Shaman's Gallery/Gordon's Panel - Supplemental Information

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I have created this webpage to help someone who is desperately to find the Shaman's Gallery/Gordon's Panel. This information is supplemental information to the Mr. Gordon's Map, which I followed it and found the site with no problem. It is amaizing place to visit to see the panel for least once in your life. It is not easy to get to the parking lot (Trailhead), need high clearance car, I have a Toyota Highlander but it was not higher enough (I spent $250 to fix my car after came back) and strenious hike down to get to the panel but worth it. Remember you have to hike up to come back, save some energy for return.

Here is the map informaion:
     Blue is the highway 389
     Yellow is the road runs from the highway 389 to the Toroweap
     White is the road to drive to get to the parking lot (Trailhead) of the Shaman's Gallery/Gordon's Panel
     Purple is the hiking trail to get from parking lot (Trailhead) to the Shama's Gallery/Gordon's Panel

See the Mr. Gordon's Map for more detail of the road, his map has so many details and all accuracy informaion listed.

This is the top entire view from highway 389 This is the road view to get to the panel This is the another angle of the road view of to get to the panel
This is the first segment of the road from the Torweap road Little zoom in view of the next segment Little zoom in again for the following segment view
Next segment To reach the parking lot (Trailhead) view You can camp out at the parking lot (Trailhead), you won't miss the hiking trail because there is only one clear hiking trail
Entire hiking trail view To get to "A" from the parking lot is no problem, the trail is very clear There is one lone boulder at the point "A" that the key point of this hike
This is the east side view form the "A" boulder This boulder is located marked "A" on my map, it is visible from all directions, remember it for come back point to get back to the trail White frame is you are looking for, this is from north side of the wash view, the panel is located left/east side and underneath of the rounding boulder
I have tried to get to the wash/canyon after the "A" boulder but that was not a good idea because sooner I reached to the about 20ft of straight down dry waterfall and no way to get down or round it. After "A" boulder, go ahead to go to the flat area and look down at time to time to find the place to get down the cliff, it is not easy but do-able to come down the cliff. After come down the cliff, stay in the wash and look up left or east side, there is a 6 to 7 ft high and over 20 ft wide panel about 10 ft up from the wash.

The boulder (signature rock) at "A" is visible from far, so that when come back from the wash, this boulder is the target to find the hiking trail to way back to the parking lot.
I believe you can do it, if your desire to see the panel is extreme. Good Luck!

Final note: Mt. Gordon's wish to protect this place, please keep this place way it is and enjoy many generations to come.

You are here, please see my collection of the Shaman's Gallery/Gordon's Panel photos that located under my collections of the Amazing Places and Rock Art, select Arizona.