We can take picture inside the Chicago Art Museum without flash that's very nice and ton's wonderful arts in there. Frank Lloyd Wright designed many houses in this state especially in Chicago. Joseph Smith originated the Mormon and made own town at Nauvoo, which is very peaceful town and still preserved it. Cozy Dog restaurant is the birthplace of the corn dog. Ronald Regan never comes back to visit his birthplace, where privately funded and barely surviving.  
  Chicago Art Museum  
  Covered Bridge  
  Cozy Dog - Birthplace of Corn Dog  
  Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Houses  
  Galena - 18th President Grant House  
  Ernest Hemingway Birthplace  
  16th President Lincoln House  
  16th President Lincoln Museum  
  16th President Lincoln Tomb  
  Mississippi River  
  Moline - Flowting Boat Casino  
  Nauvoo - Joseph Smith Originated Mormon  
  40th President Ronald Reagan Boyhood House/Birthplace  
  View from the Sears Tower  
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