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Rock Art
Rock Art List (Petroglyphs and Pictographs)          
USA Canada
----- Arizona -----
Blue Crossing
Casa Malpais Archaeological Park
Charlie Bell Well
Chaves Pass
Clam Shell
Cocoraque Butte
Council Rock
Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve
Dixie Mine
Hayden Butte Preserve
Hieroglyphic Trail
Homolovi State Park
Hopi Cultural Center
Keyhole Sink
Kings and Queen Mts
Kitt Peak
Laws Spring
Little Black Mountain
Maze Rock
Mystery Castle
North Mountain Park
Petroglyph Discovery Trail
Picacho Mountains
Picture Canyon
Picture on Stone
Rio Bravo Road
Salt River Canyon
Sherwood Site
Snake Gulch
South Fork, Colonado NF
Steward Dam
Taliesin West
Texas Hill
Ultimate Rock
Union Pass
Virgin River Gorge
Water Glyphs
Wenima Wildlife Area
Whispering Pine
White Tank Mountain
Wupatki National Monument

Agua Fria National Monument
Arrastra Creek
Baby Canyon Ruins
Badger Springs Wash
Brooklyn Basin
Hackberry Wash
Las Mujeres
Lost Jupiter
Perry Tank Canyon
Pueblo Pato Ruins
Rattlesnake House
Rattlesnake Tinajas
Richinbar Sheeps

Black Canyon
Black Canyon
Black Canyon Upper
Rock Shelter

Colorado River
Arizona Hot Springs
Davis Camp
Petroglyphs Wash, Lake Mead

Dawa Park Area
Dawa Park In & Out Horse Shoe
Horse Shoe Area

Gila River
Cobble Mountain
Gila Bend North
Hummingbird Point
Oatman Point
Painted Rocks
Quail Point
Red Rock Canyon
Rocky Point
Sears Point
Woolsey Wash Butte

Gillespie Dam
Dam Central
Dam North
Dam South

Grand Canyon National Park
Indian Hollow Trail
Paiute Cave
Shaman's Galley

Holbrook Area
Chevelon Creek
Davis Road North
Five Mile Wash
Geromino Site
Golf Course Road
Hidden Cove Park
Joseph City Rock Art Site
Leroux Wash
Porter Canyon
Porter Canyon North
Rock Art Ranch
Show Low Bluff Trail
Snake Panel

Little Colorado River
Bridge Panel
Carr Lake Draw
Lazy Kokopelli
Little Colorado River
Little Colorado River Halfway
Little Colorado River near HW 180
Little Colorado River Side Canyon
Little Colorado River Woodruff
Long Tail Sheep
Mother of Game Goddess
Sheep on Rocker
Standing on Shoulder
Story Teller
Woodruff Roadside

Petrified Forest National Park
Agate Bridge
Atlatl Butte
Bear Butte
Big Feet Panel
Billings Gap
Black Panel
Blue Mesa
Coyote Den Site
Dead Wash
Dead Wash Overview
Dead Wash Overlook #2
Dead Wash Side Canyon
Dry Wash
Duckhead Man
East Tank Butte
East Valley
East Valley Mesa
Flat Iron Panel
Flattop East
Golden Disk Site
Golden Fleece
He-Man Site
Jasper Forest
Jim Camp Wash
Lacey Point, Bobble Heads
Lacey Point, Full of Suns Panelt
Lacey Point, Long Finger Panel
Lacey Point, Twin Rainbow Panel
Last Chance Butte
Lion Mesa
Lithodendron Wash
Lithodendron West
Marthers Butte
Mountain Lion Mesa
Newspaper Rock
Newspaper Rock + Puerco Rock
Petroglyph Canyon
Petroglyphs Mesa
Pinta Road
Pinta Valley
Pinta Valley South
Point of Bluff
Puerco Pueblo
Puerco River
Puerco River East
Puerco River Wash
Rocky Butte
Snaketail Deer Panel
Starving Man Panel
Starving Man Wash
Sun-Man Panel
Tall Man Panel
Twin Rainbow
West Badlland
Wildhorse Wash

Robbins Butte
Arlington Mesa
Arlington South
Powers Butte
Robbins Butte
Robbins Butte East
Robbins Butte North
Robbins Butte West

Saguaro National Park
Kings Canyon
Signal Hill

Sedona Area
Palatki Ruin
Petroglyphs Hill
Prescott Lakes
Red Tank Draw
Talking Rock
V-V Ranch

Silver Creek
Fivemile Draw
Fivemile Draw Bridge
Sevenmile Draw
Silver Creek
Tenmile Draw

