Ohio means "great" in Indian and "good morning" in Japanese. Ohio has 8 American Presidents; 9th William Harrison, 18th Ulysses Grant, 19th Rutherford Hayes, 20th James Garfield, 23rd Benjamin Harrison , 25th William McKinley, 27th William Taft and 29th Warren Harding. The National Museum of the United States Air Force has extensive collection of air planes, rocket and much more and admission is free of charge.  
  Armstrong Air and Space Museum  
  Cuyahoga Valley National Park  
  Thomas Edison Birthplace  
  20th President - James Garfield House  
  29th President - Warrent Harding Memorial  
  19th President - Rutherford Hayes Museum and House  
  25th President - William McKinley National Memorial  
  25th President - William McKinley Birthplace  
  National Museum of the US Air Force  
  Wright Brother Mansion and Bicycle Store  
  Wright Brother Bicycle and Print Store  
  18th President - Ulysses Grant Boyhood House/Birthplace  
  27th President - William Taft House  
  9th President - William Harrison Memorial  
  23rd President Benjamin Harrison Birthplace, 9th President William Harrison Birthplace, Cincinnati  
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