Hot Springs - USA  
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  Agua Caliente Hot Springs, CA  
  Albord Hot Springs, OR  
  Alkali Hot Springs, Nevada - Two small tubs and two large pools but need clean up to soak in  
Arizona Hot Springs, Arizona - There are 4 man-made cascade hot springs pools using sand bags, higher location is the hottest one, hike up to get there.
  Ash Hot Springs, Nevada - Both man-made and nature-made soaking pools are available  
  Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho - By the popular Bear Lake, which located near the Wyoming and Utah border  
  Beatty Hot Springs, Nevada - Soak in the individual hot springs house and clothing is optional  
  Big Bend (Wild) Hot Springs, Texas - In the Rio Grande river, use to have a resort there but not anymore, other side of the river is Mexico, free of charge  
  Bog Hot Springs, NV  
  Boiling River (Wild), Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - Getting more popular every year, it is fun place at one side is hot water and one side is cold river water, free  
  Bonneville Hot Springs, ID  
  Bonneville Hot Springs, Washington -  It is high class resort and SPA  
  Boulder Hot Spring, Montana - It was top of the line hot springs resort but nearly ghost hot springs resort now  
  Buckeye Hot Springs, CA (Wild) - Hot water is running down from middle of the hill into the river, we enjoy hot springs in the river.  
  California Hot Springs, California - Located in the west side of the sierra mountain range and not far from the Sequoia National Park  
  Carson Hot Springs, Nevada - One large swimming pool and two small soaking tubs.  
  Challis Hot Springs, Idaho - Two pools, one is outdoor and one is indoor  
  Chena Hot Springs, Alaska - Water is sprashing out from the center of the hot springs, the bottom of the outdoor pool is small rocks  
  Cotton Wood Hot Springs, Colorado - It located in the mountain, getting more popular each year  
  Crystal Hot Springs, Utah - RV parks are full of RVs for year round, nice place to relax and located not too far from the I-15 highway  
  Crystal Crane Hot Springs, OR  
  Diamond Fork Hot Springs, UT  
  Dirty Socks Hot Springs, CA  
  Dyke Hot Springs, NV  
  Dry Suzie Hot Springs, Nevada (Wild) - Hot water was too hot to soak in - California Trail runs near by  
  Duckwater Big Warm Springs, Nevada - Bottom center of the springs has a big hole that the hot water originated, very clear springs water.  
  Eagleville Hot Springs, CA  
  El Dorado Hot Springs, AZ - They have few different soaking areas, private soaking area and communal soaking area, where Communal area is all nude to soak.  
  Elkhorn Hot Springs, Montana - It located in the montain, very quiet place  
  Essence of Tranquility, Swift Trail Junction, Arizona - There are six different tubs to choose from, nice mineral hot water is running.  
  Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana - It is the largest and most popular hot spings in Montana  
Faywood Hot Springs, NM - There are three sections, one is nude in public pools, one is clothing required in public pool, one is private.
  Feather River Hot Springs, CA  
  Fish Lake Hot Well, Nevada - One man-made hot springs soaking pool and two large cool water ponds/pools.  
  Fragg Ranch (Wild) Hot Springs, Wyoming - Hike up to get there, get direction from the knowledgeable employee of the Fragg Ranch, free of charge  
  Franklin Lake Hot Springs, Paso Robles, CA - There is one large warm springs pool to enjoy swiming or soaking. The large pump in the pool to pumpup the hot water from below. People enjoy swiming also mud face mask, which got it from the bottom of the pool. This hot springs water run into the lake that adjacent to the pool.  
