Kay's Photo Journal - November 2016
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11/29/2016 Inscription Canyon, Blalck Mountain Wildness Area, CA - The canyon is not too long but many petroglyphs are both side of the canyon, north side of canyon petroglyphs are most of covered by lichen. There is fence at the entrance of the canyon, the petroglyphs are of course inside of the fence but I found many outside too.
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11/29/2016 Black Mountain Wildness Area, CA - It was nice weather and drive until to the Inscription Canyon, after that to come back was drive on the difficult road that still nightmare, I am sure I won’t go back anytime soon. I found some petroglyphs, but there are many more, too bad that I missed most of.
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11/24/2016 Steam Wells Petroglyphs, CA (2 miles) - It is located mountain side east of Johannesburg. There are many dirt roads to dirtbike and ATV people to enjoy, for me stick with RM1444 road. There are registration box by the road that the place to park car and hike up. I found 2 distingush sites to look at petroglyphs, south has more petroglyphs than north.
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11/19/2016 Swansea Petroglyphs, CA - It is located in the Swansea, which is a ghost town and east side of the Owens Lake. Some petroglyphs are suppose to the equinox marker according to Dr. Alan Gillespie. Click here to read research paper published by Dr. Alan Gillespie.
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11/18/2016 Darwin, CA - Currently this is the semi-ghost town of population of 50 people. It was mining town and population was 3,500 people at the peak time, 1877, and rumor to bring the state capitol here. The toll road was established on 1926 that the west entrance to the Death Valley.
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11/7/2016 Seven Magic Muountains, NV - Ugo Ronadinone, Switzerland artist is the creater of it, and Nevada Museum of Art is the sponser. It is just like large colored marshmallow shish kabob that stick up on the ground. Located east side of the highway #15 south of Las Vegas.
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11/6/2016 Teutonia Peak, Mojave National Preserve, CA (4 miles) - This was my second try, I have hiked up loop from the north side, and came back from the southwest trail. When I got at the peak area, there are many peaks and climb up to seems to the highest one.
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11/5/2016 Petroglyph Festival, Ridgecrest, CA - This festival is nothing related with petroglyphs, which I was disappointed, except couple presentations from the museum. But that was never matters, people just enjoy many display, variety of venders, auto show, live music and more.
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11/4/2016 Ridgecrest, CA - This town has devoted to petroglyphs and many Coso Petroglyphs figures in the Maturango Museum and Petroglyph Park, and scatter it all over the town. It is fun to see all those. I am planning to stay this winter in this town, which is the central location of the Southern California.
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11/1/16 Dirty Socks Hot Springs, Owens Lake, CA - It is located south side of the Owens Lake near the highway #190. There are 2 large side wild pools, one is warmer than other, but not warm enoght to soak in cold weather, maybe good in summer. Nice Sierra Nevada Mountain Range view from there.
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