Kay's Photo Journal - April 2015
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4/14 - 4/18/2015 Granny Moment, Las Vegas, NV - My daughter and grandsons, 2 and 5 years old, were visited from Pemberton, BC, Canada, it was a highlight of the moment of my life. We have a gondola ride that runs on the 2nd floor of the Venetian. Also we have hiked at VOF, and enjoyed at the Craig Ranch Regional Park.
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4/8/2015 Tropicana Flamingo Wash Trail, NV (9 miles) - It is located southwest of Las Vegas Valley, another urban trail. This trail is strictly just a trail that run by the dry wash, no landscape, no artworks and no picnic tables. However I saw least amount of the trash and graffiti compare to another urban trails.
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4/2/2015 Bighorn Cove, Lake Mead, AZ (10 miles) - Via bottom of dried canyon hike to get to the Cove, this route was much better than the dirt road. Water color of Colorado River is dark blue and cove area is green. I was hoping to get to the Frogman petroglyphs site that one mile north from the cove, but not easy to get there and I couldn't.
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