Kay's Photo Journal - February 2022
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2/4/2022 Holbrook, AZ - Weather was not good for past few days, finally got sunny day but it was cold. Explore Holbrook east area, not many people come here even Holbrook residents. Nice Holbrook town view from atop of the mesa. There are very nice rocks/boulders but I didn’t find any RAs.
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2/5/2022 Double Buttes Loop, AZ - I’ve hiked all around the buttes and found no RAs that made me disappointed because I had high hope in this area to find RA panels. Addition to I’ve hiked cliff area that other side of the dry creek, but no RA. There are many rocks/boulders here, I’m guessing wrong kind rock quality around here for the petroglyphs.
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2/7/2022 Slab Paho, AZ - This area is top of the large 1st mesa, and many smaller 2nd mesas standing atop of the 1st mesa. I’ve hiked around four 2nd mesas and found many RA panels. Today was a good day for me. Many petroglyphs are old and fading original figure. It is go through the private property and owner gave me a permission.
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2/9/2022 Spiral Slab, AZ - This place is a just below the Slab Crest, where I found many petroglyphs. I expect that I can find some petroglyphs here also. Lucky me, I found some petroglyphs. There are many rocks/boulders around here.
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2/11/2022 West Basin, AZ - This area has many like inlets, each inlet has many boulders. I was hoping to find some RAs, and lucky me that I found many RA panels. My original plan was total 7 miles hike, that turn out to be 10 miles, oh well...I got a good time, no complain.
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2/13/2022 Benchmark Mesa, AZ - There are so many RA panels in this area. All panels are smaller to meddium size panels, I found RA panels after panels, I had a good time. It is atop of the 1st mesa and RA panels are located at the bottom of the 2nd mesas. It is go through the private property and owner gave me a permission.
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2/15/2022 Cave Living, AZ - It is not exactly the cave, it is like a space under the stack up boulders. Inside is rocky and small space. There are many Petroglyphs, which are all over the cave in and out.
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2/24/2022 Navajo Museum, Holbrook, AZ - Actual name of this museum is the Navajo County Historical Society Museum or Historic Courthouse Museum & Visitor’s Center or Navajo County Courthouse Museum, whatever the name is, there is only one museum in the town, located at the center of Holbrook. Holbrook use to have a Hashknife Pony Express that run 200 miles between Holbrook and Scottsdale AZ.
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