State of Virginia has so many things to offer, which are 4 of first 5 presidents were from this state, many caverns, historical places, museums, National Park, beach, and more. I have visited 6 president’s houses that include George Washington’s house and birth place, Thomas Jefferson’s house, James Madison’s house, James Monroe’s house and Herbert Hoover’s summer house. Facts are George Washington marriage to richest widow in VA, Thomas Jefferson had a long time slave mistress, and local highway run through top of the Natural Bridge.  
  American Celebration  
  Bacons Castle  
  Cape Henry  
  Chesapeake Bay - Under water Bridge Tunnel  
  Endless Caverns  
  First Landing  
  Grand Caverns  
  George Washington Birthplace - 1st US President  
  James Madison House - 4th US President  
  James Monroe House - 5th US President -  
  Luray Caverns  
  Mt Vernon - 1st President George Washington House  
  Natural Bridge - Top of the Natural Bridge is runing the local highway  
  Norfolk - McCarthur Museum  
  Shenandoah Caverns  
  Shenandoah National Park - Herbert Hoover Summer Cabin, 31st US President  
  Thomas Jefferson House - 3rd US President  
  Virginia Beach  
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