Grand Canyon and Vicinity, AZ
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Grand Canyon Caverns - It is a small scale of the caverns, they tried to improved by created honeymoon suite at the middle of the caverns
Dripping Springs - The segment of the trail runs at middle of the steep cliff, scare from far view but not bad on the trail
Santa Maria Springs - The small rocks stack up shed by the large rock, second row leftmost photo, was toilet which has the view, no longer using it
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Shoshone Point - The balanced rock located at the tip of the point, the Elks welcome me but I was nervous, where they were not, they were very close to me
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Grand View Point - The view of the Kaibab Trail starting point was breathtaking, see leftmost photo, and I enjoyed watching the California Condor movements
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Desert View - The wide view from this point was beautiful and the ruin is located not far from here
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Bright Angel Trail/Tonto Trail/Kaibab Trail - Total 12 miles from the Bright Angel trailhead to the Phantom Ranch for this route, the pictographs are located just after the pass the tunnel and top of the hill
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Phantom Ranch - It is an oasis to many hikers, the stew dinner was an excellent, the problem is the reservation, I heard that they accept reservation in 2-year advance and all booked
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Clear Creek Trail - Wanted to see the Cheyava Falls, which is the tallest and seasonal waterfalls in the Grand Canyon but we didn't hike far enough
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North Kaibab Trail (From Phantom Ranch to North Rim) - This trail has many nice features such as cliffs, bridges, waterfalls, especially the Ribbon and Rolling Springs Waterfalls are exceptional
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North Rim - It opens May 15 of each year for the season, reason for that too much snow on the ground, I was there 5/16-5/17, still snow on the ground but not on the trail nor around the Lodge
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Navajo Bridge - Two bridges located side-by-side, the old bridge uses for pedestrian
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Balance Rocks - The size of rocks are huge
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Lees Ferry - The ferry was operated from 1872 until 1928, today it is the place for the starting point for the Colorado River rafting that go through the Grand Canyon
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Rock House/Vermillion Cliffs - Indian built the house with balanced rocks, little smaller scale than the Balance Rocks area, can find many balanced rocks here, the Vermillion Cliffs are beautiful
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Toroweap Overview - Long drive on the dirt road to get here, view is breathtaking and we are top of the nearly straight up cliff at the overview point
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Nampaweap - Many petroglyphs exist at this place, however not easy to find the it because located at the top of the rocks field and not easy to detect from the bottom of the rocks field
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Shaman's Gallery - One large pictograph panel ( about 7ft x 30ft) is located at the north side of the Tuckup Canyon, tough drive to get to the trailhead and strenuous hike to get there but worth it
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