Wyoming has many Firsts.... such as First National Park (Yellowstone National Park), First National Forest (Shoshone National Forest ), First Ranger Station (Wapiti Ranger Station), and First National Monument (Devils Tower).  
  Devils Tower National Monument  
  Dinosaur House - The house made with dinosaur bones  
  Fossil Butte - joined the tour to dig the quarry to find the fossils  
  Fragg Ranch Hot Springs - Hike up to soak the wild hot springs  
  Grand Teton National Park - everywhere picture perfect  
  Granite Creek Hot Springs - beautiful Granite Creek Waterfalls are located just below the hot springs  
  Heart Mountain Relocation Camp Site - Many Japanese and Japanese American were force to stay here during WWII  
  John Powell Lanched Site, Flaming Gorge - His long Grand Canyon jorney started here  
  Legend Rock - get a key from the visitor center of the Thermopolis to get into the petroglyph site  
  Medicine Bow - I sat in the president's room in the hotel, the memorial tower, shape of piramide, made with petrified wood  
  Saratoga Hot Springs - Free admission, very friendly Wyoming folks  
  Thermopolis - Largest mineral hot springs in the world, the bath house has indoor and outdoor pools and free of charge  
  Yellowstone National Park - Boiling River is fun place to be, one side is hot springs water and one side is cold running river water  
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