One of the largest States (110,540 squire miles - 7th), Nevada remains one of the smallest in permanent population (2,600,167 - Jul 2008 - 35th). Carson City (population 54,867 - Jul 2008) is the smallest State capital in the US. Nevada is the less rainfall (7 in/yr) than any other states, moreover Las Vegas is expecting only 4 in/yr rainfall. The millions of visitors to Las Vegas and Reno now provide over half of the State's income.  
  Anniversary Narrows, Lake Mead NP  
  Beatty Hot Springs  
  Big Dune  
  Cathedral Gorge State Park  
  Coke Oven  
  Davis Dam  
  Fly Geyser  
  Gold Butte  
  Gold Point  
  Grapevine Canyon  
  Great Basin National Park  
  Harvest Festival, Las Vegas  
  Hoover Dam  
  Mt Irish  
  Lake Mead National Recreation Area  
  Las Vegas Strip  
  Las Vegas Downtown  
  Liberace Museum  
  Little Finland  
  Lost City  
  Pyramid Lake  
  Red Rock Canyon  
  Riviera Hotel  
  Sand Mountain  
  Sloan Canyon  
  Spring Preserve  
  Sunnyside Hot Creek  
  Valley of Fire State Park  
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