South Fork
South Fork Lower East
South Fork Lower West
South Fork Middle
South Fork Upper

South Mountain
Desert Classice
Geromino Trail
Pima Canyon
Telegraph Pass

Yuma Area
Antelope Hills
Dripping Springs
Horse Tank
Indian Springs, Ben Avery Trail
Tyson Wash

----- California -----
Big Painted Cave
Birch Creek
Black Mt Wildness Area
Black Rabbit
Blair Valley
Blue Sun Cave
Boles Creek
Burham Canyon
Buzzard Rock
Centennial Spring
Centennial Upper Cyn
Chumash Painted Cave
Corn Springs
Coyote Hole Spring
Cow Springs
Dead Mountains
Fossil Falls
Goler Gulch
Halloran Springs
Heme Maze
Indian Wells Canyon Lower Panel
Indian Wells Canyon Upper Panel
Kumeyaay, Piedras Grandes
Lakes Basin
Little Lake
McCoy Springs
Mockingbird Canyon
Mojave River Valley Museum
Mosquito Springs
Murphy’s Well
Mustang Mesa
Newberry Cave
Old Woman Mts Preserve
Painted Rockpile
Peninsula Petro
Petroglyphs Point
Slippery Rock
Symbol Bridge Cave
Upper Chalk Bluff
West Well
Willis Well

Bishop Area
13 Moons Panel
Chalfant Valley
Chidago Canyon
Chidago Flat
Fish Springs
Fish Springs East
Rosseta Stone
Sad Boulders
Sky Rock Panel
Volcanic Tablelland

Carrizo Plain National Monument
Carrizo Gorge
Carrizo Plain
Painted Rock

Casa Diablo
Casa Diablo
Cave Diablo
Circle Diablo

Death Valley
Blackrock Well
Emigrant Canyon
Funeral Peak
Greenwater Canyon Petroglyphs
Greenwater Canyon Pictographs
Klare Springs
Marble Canyon
Salina Valley

Joshua Tree National Park
Barker Dam
Pleasant Valley

Mojave National Preserve
Aiken Arch Petro
Aiken Arch Picto
Black Canyon Wash
Black Tank Wash North
Black Tank Wash South
Burro Canyon
Cow Cove
Fort Piute
Old Dad Mt Site
Rock Spring
Saddle Wash Canyon
Woods Wash

Ridgecrest Area
Ayer´s Rock
Coso Little Canyon
Inscription Canyon
Red Mountain
Sheep Springs
Steam Wells

Sequoia National Park
Hospital Rock

Wind Wolves Preserve
Back Country
Lizard Cave
Three Springs

----- Colorado -----
Bridge Port
Carrizo Canyon
County Road G
De Beque Cutoff
Dog Mountain
Dolores River Bedrock
Dolores River Gateway
Dominguez Canyon
Dry Mesa Road
Echo Park
English Valley
Equinox Tour, Picture Canyon
Escalante Canyon
Gypsum Valley Panel
Holt Canyon
Irish Canyon
Music Panel
Penitente Canyon
Picketwire Canyon
Picture Canyon
Rock Creek
Sandrock Natural Trail
Sieber Warriors
Sweetwater Indian Cave
Trinchera Canal
Trinchera Creek
Vogel Canyon
White River Museum
Witches Canyon

Delta Area
Eagle Rock Shelter
Farmer Site
Shavano Valley

Grand Junction Area
East Creek
Main Street
McDonald Creek
No Thoroughfare Canyon
Palisade Rim
Rough Canyon
White Rock

Highway 141
MM 88 Panel
MM 99 Panel

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde

Paradox Valley
Corral Area
General Area
Magic Panel
Shaman Panel

Rangely Area/Canyon Pintado
Camel Ridge
Carrot Man Site
Cow Canyon 2020
Cow Canyon Site
Crooks Brand Site
East Four-Mile Draw
Fremont Ridge Site
Hoodoo Site
Kenny Reservoir
Kokopelli Site
Mellen Hill
Shield Site
State Bridge Site
Sun Dagger Site
Waving Hands Site
White Birds Site

Rio Grande
Lobato Bridge North
Lobato Bridge South

Ute Mountain Tribal Park
Ancestral Pueblo Petro
Newspaper Panel
Picto Panel
Summer Solstice Tour

----- Idaho -----
Big Springs
Birch Creek
Celebration Park
Indian Rock
Indian Rock State Park
Map Rock
Salmon River East
Salmon River West
Weeds Bar

