of the rock formation. Last 8 photos are from the Red Gulch/Alkali National Back Country Byway, which runs from the town of Hyattville to highway 14.
7/11/2012  Medicine Lodge, WY - It is called the Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site. The site to digged to 26 ft deep, the evidence shows that there has been human habitation site for more than 10,000 years. Those petroglyphs were created by many groups in different time zone. The Archaelogical Site has been coverd by dirt for safety.
7/11/2012  Gooseberry Badland, WY - It is one of the Wyoming badlands, which means untouched beautiful land. At the Mile Marker 23 on the highway 431, there are nice overlook point and 1.4 miles hiking trail. The Gooseberry Badland is large in size and not easy to access to it because of the privately owned land surronding to it.
7/10/2012  Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis, WY - It is located east side of the Thermopolis. They displayed dinosaur items and fossils. There are many dinosaur bones, I don't know which is the original dinosaur bones or not. They allowed us to touch the dinosaur eggs that was wonderful. They have very high quality and one of kind fossils.
7/10/2012  Legend Rock, WY - The petroglyphs are Dinwoody tradition, which means large humanlike figure with headdresses. It is located 20 miles northwest from the Thermopolis. Last time I was there, needed a key to open the gate, at this time, there were a care taker and no need a key to access to it.
7/10/2012  Thermopolis, WY - The Thermopolis Hot Springs is one of the Wyoming state park and world's largest mineral hot springs. There are 3 hot springs, Big Hot Springs, White Sulphur Hot Springs and Black Sulphur Hot Springs, where the Black Sulphur Hot Springs has been dried up, I can suspect all hot springs will dried up in future in this area.
7/9/2012  Castle Garden, WY - It is located at the middle of the desert, a means located in the middle of no-where. There are trees and bushes growing beside the beautiful rock formation. The petroglyphs are hard to show on the photo because background is the white rock. The special characteristic of the petroglyphs is the circle.
7/9/2012  Dinwoody, WY - There are many Dinwoody type or style petroglyphs sites exist, but this is the original Dinwoody petroglyphs site that located in the Indian Reservation and by the Dinwoody Lake. The petroglyphs are located up on the large cliff and the wire fences protect it. There are many snakes and need caution to see the petroglyphs.
7/8/2012  Dubois Badland, WY - It is a beautiful badland and I wanted to hike in the heart of the badland, however no one knows or no one didn't want to tell me the TH. The TH is tiny like a private property entrance, I was lucky to find it. I enjoyed to hike up the valley of the Badland.
7/5-7/2012  Dubois Petroglyphs, WY - It is located by the three lakes, Terry, Ring and Trail Lakes that few miles southwest from the town of the Dubois. Those petroglyphs are called Dinwoody Style Petroglyphs. Only information I got was the petroglyphs are on the medium to large rocks and faced southeast. There were tons of rocks around the lakes and I found 15 different petroglyphs on the rocks.
7/4/2012  Dubois, WY - Forth of July parade in Dubois style that I have witnessed. The begining of the parade, there were pre-parade activities in middle of the street. This is very quiet town not aggressive town but the parade end up aggressive way, a means 4 fire engines sprashed water all over and everyone like it to get wet and sorked. It was a fun parade.
7/3/2012  South Pass City, WY - It was a gold mining town, now it is a ghost town. There were more than 300 houses in this area but 28 houses remined. The state of Wyoming purchased this area and maintaining the houses. It is located about 8 miles north from the South Pass, which is historical pass when people emigrate from east to west.
7/3/2012  White Mountain Petroglyphs, WY - I added some darker colors to the petroglyph photos to see better because not easy to see the petroglyphs on the white rocks. It is located north side of the town of the Rock Springs, the signs are every turns and not easy to miss it.
7/2/2012  Flaming Gorge, WY - The Flaming Gorge is located in the both states, Utah and Whyoming. I didn't spent too much time in Utah side because smoky sky and I spent some times in Whyoming side. It has nice mountains view especially the chimney rock views were wonderful. There were a beach to enjoy the swimming, and it was full mooon.
7/2/2012  Dinosaur National Monument, UT - I was racing with smoky sky because there were between 9 to 10 active wildfires at northeast of Utah. When I reached to the Dinosaur NM, I thought I escaped from the smoky sky but not. The ranger said it comes and goes for a week, I had a choice to stay or not, and chosen to not.
7/1/2012  Crystal Geyser, UT - The Crystal geyser erupts about 250 ft twice per day. I didn't have a luck to see it however I saw about 10 ft high. It was try to activate for while then quit totally. It is located by the Green River and near the town of the Green River in UT. Ihe uniquness is the cold water carbon dioxide not geothermal activity.
7/1/2012  Sego, UT - There are three different kind the rock arts exist in the Sego Canyon such as Barrier pictographs, Fremont petroglyphs, and Ute pictographs. In different eras and different groups but the same area. I had a chance to explore the Sego Ghost Town, which located not far from the rock art site and it was mining town.

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