Hot Springs in Canada  
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  Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia - Unique cave hot springs and one outdoor hot springs pool that located near the Kootenay Lake.  
  Banff Hot Springs, Alberta - It has one good size pool and popular place to be, nice mountain view.  
  Canyon Hot Springs, British Columbia - West side of the Glacier National Park and by the busy highway #1, nice mountain view.  
  Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia - It has few temperature different swiming pools, cherry farmers are near by and we can pick it from the trees  
  Halcyon Hot Springs, British Columbia - Beautiful lake and mountains are front of the hot springs. 4 variety of soaking pools which 1 is cold pool & 1 large swiming pool  
  Halfway Riveer Hot Springs (Wild), British Columbia - It is wild hot springs but someone maintains it, build hot tubs and many pipes. Hike down to get there.  
  Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia - Popular vacation destination from Vancouver area, nice mountain view from the Harison Lake. 1large indoor hot springs pool.  
  Jasper Hot Springs, Miette Hot Springs, Alberta - View is very nice from this hot springs, it is very popular hot springs. Lot of mosquitoes at one time.  
  Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia - It is river hot springs, the river originated here, a means hot water come out from the bottom of the river, need a mosquito spray  
  Lussier River Hot Springs, BC -  This wild hot springs is located near the Whiteswan Lake Provintial Park. When I got there at 4 pm on Monday, there were so many people, see top row photos, however I got next day at 8 am, no one there, bottom row photos. The hot springs is very nice, when no one there.  
  Nakusp Hot Springs, British Columbia - This place for adult, small scale but nice place to relax, located in the mountain, two half pools, one is hotter than other.  
  Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia - One of the popular hot springs in British Columbia, one very large soaking pool and one large swiming pool.  
  Skookumchuck Hot Springs, BC - Clothing is optional in this hot springs, other than us, they are all naked  
  Scandinave SPA, Whistler, British Columbia - My daughter sent me again to this SPA to relax and rejuvenate  
Scandinave SPA, Whistler, British Columbia - Luxury hot springs located on the hill, my daughter sent me to enjoy the SPA
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  White Horse, Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon Territory -  It is an oasis to many travelers because no hot springs around here. One large pool divided to two.  
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