----- Kansas -----
Kanopolis Lake
Palmers Cave

----- Minnesota -----
Jeffers Petro
Pipestone National Monument

----- Montana -----
Bear Gulch
Briger Site
Carbonadora, Joliet
Castle Butte Lower
Deer Medicine Rock
Glacial Erratic
Indian Lake
Middle Fork
Perma Rock
Petroglyphs Canyon
Pictograph Cave State Park
Please Bottom Road
Pompeys Pillar National Monument
Sleeping Buffalo
Sleeping Buffalo Resort
Weatherman Central
Weatherman North
Weatherman Round Body
White Buffalo

----- Nevada -----
Arrow Canyon
Arrow Canyon Upper
Ash Springs
Black Canyon Petroglyphs
Bridge Canyon
Buffington Pocket
Crystal Wash Entrance Site
Crystal Wash Main Site
Delamar Valley
Desert Creek
Grapevine Canyon
Hickison Petroglyphs
Hiko Springs
Grimes Point
Logandale Trail
Mt Irish
Mt Stirling
Petroglyphs Butte
Pint Valley
Rainbow Canyon
Red Stone
Shooting Gallery
Sloan Canyon
White River Narrow
Winnemucca Lake

Gold Butte
Kirk's Grotto
Kohta Circus
Little Finland
Mud Wash
Newspaper Rock Area
Sheep Panel
Whitney Pocket

Red Rock Canyon NCA
Brownstone Cyn Petroglyphs
Brownstone Cyn Pictographs
Central Area
Grapevine Springs

Valley of Fire State Park
Valley of Fire

----- New Mexico -----
Apache Flat
Arroyo Garcia
Arroyo Hondo
Broad Canyon
Carlsbad Caverns
City of Rocks SP
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Dragonfly Trail
Dripping Springs
Dwyer Site
Escarbado Canyon
Faywood Site
Frying Pan Cyn
Gila Cliff Dwelling
Gotera Canyon
Hidden Mountain
Hummingbird Canyon
La Cieneguilla Petroglyphs Site
Lucero Cyn
Mount Lion Panel
Petroglyph Rock
Pilares Canyon
Pony Hill
Pregnant Basketmaker
Providence Cone
Quarai Ruins
Red Dot Trail - 1st visit
Rincon RA Site
Rio Chama
Rio Pueblo Campground
San Cristobal Creek
Spirit Canyon
Summerford Mountain Area
Tonuco Mt
Tularosa River
Vallas Canyon
Verida Canyon
Vista Verde
Waterflow East
Waterflow West
Wild River

Alamo Mountain
Alamo Mountain East
Alamo Mountain North
Alamo Mountain South
Alamo Mountain West

Adolfo Canyon
Blanco Star Panel
Blue Men Panel
Canyon Hike
Carrizo Canyon
Carrizo Canyon East
Carrizo Crane Panel
Crow Canyon
Crow Canyon 44 Panel
Crow Canyon Big Worrier Panel
Crow Canyon Corn Stalk Panel
Crow Canyon Main Panel
Crow Mesa
Delgadito Canyon
Delgadito Canyon Pictoglyphs
Delgadito Canyon Road
Delgadito Side Canyon
East Delgadito Canyon
Encirro Canyon
Escrito Canyon
Gemez Canyon
Gould Pass Canyon
Gould Pass Road
Hidden Spring
Ice Canyon
Jesus Creek
Largo Canyon Road
Largo Canyon Segment #1
Largo Canyon Segment #2
Martin Canyon
Martinez Canyon
Martinez Canyon, White Picto
Message Panel
Rincon Canyon
Rincon Pollito
Rincorn Largo
Rincorn Largo North
Roadside Petro
Simon Canyon
Solo Worrier
Star Canyon
Sunburst Panel
Tso Bito Ruin
Two Men Panel

El Malpais National Coservetion Area
El Morro Panel
Inscription Panel
Lobo Canyon

McKinley Ranch
Busy Panel
Picture Boulder
Sea of Petro

Petroglyph National Monument
Mesa Prieta
Piedras Canyon
Rincnada Canyon

Three River Petroglyph NRS
Three River North
Three River Southwest

Tome Hill
Tome Hill East
Tome Hill Southeast
Tome Hill West

----- Noth Dakota -----
Writing Rock State Historical Site

----- Oregon -----
Greaser Petroglyphs
Paradise Creek
Petroglyph Lake
Picture Gorge
Sprague River

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
Harney Lake
Krumbo Creek
Lava Bed Road

----- South Dakota -----
Downen Road
Red Canyon
Tulare Petro
Wild Horse Sanctuary

