Glenwood Springs Train Trip, 2006
  One of the friends told us how nice to ride the train to spend a weekend in the Glenwood Springs. Since that I wanted to go there with AMTRACK. From Denver to Glenwood Springs, train passed 41 tunnels that more than I originally thought. We spend time on the train that 6 hrs for Denver to Glenwood Springs, and 9 hrs for Glenwood Springs to Denver.
      Union Station to Glenwood Springs Station - Train Ride
    When drive up to the Glenwood Canyon by driving car, moving too fast and easy to miss wonderful sight scenes. Where riding on the AMTrack, we can enjoy the panorama view.

Spent 6 million dollars per mile and 20 years to completed the Glenwood Canyon highway that beautifully match to the canyon and created incredible view.
      Glenwood Springs Town
    This Glenwood Springs is a small town surrounding by mountains. This town has many uniqueness that famous large hot springs, close to town of Aspen and Marble, and highway and train run between beautiful canyons. It is still small town atmosphere, but house price is dramatically increased that influenced by craziness of Aspen market. One of the local person told me that if you want to buy a house, buy it before it's on the market, when it's on the market you have no chance to buy it.
      Glenwood Hot Springs
    This is the largest and most popular hot springs in Colorado and many people enjoy it for day and night. From my experience 2 hours in the hot springs is maximum, after that getting tired and don't want to soak in it anymore. Fortunately we can stamp it on the hand and re-enter at the same day.

We enjoyed and relaxed soaking in the hot springs soaking pool, and swiming in the large swiming pool.
      Hotel Colorado
    This is a historical hotel and every American Presidents except one, I don't remember which one, stayed here since built this hotel, 1893, that a tour guide said.

Original owner who made fortune from the mining and build this hotel and hot springs. At the depression time, he sold the hot springs, so that the hotel and hot springs are different owners now.

According to hotel 2006 rate, the Roosevelt Suite is $369 where the Margaret "Molly" Brown suite is $629 per night - I am still confusing why???
      Teddy Bear
    "Teddy Bear" started at this Hotel Colorado.

I though it's amazing because "Teddy Bear" is commonly use for a stuffed bear, where it's started at this hotel !!!

President Teddy Roosevelt came for the bear hunting to Colorado many times and stayed at this hotel. One day he could not hunt any bears, his daughter gave a staffed bear to cheer him up, and since that stuffed bear called "Teddy Bear"
      Cave and Ceremony
    The Glenwood Springs Cave is located top of the mountain, ride a gondra to get to the top of the mountain. The view from the top is beautifull view everywhere especially snow covered mountains and town.

Surprise thing happened in the farmost inside of the cave that the tour guide suddenly anounced a couple's weding and exchanged weding rings in fron of all touring people, and the tour guide started to singing a love song, which his original song for them.
      Happy Couple
    This is nealy marriaged a couple from out of state. They met in Germany 16 years ago, but went separate ways. One day he searched Internet and found her parent's phone number then meet each other again. -- Isn't romantic!!!

They selected the Glenwood Springs for their very special day. I heared that another couple selected the Glenwood Springs for their 25-year anniversary. Isn't "Glenwood Springs" special place for love ???
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