Kay's Photo Journal - February 2013
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2/28/2013  Pyramid Peak, Lake Mead, NV (11.7 miles) - Since I was atop of the Sentinel Pk, I was telling myself I have to go to the Pyramid Peak and Booth Pinnacle, and today that wish came true. I was exhausted after the hike because I hiked up with super fast hikers, Harlan and Brandon. From the top of the Peaks view was just gorgeous for all directions.
2/26/2013  Sea World, Lake Mead, NV (8.5 miles) - Use imagination, some rocks are look like sea animals/fishes that the why called Sea World, however I couldn't see that way. Chuck named the peak, which we have climbed, called Nelson's Peak, it is not official name. The Air Force search/rescue helicopters were practicing very low altitude.
2/23/2013  Black Velvet, Red Rock, NV (8.5 miles) - We approaced from the west side and we had hiked up to three peaks today, Black Velvet Highest Point, Windy Peak, Mount Springs, however Chris had four peaks, added Black Velvet Peak. The gusty wind was strong enogh to push everyone. Snow on the ground at some places, it was cold day.
2/21/2013  Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV - They updated the facility and re-grand opening was not too long ago. I have joined the boneyard outdoor tour today. The main office was the La Concha Motel lobby at one time, they re-cycle it and moved to current location. Each piece of neon sign has a story to tell, and a tour guide explained the story.
2/19/2013  Boulder Peak, Lake Mead, NV (13.4 miles) - Brandon's average hiking speed was 3.7 miles/hr that was way fast than the any other hikes that I have experienced. Suppose to storm is coming but weather hold nicely and a good hiking weather today. The view was beautiful view especially the Lake Mead and surronding mountains.
2/17/2013  Chinese New Year, LV, NV - Chinese New Year Celebration in China Town at Las Vegas. This is year of snake. There were all kind Asian venders and performing the shows on the stage all day long today. There were many people but area is smaller than I thought, it was fenced out the part of the parking lot.
2/16/2013  Indecision Peak, Red Rock, NV (5.5 miles) - This was great hike especially surronding with beautiful and interesting rock formations, enough scrambling, nice view and perfect hiking weather. It is located between the Mt Wilson, north, and Sandstone Peak, south, and Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is just below the peak.
2/15/2013  Peak 3488, Red Rock, NV (3 miles) - It is located about couple miles north from the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center and northeast side of between highway 159 and Calico Basin parking lot / residential area. There are many easy trails around here. The view of Red Rock and Blue Diamond Hill are especially beautiful.
2/11/2013  Chloride, AZ - We stopped by the town of Chloride to see the Mural that painted by Roy Purcell in 1966 and repainted in 2006. The town of Chloride is nearly a gohst town, it was booming mining town one time, and post office that the first post office in AZ.     Click here to see photos of my last visit.    Click here for the AZ Rock Art section
2/10/2013  Picket Post Mountain, AZ (4.5 miles) - We hiked and scrambled up to the mailbox that located atop of the Picket Post Mountain, we are getting some mails that we thought but no mails for us. First I thought we need ropes but Maryann, who is our leader, said we don't need ropes, and she was right. View was beautiful wide range view.
2/9/2013  Superstition Ridgeline, AZ (13 miles) - Total 40 people hiked today as a group. The ridgeline was higher enought to remain the snow on the ground, it was first time the snow on the ground to hike the ridgeline for many people. It was long hike by distance and time, but view was spectacular even pertially cloudy weather.
2/5/2013  Monument Peak, Red Rock, NV (7.5 miles) - We approached from the west side, which was the same route to the Little Zion/The Park hike until ground dirt changed to the sandstone rock surface. The Little Zion goes to left, and Monument Peak goes to right and longer distance and scrambling involved. It was gorgeous day of hiking.

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