Kay's Photo Journal - February 2014
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2/19/2014  Albertross Airplane Crash Site, Death Valley National Park, CA (2 miles) - The distance is from the Towne Peak, total distance from TH was 10 miles. All 6 crews survived 1952 airplace crash, and they walk away alive that amazed me to visit. The location is steep mountain side, west of the Towne Peak.    Download GPS File
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2/19/2014  Towne Peak, Death Valley National Park, CA (8 miles) - Up and down few times to get this gentle peak. There are many survey BM every 1/4 miles or so to indicate the direction but not name of the destinatios, I never see so many. The view was very nice wide range view from the summit.    Download GPS File
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2/18/2014  Skidoo Ghost Mining Town, Death Valley National Park, CA - The old picture indicated there were town in the open field, currently nothing left except few old empty cans. Produced $1.6 million, I was looking for the mine and found the mountain hill side that north from the ghost town location.
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2/17/2014  Hole in the Wall, Death Valley National Park, CA (4 miles) - I hiked to the Slit Canyon from the Hole in the Wall. To bypass the cascade dry falls by climb up steep hillside and back into the canyon. Sooner I faced an another dry fall that was my end of the canyon hike. The color of the rocks changed by time of the day.   Download GPS File
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2/16/2014  West Side Road, Death Valley National Park, CA - There are so many side dirt roads leading toward to the mountain sides from this West Side Road. This is over 40 miles of the dirt road located west side of the Badwater Road. Very nice closer mountains view.
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2/15/2014  Scotty's Canyon, Death Valley National Park, CA (8 miles) - This is the Scotty's hideaway canyon, whenever he needed to hide/relax, he was here. Also he said found a gold in Death Vally that refere to this canyon. Seems to canyon end at the large waterfall but not the case his hideaway place located above that.   Download GPS File
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2/14/2014  Warm Springs Camp, Death Valley National Park, CA - This mine was the largest talc, used for painting and roofing material, producing mine in the western United States and one of the most profitable mine in the Death Valley owned by single lady Louise Grantham. The dirt road changes to 4x4 road from this area.
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2/14/2014  Ashford Mill Ruins, Death Valley National Park, CA - It was a gold processing mill and located roadside of the Badwater Road and the foot of the Ashford Canyon. Only couple base of the building structures are remined.
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2/13/2014  Funeral Peak, Death Valley National Park, CA (10 miles) - I was excited to found the petroglyphs and try to find some more, so that I hike up to the canyon but I didn't find additional. However I found the easier way to the peak, where rocks are all over but relatively less rocks to climb up the peak that was bonus.   Download GPS File
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2/12/2014  Greenwater Canyon North, Death Valley National Park, CA (5.3 miles) - I was hoping to find the pictographs, which located north side of the Greenwater canyon. Unfortunately I couldn't find it but I enjoyed exploring there. The last photo is the mining claim post, the claim paper in the jar atop of the pole.
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2/9/2014  Las Vegas Spring Festival Parade, NV - This parade include 'Chinese New Year in Desert' and celebrate year of horse. There are all kind shows on the Fermont Street stage all day long today. There is a food corner for variety of Asian foods that near the stage. Nice sunny weather, parade, good food and nice shows, LV has all.
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2/7/2014  Beatle's Party - it's the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival to America Party at Susan's house. Everyone wear the 60's clothing. Actual Strawberry Field was sad place but US translates into wonderful strawberry and chocolate dessert. Professionally created Beatles cookies, I got a John, I don't eat it instead of using for decoration.
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2/7/2014  Malpais Flattop Mesa, AZ (8.5 miles) - The gorgeous view was more than expected, Colorado River devided Nevada and Arizona that harmony was breathtaking. We fount cairn and old registry at the not highest point, wonder why? We signed up to the new registry at the HP, which Chris placed it.   GPS Trail File   GPS Road File
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2/1/2014  Hoover Dam-Bridge BM, Lake Mead, NV (6.3 miles) - We have hiked two named peaks today, 'Hoover Dam Bridge Overlook' is the 2nd one that Chris just named it. The view from the peaks were spectacular, we can see the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill, Colorado River, Lake Mead and much more.   GPS Trail File
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