Glacier National Park is located in the Northwest of Montana State, bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Waterton lakes National Park in Canada and Glacier National Park in Montana are known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, which designated as the world's first International Peace Park. The sad news is their glaciers are melting quickly every year. A ranger said, even all melted graciers, they won't change the name of the national park, which means even no glaciers, it called the Glacier National Park.  
  Bannack Ghost Town State Park - This is the most maintained and still standing many buildings ghost town in Montana.  
  Beartooth Pass - View from driving this highway was breath taking but not many places to park the car to take photos.  
  Berkeley Pit - Many years ago this mine made millions of dollars and millionaires are all gone, currently full of toxic water in the pit and they don't know what to do it that a sad story.  
  Boulder Hot Springs - This place originally built for the high class resort, however it is nearly ghost hot springs.  
  Butte - It was nation's richest town one time from the mine, so that many buildings are still showing the dignity.  
  Comet Ghost Town - The large scale of the mine business was here one time, it is abandoned ghost town now.  
  Coolidge Ghost Town - It was sad to see all buildings were tumble-down.  
  Daly Mansion - Original owner made milllions dollars from the Butte mine and built this estate that before the town of Hamilton was born. The sad thing was only one generation to keep up this place, very costly to maintain it. It was abandoned for many years and non-profit organization took over and restration it.  
  Elkhorn Hot Springs - It located in the mountain, which mean quiet and relaxing, however something is growing in the pool floor that made me neuvous.  
  Fairmont Hot Springs - This is the largest and popular hot springs in Montana, they have a large and small pools in indooor and huge pool with compartments in outdoor.  
  Freezeout Lake - It was amaizing phenomenon to see the tons of birds fly simultaneously and blue sky becomes dark sky by flying birds.  
  Garnet Ghost Town - This place maintained by state, so that many buildings are still standing nicely. Some houses are still people are living in it because mining business is getting more attention and valiable tooday.  
  Giant Springs State Park - It is ok size of the springs, I don't call it for Giant. Fish hatchery was near the springs, the fishes are swiming around and around in the small pool for all day long for every day, it was sad to see it.  
  Glacier National Park - It is beautiful national park.  
  Great Falls - I thought greater than the Niagala Falls to call the Great Falls, so that I was dissapointed to see the tiny waterfalls, I don't call it for Great.  
  Helena - State Capitol of Montana  
  Holter Dam - It is nice and quiet place.  
  Hot Springs - It is funky hot springs facility, however it is very high quality of hot springs water, my skin was very smooth after couple days since soak the hot springs.  
  Jackson Hot Springs - It located middle of farmer or ranch fields, it is the oasis to many travelers.  
  Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, near the Great Falls  
  Lolo Hot Springs - It is located near the mountain pass one good size pool for outside and inside each. The clothing is optional in certain day/time, ask for more detail.  
  Lost Trail Hot Springs - It is located at the Lost Trail Pass, it is quiet mountain hot springs.  
  Nevada City - They collect all old houses and moved to in one place and made a museum. The scenic train is still in business.  
  Pictograph Cave State Park - All pictographs are diminished like top two right photos, those pictographs photos are from the information bord, which showing the original pictographs look like  
  Quinns Hot Springs - One large outdoor pool with temperature different compartments. People like only one or two temperature compartments and all others are empty.  
  Skalkao Falls - It is located narrow dirt road side in the mountain.  
  Virginia City Ghost Town - People are getting start to living in this town and "Ghost Town" is the catch phrase for the new business.  
  White Sulpher Hot Springs - Only one motel has a hot springs pools and entire town called White Sulpher Hot Springs, seems to motel owned the town.  
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