  Gila (Wild) Hot Springs, New Mexico - It is wild hot springs but privately owned and we have to pay to soak  
  Gillard Hot Springs, Arizona - Hike up to reach this place and dig own pool to soak, the hot water is coming from the bottom of the ground, free of charge  
  Givens Hot Springs, ID  
  Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado - It is the best hot springs in Colorado, one large swiming pool and one soaking pool, near the highway I-70  
  Gold Fork Hot Springs, ID  
  Gold Strike (Wild) Hot Springs, Nevada - To soak in this hot springs is the reward of the strenuous hiking to get there, free of charge  
  Grandjean Hot Springs, ID  
  Granite Creek Hot Springs, Wyoming - Few miles of dirt road to drieve up to get there, good size of the waterfalls is located below the hot springs  
  Green Canyon Hot Springs, Idaho - This place is very busy place at night time, one soaking pool outside and one swiming pool inside  
  Grover Hot Springs State Park, CA - One large swiming pool and one soaking pool  
  Hart Mountain Hot Springs, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Oregon - Too small for swimming, unstable pool floor for standing, well...what can we do?  
  Haven Hot Springs, ID  
  Highline south Hot Well, California -  Many old people are soaking and enjoying hot and cold springs in this place, free of charge  
  Homestead Creater Hot Springs, UT  
  Hot Springs, Montana - Very high quality of the hot springs water, after soaked in this hot springs, my skin was very smooth for next couple days  
  Hot Sulphur Hot Springs, Colorado - Several temperature different pools, and ear prugs for hotel guests because rail road runs very close to the resort  
  Hot Well Dune, Arizona -  Two small hot springs pools, surronding by metal fence, no fee  
  Jackson Hot Springs, Montana - Located middle of the farmer and ranch fields  
  Jamez Springs, Badhi Mandale Zen Center, New Mexico - Sign said not open for the public but ask them, they let you in, it's fee but asking a donation  
  Jamez Springs, Giggling Hot Springs, New Mexico - They charged by hourly and not cheap, I paid $15/hr  
  Jamez Springs, Spencer Hot Springs (Wild), New Mexico - Need short hike up to get there, free of charge  
  Joyful Journey SPA, Colorado - There are three temperature different pools, 100°F, 104°F and 108°F.  
  Keough’s Hot Springs, CA  
  Kirkham Hot Springs, ID  
  Keough Hot Springs Ditch, CA (Wild) - Hot water is running in the ditch.  
  Kyle Hot Springs, Nevada - I heard that the volunteer care taker pass the way, now no one taking care of this place.  
  Lava Hot Springs, Idaho - Owned by State and open year round, very nicely designed, several different temperature pools  
  Lolo Hot Springs, Montana - It located at near the top of the pass, one large outdoor and one good size indoor pools  
  Lost Trail Hot Springs, Montana - It is very quiet place and located at the top of the mountain pass  
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  Manley Hot Springs, Alaska - It located inside the funky prastic green house, three tubs, cold, warm and hot  
  McCredit Hot Springs, OR  
  Meadow Hot Springs (Wild), Utah - The hot springs is locted at the top of the underwater cave, I don't know how deep the cave is, free of charge  
  Mickey’s Hot Springs, NV  
  Miracle Hot Springs, Lake Isabella, CA - This is wild hot springs and to get there from the Hobo Campground that couple miles north from the Remington HS. Use to a nice hot springs, but use dynamite to destroyed it, I don't know why. But that doesn't stop people to come to enjoy hot springs.  
  Mountzuma (Wild) Hot Springs, New Mexico - Strange looking hot springs, top two rectangular holes that connected inside, free of charge  
  Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Colorado - More fun with river side (wild) than pools  
  Mundo Hot Springs, ID  
  Mystic Hot Springs, Utah - Soak in the bath tubs or small scale of pools  
  Newberry National Monument, East Lake Hot Springs, OR  
  Ojo Caliante Hot Springs, New Mexico - Make an angel on the snow is optional  
  Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Colorado - Large swiming pools and soaking pool  
  Pagosa Springs, Colorado - The hot springs are located by the river and many small pools to choose from  
Palm Hot Springs, Death Valley National Park, CA - Two sorking tubs and nice temperature, nudity is accepting in this area.
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  Palm Springs, California - This is a popular vacation destination, they have few soaking pools and swiming pool  
  Panaca Springs, Nevada - The water temperature is cool side that good for during hot summer. This is a community pool for entire town.  
