The Mt Rainier National Park has an active stratovolcano and 26 major glaciers. Mt Rainier is the most heavily glaciated peak in the lower 48 states with 35 square miles (91 km²) of permanent snowfields and glaciers. It has majostic view from the Sunrise visitor center that located at an elevation of 6,400 feet (1,950 m), it is the highest point in the park that is accessible by vehicle.

  Alpine Falls - It is not on the map to protect from trash out that ranger said, people are camp out and trash out around here that sad.  
  Banks Lake - It is man-made lake and pump-up the water from couple hundred below the Columbia River at Grand Coulee Dam  
  Beacon Rocks - The trail is many man-made bridges side of the steep walls. Named this place by Lewis and Clark.  
  Big Creek Falls - By the highway and it is short and strong waterfalls by massive water is coming down.  
  Bonneville Hot Springs - It is hot springs spa, people are here to enjoy the massage and soak in the hot springs.  
  Bridal Veil Falls - Hike up to get to this place, it is tall waterfalls.  
  Cape Disappointment - John Meares named this place because he was dissapointed. He was looking for the Columbia river, but he saw was a bay, where he was right place. He thought it was a bay because too big for the river. I thought that was funny story, but actually I was there and understand what John thought.  
  Cheif Joseph Dam - This is the second largest hydropower producer in the United States, and located not far from the Grand Coulee Dam.  
  Clark's Tree - This is the place Clark carved on the tree to end their journey and turnaround. The tree is made of metal and replica of the original tree.  
  Columbia River  
  Deception Falls  
  Donneville Dam and Lock - The dam and lock are located side-be-side. All boats come here to use the lock to up or down to go through the Columbia River. The lock is 60 feet high.  
  Ferry between Port Towansend and Keystone Harbor  
  Goldendale Observatory - I have visited twice, day and night times at the harvest moon. This place has a large amature-made telescope. The center of second row photo is showing the sun spot. Second from right on the second row is the replica of the Newton's telescope.  
  Grand Coulee Dam - This is the largest hydropower producer in the United States, where Hoover Dam is the #7 hydropower producer in the US.  
  Hardy Falls  
  Horsethief Butte - Horsethief name picked up from the old movie title that ranger said, I guess it was cool name at that time but no-one knows that movie today.  
  Ice Cave - The ice doesn't melt all year long.  
  Lake Chelan Dam - The lake is very popular place. The dam is located couple hundreds below the lake, and water from lake to dam is beneath the hill.  
  Langfield Falls  
  Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center - This is the ending journey place for the Lewis and Clark.  
  Lopez Islalnd - Most quiet and relaxing island, also best road condition than any other islands in the San Juan Islands.  
  Maryhill Museum of Art  
  Mt Rainier National Park  
  Natural Bridges - When I was there, color of leaves are so beautiful, the fall is the best time to visit there.  
  North Cascades NP  
  Olympic National Park  
  Orcas Island  
  Port Angeles  
  Rocky Reach Dam - They created a nice water ladder that fishes are easily to climb up to the upstream.  
  San Juan Island  
  Shaw Island - It is a small island in the San Juan Islands.  
  She Who Watches - Legend says she was chief, Coyote convert her to stone and she is watching over her people in their vellage below  
  Sol Duc Hot Springs and Waterfalls, Olympic National Park - Hike up to get to the waterfalls but worth it, hot springs are several temperature different pools  
  Stonehenge - This is the perfect Stonehenge not like parts of Stonehenge in England. I wanted to see the Stonehenge for long time, I don't need to go to England anymore. In this area, the peaches are very big in size and delicious, if you desired, you can pick it yourself is available.  
  Wells Dam - They are displaying the pictographs rocks that should be under the water by created this dam.  
  Whidbey Island - It is one of the largest island around here and I didn't feel I am on the island.  
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