Colorado has ton's of mountains and 54 official mountains that higher than 14,000ft, called 14ers.  Snow quality is the best for skiing in the world because dry and cold weather, also many major ski areas are located in Colorado.  I like Colorado not only great mountains or excellent ski areas exist, also many wonderful hot springs, millions of hiking trails, and many secret places to pick the Matsutake mushrooms.  
  Almont - North of Gunnison  
  Aspen Trees in Colorado Fall (mid of Sep to early Oct)  
  Black Canyon - Between Gunnison and Montrose  
  Beaver Creek Trail  
  Blue Mesa - Gunnison  
  Buena Vista - Center of Colorado  
  Champion Mine - Near the Nederland  
  Chicago Lake  
  Coke Oven, Beaver Lake and Lizard Lake  
  Colorado National Monument  
  Cottonwood Pass - Between Buena Vista and Gunnison  
  Crystal Mill  
  Crystal Quarry  
  DNC (Democratic National Convention Aug. 08) in Denver, Colorado  
  Eldora Ski Area, Summer - Nederland  
  Eleven Miles Reservoir  
  Elliot Ridge Trail  
  Florissant Fossil Bed National Monument  
  Forest Lake Trail  
  Fort Morgan - Sun Flower Field  
  Golden - Paudre Canyon Hwy  
  Green Mountain Reservoir  
  Hanging Lake - East of Glenwood Springs  
  Holy Cross City - Ghost Town  
  Ice Boating - Cherry Creek Reservoir  
  Jenny Creek Trail  
  Leadville - Between Vail and Buena Vista  
  Lodore Rafting - From Colorado to Utah  
  Lost Creek - South of Pine  
  Loveland Ski Area  
  Mary Jane Ski Area  
  Matchless Mine  
  Mile High Flea Market - Near Brighton  
  Moffat Tunnel - East of Winter Park  
  Mt. Lindsey - Southwest of Pueblo  
  Ouray - South East of Colorado  
  Pagosa Hot Springs - South Center of Colorado  
  Red Cliff - Between Leadville and Vail  
  Rifle Fall - Between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs  
  Rocky Mountain National Park  
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Grand Ditch, built by Japanese labors  
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Michigan Lake  
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Hitchers Gulch  
  Rocky Mountain National Park - Lulu City  
  Royal Arch - Boulder  
  Roxborough - Sourth West of Denver  
  San Juan  
  San Juan - Ames  
  San Juan - Box Canyon  
  San Juan - Bridal Vail Falls  
  San Juan - Hope Lake  
  San Juan - Trout Lake  
  Shine Pass - South of Vail  
  Ski Cooper  
  St. Elmo - Ghost Town - South West of Buena Vista  
  Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival  
  Steamboat Springs - Strawberry Hot Springs  
  Tayler Park Dam - Between Buena Vista and Gunnison  
  Tennessee Mountain - Near the Eldora Ski Area  
  Twin Lake  
  Yankee Boy Basin  
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