  Paradise Valley Hot Springs, NV  
  Pine Flats (Wild), Idaho - Steep mountain side and near the river hot springs, and there were many small man-made pools, most of were too hot to soak in.  
  Pint Hot Springs, NV  
  Potts Ranch Hot Springs(Wild), Nevada - About 15 miles south from the Geographical Center of Nevada. Well maintained wild hot springs.  
  Quinns Hot Springs, Montana - Several temperature different compartments in one large hot pool  
  Remington Hot Springs, Lake Isabella, CA - It is a wild hot springs. When I got there, more people than the tabs can handle. There are few small hot tabs. Shortly after most people left. It is very nice to enjoy the river side hot springs, if not many people around.  
  Ritter Hot Springs, Oregon - Use to community there but only the hot springs facility remined.  
  River Oak Hot Springs and SPA, Paso Robles, CA - They have indoor and outdoor hot tabs that open for the public. I got indoor hot mineral tab room, where windows are open no glasess, air circulate nicely. I paid $15 for one hour soak.  
  Roper Lake State Park Hot Springs, Arizona - It located inside the state park, only one small hot springs  
Saline Warm Springs, Death Valley National Park, CA - Three warm spings tubs. Only this area is accepting nudity in the National Park System in US.
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Sand Dune Hot Springs, Colorado - Located middle of nowhere, nearlest house is miles away, but popular place for the families.
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  Saratoga Hot Springs, Wyoming - Very friendly wyoming folks, free of charge  
  Sierra Hot Springs, CA  
Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs, Montana - The hot springs is not too far from the Sleeping Buffalo Rocks.
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  Smith Creek Hot Springs, Nevada - This place located at the middle of the open field, and everywhere very dry.  
  Sol Duc Hot Springs, Olympic National Park, Washington - It located inside the national park. Don't forget to hike up to see the Sol Duc Falls, it is beautiful waterfalls  
  Spenser Hot Springs (Wild), Nevada - Nice mountain view. Located middle of sandy desert. There are few man-maid and natural pools.  
  Splashland Hot Springs, Colorado - They have only one swimming pool, no soaking pools.  
  Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado - Massive water runing river is adjacent to the hot springs, after dark, clothing is optional  
  Sulphur Hot Springs (Wild), Idaho - No signs any places, ask local people for direction, not free  
  Sunbeam Hot Springs, ID  
  Snively Hot Springs, OR  
  Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon (Wild) - Located middle of the flat area surronding by mountains in distance.  
  Sunnyside Hot Creek (Wild), Nevada - Water and small fishes are running, free of charge  
  Tecopa Hot Springs, California - The bath houses are separated by men and women, nude is required to soak in the pools.  
  Tecopa Wild Hot Springs, California - Untreated hot springs and small bags bite you that a local said.  
  Thermopolis Hot Springs, Wyoming - Largest mineral hot springs in the world  
  Three dish Warm Springs, CA  
  Trago Hot Springs, Nevada (Wild) - Drive 13 mils on the Playa, and some spots are very high temperature of hot spring water.  
  Travertine Hot Springs, CA (Wild) - Several small pools with variety of temperatures.  
  Truth or Concequences Hot Springs, New Mexico - The name of the town was result of the winner of the radio contest  
  Twelve Mile Hot Springs, Nevada (Wild) - Hot water was just right temperature and very nice canyon view, located in the creek  
  Valley Hot Springs, ID  
  Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado - There are many ponds, small to large size, to soak in. Clothing is optional, I didn't take photo of them, but most people are naked.  
  Virgin Valley Warm Springs, Sheldon National Wild Refuge, Nevada - There are many small fishes in the warm pond/pool that eat human dead cells.  
  Walley's Hot Springs, Nevada - They have variety of packages to stay in the hotel and hot springs is one of the option.  
  Warm Springs, OR  
  Waunita Hot Springs, Colorado - East of Gunnison Colorado, it is hiding, you will miss it easily if you don't give any attensions  
  White Sulphur Hot Springs, Montana - One motel has a hot springs that named of the entire town name, seems to motel owns the town.  
  Willow Creek Hot Springs, OR  
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