Kay's Photo Journal - March 2015
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3/25/2015 Greenwater Canyon Cave, Death Valley, CA (7.8 miles) - This is my 5th try to visiting this cave, when last time I was near it but I twisted my ankle and came back without visiting the cave. I was so happy to see it at this time, pictographs are not only side of wall but on the ceiling too, I have to lie down to enjoy it.
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3/24/2015 Blackrock Well Petroglyphs, Death Valley, CA (4.3 miles) - This is close to the Nelson Range High Point, which I have hiked on 5/4/14. I was expected if I am lucky I can find a few petroglyphs, but I found a lot. One of the wall that not like a large size TV, it was more like a cinema screen. One large petroglyphs was located very steep high up.
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3/24/2015 Hard Luck Mine Castle, NV - Randy is the owner and creater of this castle, this is a man's castle. He is working 15 years by now and completed about 90%. The music room is gorgeous full of pipes of pipe organs. It is for sale, asking price is $1.5 Millions. Energy getting from the wind and solar cells.
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3/23/2015 Bonnie Clair Ghost Town, NV - Built a mill to treat ore from all over the district. When the Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad reached this town that was the peak. When completed Scotty´s Castle in Death Valley building materials delivery the railroad pulled out of Bonnie Claire, the town quickly died.
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3/23/2015 Alkali Hot Springs, NV - This place is located northwest of the Goldfield. Very nice hot water is coming out but hot tubs are need to clean, not desired to soak in. There are two large hot pools but again need to clean to swim in. This place definitely need a caretaker.
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3/23/2015 Silver Peak Sand Dune, NV - Fire Chief in the Silver Peak gave me incorrect information about petroglyphs, I was trying to find it all day yesterday and all morning today I have hiked total 14 miles, but couldn't find it, addition to he never answer my phone calls. Then end up I am at sand dune to enjoy the white sand at this afternoon.
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3/21/2015 Lee Hot Springs, NV - Use to a large hot springs area but getting dried out. Currently still hot water is coming out but there is a no hot tub or pool to soak in. Surrounding area is dried tall weeds to indicate use to be a nice wetland area.
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3/21/2015 Grimes Point, NV - I didn't visit the Hidden Cave and Burnt Cave at last time, so that this is my second time to visit here. It is popular place for family to enjoy or nice place to walk around here. They have many petroglyphs but most of are faint out but some of are still going strong.
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3/21/2015 Burnt Cave, Grimes Point, NV - The sign said, this is two-chambered cave but I saw only one, I think to get another one is crawl into tiny hole that located righ bottom of behind me of top cener photo.
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3/21/2015 Hidden Cave, Grimes Point, NV - I was lucky to get inside the cave, seems to not open all the time. It was touring day and I joined them or followed them. It was very humidity inside and relatively smaller size. It doesn't have "wow" factor but nice to see it.
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3/21/2015 Winnemucca Lake, NV - These petroglyphs are oldest petroglyphs in North America located by the highway 447, west side of the Winnemucca Lake that east side of the Pyramid Lake. There is no sign to indicate it, however I saw a closed area sign. I couldn't believe that these are 14,800 years old petroglyphs.
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3/14/2015 Auxiliary Point, Lake Mead, NV (12 miles) - The trail was nice until near the cove, there is about 50ft dry waterfall and couldn't go through, decided to climb up to the ridge, there is unmaintained trail and reach the Auxiliary Point. The view from the Auxiliary Point was gorgeous. Many flowers are blooming along the way.
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3/8/2015 Western Beltway Trail (2/2), Las Vegas, NV (14 miles) - I have completed entire Western Beltway trail today. Today was the south side of the trail, where I have done the north side on 1/13/15. The some segment of the trail was like closed, but not totally that confused me, I walked in from the opening of the fence to enjoy the trail.
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3/6/2015 Black Island, Lake Mead, NV (10 miles that include Boxcar Cove too) - View from top of the Black Island was gorgeous, the Fortification Hill is just across the Lake Mead. Black Island is not island now, and saw many tiny islands because drought. Last photo was what I picked up trash on the way back that 3 to 4 times more than usual.
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3/6/2015 Boxcar Cove, Lake Mead, NV (5.2 miles) - The road was dirt road but well maintained it and possible to passanger car can go through. However I have parked my car at the first parking lot that not far from the Northshore Rd, and hiked. Photos not only the Boxcar Cove, also near by no name coves too.
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3/4/2015 Upper Las Vegas Wash Trail, NV (8.8 miles) - I have walked the Upper Las Vegas Wash Trail that connected with the Las Vegas Wash Trail and Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail. Which means I am done for those wash trails. Special characteristic of this trail was many bright color large size pipes, I wonder are those control gases?
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