Washington DC  
  The 3,000 cherry blossom trees were gift from Japan in 1912 for the lasting friendship between the United States and Japan, and I wanted to see it for long time. Finally year 2008, I have a chance to visit Washington DC during the cherry blossom blooming season. The cherry blossom trees are everywhere and beautiful, and I was just in time for blooming and I enjoyed it very much. There were least 2,000,000 people visited and enjoyed the cherry blossom each year. Also a cherry blossom festival weeks long events were going on and I enjoyed special events. The Lincoln is seating on the chair white marble stature in the Lincoln Memorial were from Crystal/Marble Quarry Colorado.  
  Cherry Blossom  
  Magnolia Flower  
  Cherry Blossom Festival  
  Jefferson Memorial  
  Washington Monument - Roosevelt Memorial  
  Lincoln Memorial  
  WWII Memorial - Vietnam Veterans Memorial  
  Smithsonian Museum - Art Museum - China Town - Iwo Jima Memorial  
  White House - US States Capitol  
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