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Abo Ruins 5/23/15 Cochiti Lake 6/13/12 Petroglyph NM 5/21/15
Petroglyph NM 6/11/12
Ah Shi Sle Pah Badland 6/10/12 Crow Canyon 6/6/12 Petroglyph Hill 5/2215
Angle Peak NRA 6/7/12 De Na Zin Badland 6/6/12 Pony Hill 5/23/16
Bandelier NM 6/14/12 La Cieneguilla 5/21/15 San Jose Badland 6/10/12
Bandelier Tsankawi NM 6/15/12 Gran Quivira Ruins 5/23/15 Salmon Ruin 6/6/12
Bisti Badland 7/12/14
Bisti Badland 6/6/12
Lybrook Badland 6/10/12 Taos Earthship Community 6/15/12
Chaco Culture NHS 6/9/12 Ojo Caliente Hot Springs 6/15/12 Tent Rocks NM 6/12/12
        Three River 5/24/15

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