North Cave Hills
Cave Hill Reservoir
Davis Draw
Davis Draw Reservoir
Ludlow Cave
North Cave Hills East
Schlei Chart
Small Cave
Three Finger Canyon

----- Texas -----
Alamo Canyon
Paint Rock
Panther Panel
Seminole Canyon State Park
White Sharman, Pecos River

Big Bend National Park
Chimney Trail
Hot Springs
Indian Head

Hueco Tanks State Park
Cave Painting
Chain Trail
Hueco Tanks
Mesacaleno Canyon
Three Mountains

----- Washington -----
Buffalo Eddy
Columbia Hill
Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
Indian Painting Rocks
McLoughlin Canyon
She Who Watches
Wedding Rock

----- Wyoming -----
Castle Gardens
Cedar Canyon
Cottonwood Creek
Flamingo Gorge
Gateway Site
La Barge Bluff
Medicine Creek Cave
Medicine Lodge
No Water RA
Oregon Basin
Pine Canyon
Pinnacle Rocks
Pow-Wow Caven
Powder Mountain
Sinks Canyon
South Piney Creek
Sun Dial
V bar 7 Ranch RA
White Mountain Petroglyphs

Dubois Area

Legend Rock
Legend Rock

Red Canyon
Red Canyon

----- Utah -----
100 Hands
Anasazi Valley & Tukupetsi Trails
Ashley Creek
Banting Ranch
Buckskin Gulch
Cedar City Library
Chew Ranch
Cliff Creek
Collet Place
Cub Creek
Dancing Bear
Deluge Shelter Panel
Desecrated Panel
Dinosaur Museum
Dinosaur National Monument
Doloress River
Dry Fork Canyon
East Canyon
Edge of Cedars State Park
Ferron Canyon
Fremont Indian State Park
Helper Panel
Hog Springs
McConkie Ranch
McKee Spring
Monticello Library
Parowan Gap
Price River Lower
Quitchupah Creek
Rainbow Park
Range Creek
Recapture Creek Lower Panel
Red Devil
Red Figures
Rochester Panel
Sheep Panel
Swelter Shelter
Three Canyons Rock Art
White Dot Panel
Willow Creek

Arches National Park
Dark Angle Panel
Fork 4 RA
Ring Arch Panel
Sheep Panel

Bluff Area
17 Room Ruin
Butler Wash Lower RA
Butler Wash Mouth Panel
Butler Wash Panel
Cottonwood Cyn Panel
Cottonwood Horse Panel
Ghost Panel
Horse Panel
Inscription Panel
Lance Site
Lobed Circle Panel
Lower Decker Site
One Arm Panel
Sand Dune RA
Sand Island
Snake Panel
Spear Thrower Panel
Upper Sand Island
Yei (Yeibichai) Site

Book Cliffs
Coal Canyon Panel
Crescent Wash Panel
Cube Rock Panel
Floy Petro
Tusher Canyon Panel

Canyonlands National Park
11 Blue Faces
13 Faces
Devil’s Lane Panel
Dollhouse Panel
Five Faces
Flying Carpet Panel
Great Gallery
Hands Panel
Harvest Scene
Peekaboo Panel
Sky Faces

Capitol Reef National Park
Capitol Gorge
Fruita Petroglyphs
Halls Creek Panel
Pleasant Creek

Cedar Mesa
Arch Canyon Panel
Arch Canyon Ruin
Fallen Roof Ruin
Fish Creek
Guest House Ruins
Highway 95 Rdside Ruin
Junction Ruin
Lower Mule Canyon Panel
Moon House Ruin
Mule Canyon Panel
Tower House Ruin
Turkey Pen Ruin
Vertical Snake Panel
Walnut Knob

Cedar Point
Dots Panel
Duckhead Panel
Seven Fingers Panel
Sideway Panel
Other Panels

Comb Ridge
Ballroom Cave
Big Crane Panel
Big Feet Panel
Cold Springs Cave
Comb Wash Road
Double Stack Ruin
Fist Rock Ruin
Hideout Ruin
Ladder Panel
Monach Ruin
Pedestal Ruin
Pine Needle Panel
Procession Panel
Red Mud Ruin
Split Level Ruin
Target Ruin
Wolfman Panel

Glen Canyon
Catstail Canyon
Hitch Hiker Panel
Imperfect Panel
Linebacker Panel
Porcupine Panel

