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Bannack Ghost Town 8/20/10 Fort Peck Dam 7/29-31/12
Fort Peck Lake 7/27/12
Makoshika SP 7/23/12
Beartooth Pass 8/11/10 Fort Owen State Park, MT 8/1/16 Medicine Rocks 7/21/12
Beneath Street 7/18/15 Freezeout Lake 3/23/11 Mountain Fire, Hamilton 8/1/16
Berkeley Pit 8/19/10 Garnet Ghost Town 8/23/10 Natural Bridge, Hays 7/27/12
Bighorn Canyon, Yellowtail Dam 7/19/12 Giant Springs 8/25/10 Nevada City 8/14/10
Boulder Hot Springs 8/24/10 Gracier NP 8/28-31/10 Painted Rock 7/31/16
Butte 8/19/10 Great Falls 8/25/10 Pictograph Cave 8/13/10
Cheyenne Indian Museum 7/20/12 Helena 8/24/10 Quinns Hot Springs 9/2/10
Comet Ghost Town 8/23/10 Highway 2 roadside 7/28/12 Skalkaho Falls 8/22/10
Coolidge Ghost Town 8/20/10 Holter Dam 8/24/10 Sleeping Buffalo:
Hot Springs 7/17/15
Hot Springs 7/27/12
Buffalo Rock 717/15
Daly Mansion 8/22/10 Hot Springs 9/1/10 Terry Badland 7/25-26/12
Eagle Creek 7/20/15 Jackson Hot Springs 8/20/10 Upper Missouri River 7/19/15
Elkhorn Hot Springs 8/20/10 Landusky and Zortman 7/27/12 Vergelle Ferry 7/20/15
Evelyn Cameron Gallery, Terry 7/23/12 Lewis & Clark Center 8/25/10 Virginia City 8/14/10
Fairmont Hot Springs 8/19/10 Little Bighorn Battlefield NM 7/20/12 White Cliff 7/19/15
Fort Assinniboine 7/18/15 Lolo Hot Springs 8/1/16
Lolo Hot Springs 8/22/10
White Sulphur Hot Springs 8/13/10
Fort Benton 7/21/15 Lost Trail Hot Springs 8/21/10    

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