Balmorhea State Park - It has very large spring-fed swiming pool. One of the camper has a tent top of the SUV that use for to travel Africa.  
  Big Bend National Park - Big Bend NP is one of the largest and least-visited national park in the lower 48 United States. The Rio Grande river divided both coutries USA and Mexico. The Rio Grande makes big bend that the origin of name of the Big Bend NP.  
  Big Bend National Park - Boquillas Canyon - It is beautiful canyon about one mile round trip hike from the parking lot. At the Boquillas Canyon, a singer named Victor who was singing Mexican songs for us.  
  Big Bend National Park - Hot Springs - Before it becomes the Big Bend National Park , there was a hot springs resort here, which was near the Rio Grand Village . It had a store, motel and bath house, unfortunately the bath house building was washed a way with the flood water, and business had been closed. The Hot Springs mineral water is still coming out from the former bath house site, currently it is wild hot springs in the Rio Grand river and free of charge to soak in it. Across the Rio Grand river is Mexico.  
  Big Bend Ranch State Park - The park is located west side of the Big Bend National Park. The state highway 170 is the most scenic drives in Texas.  
  El Paso  
  I was expected some how everything big in Texas. But, El Paso is an ordinal American city, which has one of the entrances to Mexico. When go through the highway I-10, we can see the Mexico is on South side and El Paso is on North side and house after houses on the hills.
  Guadalupe Mountain National Park  
  We hiked highest mountain in Texas, which is the Guadalupe Mountain, 8,749ft, 3,000 ft gain and 8.4 miles hike. The view from top was spectacular; we can see the organ mountain range from here. They have an El Captain which is the same name to Yosemite, California, but ranger said "We named first".
  Santa Elena Canyon - Postcard picture canyon, it is picture perfect canyon. We hiked one mile round trip from the parking lot. The canyon walls are very high that provide very nice echo.  
  Terlingua Ghost Town - It was abandoned mining village, and many remining adobe buildings are still visible. Currently many people are living here to make a new community.  
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