Denver Colorado
  Denver is a wonderful city by 360 days of sunshine days, close to many world class ski areas which have best snow condition in the world, ton's of hiking trails close by, and many attractions. Also it located at the center of the USA.
  11/29/06   Governor's Mansion
    Light Rail has been started to run for Southeast of Denver on 11/17/06, but I didn't have a chance to ride it yet, even it is walking distance from my house to the University station, to test the ride the light rail, I self invited to the Governor's Mansion.

Many volunteers in the Governor's Mansion and they decorated beautifully for the Christmas. Volunteers give visitors inside the mansion tour with free of charge.
I heard that governor family is not living in the Governor's Mansion because they don't want to change the children's school. They can save lot of money if they can move into the mansion that I thought, but they can afford whatever they want.

Mrs. Govonor, Frances Owens, and I took picture, She is very friendly. She is taking picture with every visitors who desired to take picture with her.

      Molly Brown's House
    I just finished reading the "Molly Brown Unraveling the Myth" book and interested to visit Molly Brown's house. Tour guide told that Baby Doe had $150,000,000 and nation's richest at one time, where Molly had $17,000,000 at one time. Both got money from the Leadville mines.

She was 20th century Cindellera, born in poor family and end up in rich, but I am not sure about the "happily after" part, because she couldnít divorce from husband by their religion, so that they separated for long time, and fight 6 years on the court with her children for husbandís fortune after he died. She loved to travel all over the countries, and visited Japan six times.

    Titanic Incident:
Many 1st class passengers did not survived from sinking the Titanic because they neglect the fact of the Titanic to sink, and optimistic to find out at tomorrow morning what's going on, and they never see the Sun again. At that time who were brave to act for survive, and Molly was one of the courageous person.
  12/9/06   Watertone Canyon
    This canyon trail is close to home, and located Southwest of the Chatfield Lake. This trail is parts of the Colorado Trail which starts here and end up at Durango. This Watertone Canyon Trail, which we hiked, is private property that belong to the Denver Water and maintained by them. We saw total a dozen of the Bighorn sheeps, deers and unknown name of a black small bird that continuously diving into the cold river water. Many joggers, bicyclers and some hikers are enjoying weekend of sunny winter day here.

A big wall behind me is the Strontia Springs Dam, over 300 fts height and 600 fts wide, which is providing drinking water for Denver area.
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