Green River
Butterfly Bend
Grassy Knoll
Hasting Road
Nefertiti Panel

Hanks Ville
Cottonwood Wash
Poison Springs Canyon

Hidden Valley
Hidden Valley East
Hidden Valley Main

Horseshoe Canyon
Alcove Gallery
Great Gallery
High Gallery
Horseshoe Shelter

Indian Creek
Beef Basin Rd
East #1 (6 sites)
East #2 (2 sites)
East #3 (3 sites)
East #4 (3 sites)
East #5 (3 sites)
Fighting Men Panel
Kangaroo Panel
Newspaper Rock
Robot Panel
Shay Canyon
West #1 (10 sites)
West #2 (1 site)
West #3 (8 sites)
West #4 (7 sites)

Johns Canyon
Broken Man
Duckhead Man
John’s Cyn Rd
Obelisk Panel
Striped Panel
Other Panels

Kanab Area
Mansard Alcove
South Fork Indian Canyon

Moab Area
22-Sheep Panel
Birthing Panel
Blue Hill RA
Comet Thrower
Confluence Mill Cr & NF Mill Cr
Courthouse Wash
Dark Shallow Alcove
False Kiva Panel
Highway #313 Roadside
Intestine Man
Jackson Panel
Jug Handle Arch Panel
Kane Creek Panel
Kings Bottom
Levi Rock
Mill Creek 17 Panels
Mill Creek North Fork
Mill Creek Upper
Moab Grotto
Moab Maiden
Moab Man
Moab Rim Trail
Owl Panel
Piggyback Panel
Pritchett Canyon Panel
Sand Flats RA
Seven Mile Canyon
Snake in the Mouth
Solstice Snake
Steel Bender Trail RA

Montezuma Canyon
3 Separate Petro Sites
3 Separate Picto Sites
5 Separate Petro Sites
Banner Panel
Bradford Ruin RA
Bug Point Rd
Coal Bed Village Panel
Decorated Hair Panel
Exercise Panel
Full House Panel
Montezuma Springs
Montezuma Springs North RA
Monument Canyon Lower
Nancy Patterson Petro Site
One Man Ruin
Play Game Panel
Polychrome Panel
Rainman Panel
Red Panel
Sheep Panel
Snake Panel
Touchdown Panel
Two Horses Panel
Under the Cloud Panel

Natural Bridges National Monument
Hands Panel
Horse Collar Ruin
Kachina Bridge Panel
Kachina Ruin RA
Red Bear Panel
Remnant Panel
Ruin Rock
Shoe Panel
Two Tone Color Rock Panel
White Man Panel

Nine Mile Canyon
Dry Canyon
Family Panel
Nine Mile Canyon 2010
Nine Mile Canyon 2016
Nine Mile Canyon 2020

Potash Road
Bear Panel
Poison Spider
Potash Road North
Potash Road South

Red Rock Plateau
Black Eye Ruin RA
In-or-Out Panel
Moqui Canyon RA

San Rafael Swell
45 Degree Panel
Black Dragon Panel
Buckhorn Wash Panel
Cane Wash
Daisy Chain Panel
Dry Wash
Duch Flat Road Panel
Eardley Canyon Panel
Ernie Wash Panel
Farnsworth Canyon
Fish Creek Panel
Fremont Rainbow Panel
Juggler Panel
King Crown Panel
Lower San Rafael River
Mexican Bend RA
Molen Petro Panel
Molen Picto Site
Molen Reef Panel
Mussentuchit Panel
Ochre Alcove Panel
Old Woman Wash
Petroglyphs Canyon
Railroad Rock
San Rafael Swell Roadside Panel
Silent Sentinel & Busy Panel
Sinbad Area
Three Fingers Canyon

Sego Canyon
Sego Cyn 2017
Sego Cyn 2016
Sego Cyn 2012

Short Canyon
Red & White Panel
Red Sheep Panel
Waving Arms Panel

Sid and Charlie
Enumerate Panel
High-Up Picto
Weeping Man Panel

St George
Awesome Chasm
Bear Clan
Bloomington Petro Park
Canaan Gap Panel
Gunlock RA
Lone Pine Arch
Quail Creek
Red Man, Fort Pearce
Snow Canyon Above
Yellow Man
Zion National Park

Whiskers Draw
Cave-11 & 12
North Fork Panel
Over & Under Ruin

White Canyon
Happy Day Panel
In The Water Panel
Invisible Man Panel
Marching Panel

----- Alberta -----
Writing on Stone Prov Park

----- British Columbia -----
Bella Coola
Fort Rupert
Kitselas Canyon
Petroglyphs Provintial Park
Prince Rupert

----- Ontario -----
Agawa Rock
Red Rock

----- Saskatchewan -----
St Victor

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