Kay's Photo Journal - May 2013
5/27/2013  Belmont, NV - Belmont was booming mining town one time, which produced $15 million of silver, and suppose to ghost town by now, but people are move in and many new houses are visible. The Belmont Courthouse was built in 1876 and State Historic Park of Nevada today. It is one of the well preserved ghost town in US.
5/27/2013  Potts Ranch Hot Springs, NV - When we got there, the soaking tub was empty, Barry moved hot water running hoses into the right direction and few minutes later we had a wonderful hot springs tub to soak. Only Jen and Barry prepared for soaking, left of us soaked only legs. Even so, we enjoyed special treat of after the strenious 2-day hike.
5/27/2013  Diana's Punchbowl, NV - This place was on my wish list to visit, I am glad that my wish list got shorter. It is a crater in the top of the hill about 50 ft diameter and 30 ft depth, water at the bottom of the Punchbowl is boiling. I am wondering...is there an endless cave under the Punchbowl or not? It was sad to see the graffiti on the interior wall.
5/26/2013  Table Mountain, NV (9 miles) - The weather was similar to yesterday, sunny at TH, windy, cloudy and cold at the peak, cloud cover at end of hike. We saw some snow like Mt Jefferson, which is the neighbor LVMC 50 peaks. The trail was very clear until the fence, which is the 1/2 way, after that we can hike own way. Open area at the peak, no trees.
5/25/2013  Mount Jefferson, NV (10 miles) - It was nice sunny weather when started hiking, it was cold and windy at the peak and whole sky covered by cloud at the end of the hike. Some left over snow near the peak. Two poles and two large boxes at the peak. There are so many wildflowers everywhere, I was too busy to take photos of those.
5/20/2013  Havasupai Falls, AZ (Day 4 - 10 miles) - The last day of this trip was to hike up to the Hilltop parking lot that all up hills. Many members of the group have left early morning, some of were around 4 am, to avoid the hot temperature. The maximum permit of the campground is 250 and Lodge has 24 rooms. We passed many hikers and horses.
5/19/2013  Havasupai Falls, AZ (Day 3 - 2 miles) - Little Navajo Falls were more like a swiming pool, everyone enjoy sorking and swiming there. 50 ft Falls are relatively new waterfalls and seems to replaced the Navajo Falls, which is no longer water is running. We can go to the top or bottom of the beautiful Havasu Falls, nice place to relax.
5/18/2013  Havasupai Falls, AZ (Day 2 - 16 miles) - We were heading to the Colorado River via Mooney and Beaver Falls. We have to use the ladders and chain ropes to get to the Mooney Falls. Beaver Falls are shorter waterfalls. We have to cross the Havasu Creek numerous times to get to the Colorado River, where water merged from Havasu Creek.
5/17/2013  Havasupai Falls, AZ (Day 1 - 10 miles) - The switchback view is an incretable from the Hilltop. To Village is 8 miles and Village to Campground is 2 miles. The canyon before Village is beautiful red cliffs. The horses are working horses, carry many bags and boxes, and major transportation here. Havasu Falls are beautifull waterfalls.
5/12/2013  Rocky Gap Rd, NV (16 miles) - Started hiking from the Willow Springs parking area in the Red Rock Canyon, and all the way to the Lovell Canyon Rd on the 4x4 road. I don't know how to drive very rocky road, many rocks are huge in size but some people are fun to drive through. I didn't know that the Lovell Canyon Rd is a paved road.
5/11/2013  Flea Market, Las Vegas, NV - Guest of the Las Vegas flea market is mainly the spanish people. The coconut is one of the main snack/drink in the market. First they make a hole on the coconut to extract juice then cut into half then extract coconut meat/fruit, they will cut into the small pieces, mix with lime juice and variety of peppers to eat it.
5/10/2013  June Bug Mine Canyon, NV ( 9.2 miles ) - It is located southcenter of the bottom of the Gass Peak Range, North Las Vegas. There are many cave like holes and mine caves, but I didn't go inside at all that for next time. I enjoyed hike in the canyon. Today's highlight was, an owl flies couple times cross over the canyon, see 3rd row rightmost photo.
5/6/2013  Farewell Party, Boulder City, NV - This was a farewell party for one of the Valerie's friends, Wendy, moves back to Michigan. About 20 people gathered and enjoyed nice foods and companies in the Valerie's condo. It was pot luck dinner party, a means many delicious dishes to choose from and hard to resist, I gained few pounds.
5/5/2013  Toroweap, Grand Canyon - Parashant National Monument, AZ (1 mile) - It is the place of the breath taking view of the Grand Canyon. We were standing atop of the edge of the 3,000 ft vertical cliff from the Colorado River. There is no gard rail, possibily to fail is very high, so that we tried to avoid to stay too close to the edge.
5/4/2013  Mt Logan, AZ (1 mile) - This was 3rd LVMC 50 Classic peak today, yes we have climbed three peaks for just today. When we got at the peak, it was nice sunset but we couldn't see the Hell's Hole well by darkness. I woke up at 4am and hike end at 7:30pm then set up for the camping, it was long day. 1st photo courtesy by Harlan Stockman.
5/4/2013  Mt Trumbull, AZ (5.2 miles) - The Mt Trumbull School House was rebuilt not long ago and showing good shape. A funny thing was we hiked up like individually and everyone lost near the summit by old pine needles cover the ground and trail was not clear, but all united and we were happy family again. 1st photo courtesy by Harlan Stockman.
5/4/2013  Mt Bangs, AZ (5.3 miles) - Drove rugged dirt road for 45+ miles from the I-15 Utah exit #2. Around TH was lot of bushes some trees, relatively green area. Near the summit was entirely made by rocks/boulders, we have to climb up those to get to the peak. This is one of the LVMC 50 Classic peaks.
5/1/2013  La Madre Arch, Red Rock, NV (6 miles) - This was my solo hike. The La Madre Arch is located southwest from the El Padre Mt, and it is visible from the White Rock Loop trail, see 1st row leftmost photo that shot from the White Rock Loop trail. The arch built with three compartments, small arch at top, large arch at middle and a cave at bottom.