Across Canada by Train Trip
  Before aboard the across Canada train, we went the Niagara Fall and enjoyed couple tours, one went close to the bottom of the fall with boat, and one went to under the fall by walking. Since I saw PBS TV program to across the Canada by luxurious VIA train, I wanted to ride it. That's dream came true, we were aboard the Canadian train to across the Canada. We started from Toronto and spend five days in the train to get Vancouver. Canada has many lakes that was my first impression. Many tourists from England were on the board. I heard that they are going to Alaska Cruise after the train ride. View was just like TV, it was very nice and we enjoyed it. Lisa and Chris picked us up from Vancouver even train was 4 1/2 hrs later. They took us to Whistler town and hiking to the Jeffre Lake & Tszil Glacier. We met Tamao, who came back one day before we arrive at Vancouver from Japan and joined us.  
  Niagara Fall  
  Across Canada VIA Train  
  Whistler and Around Whistler  
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