I have nearly death experience at the Buckstaff Bath House, which only the bath house remaining in business in Hot Springs, Arkansas. After 20 minutes of soaking in the 104-degree of hot bath, I didn't feel good and suddenly my hands to arms and feet to legs went freeze with lot of pain, meantime my heart beats like a crazy, ten times faster than normal beat. During lot of pain, Lisa Crawford helped me to calm down and try to relax, where I was in big panic. I am glad my heart didn't give up on me. They have called 911, when 911 Ambulance Team arrived; I was recover from nearly death situation. Thank you 911-ambulance team for quick response. I went to the Buckstaff Bath House at 2:30pm and left about 3:50pm, 1hr 20min of near death experience I never forget and I recognized the end of life is not too far a way.
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