Kay's Montana Trail / Road Map List
(1) Click on the picture to get an enlarged photo. Right click on the enlarged photo and save as to save it on your computer.
(2) Click on the title to see the photo album. When visited multiple times, showing one of them. If you want to see all, go to the alphabetical List to select individually.
(3) Click on the Trail GPS or Road GPS to downroad the GPS files, if no GPS listed that the case GPS file is not available.
(4) Stackup photos: top is the trail map, bottom is the road map to get to the trailhead (TH).
(5) Mileage is the total miles for the trail and one way miles for the road unles otherwise noticed.

Medicine Rocks State Park
0.6 mile
Trail GPS
White Cliff
3 mile
Trail GPS
Eagle Creek, White Cliff
Trail: 5.5 miles   Road: 8 miles
Trail GPS            Road GPS
Petroglyphs Canyon
Posted both WY and MT
Trail GPS            Road GPS
Makoshika State Park
2.8 miles
Trail GPS
Mystic Lake
Parking lot was overflow
Trail GPS            Road GPS
Terry Badland
There are natural many rock bridges
Trail: 4 miles   Road: 7.5 miles
Trail GPS           Road GPS
Tippet Rise Art Center
Need reservation, open Summer only, Fri Sat Sun only
Trail GPS            Road GPS

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