Kay's Photo Journal - December 2014
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12/29/2014 Redstone, Lake Mead, NV (5.8 miles) - My new camera Canon T3i testing photo session today. There are many arches and holes in the red rocks that area. Also few narrow slot canyons to go through, it was fun place to be. I still struggle to take photos with one side is very bright and one side is dark.
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12/23/2014 Pinto Ridge, Lake Mead, NV (9 miles) - I have hiked the Pinto Ridge from north to south and passed few peaks include the Pinto Ridge High Point. The view was gorgeous both side, west side - Muddy Mountains, Bowl of Fire, Anniversary Peak and more, East side - Redstone, Sentinel Pk, Boulder Wash, Boulder Pk and more.
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12/21/2014 Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail(2/2), Las Vegas, NV (8 miles) - Finished entire Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail today, which I have started yesterday. Today was northwest part of the trail that from the Craig Regional Ranch Park. The Farmers Market was open today in the park, its open every sunday from 9am to 2pm.
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12/20/2014 Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail (1/2), Las Vegas, NV (5.5 miles) - I was sick for while, got a cold, this is first hike almost in two weeks. This hike/walk was portion of the trail, southeast segment. The trail is very nice but I didn't see anyone to enjoy the hike/walk, however I saw few bikers. The trail runs next to the flood control drainage.
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12/13/2014 m&m (Ethel m) Christmas Light, Henderson, NV - Over 500,000 Christmas lights brighten the cactus garden after dark. At the same time, there are tons of visitors, mainly families. Everyone especially children enjoy bright Christmes lights garden, however Santa Claus is available only Friday through Sunday before Christmas.
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12/13/2014 m&m (Ethel m) Cactus Garden, Henderson, NV - Their cactus garden is one of the world's largest cactus gardens and nice to walk around. There are over 350 rare and exotic plant species everywhere in the garden. All cacti and trees are covered with Christmas light wires.
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12/13/2014 m&m (Ethel m) Chocolates Factory, Henderson, NV - Official name of the company is "Ethel m" but m&m is well known, I called m&m instea, where "m" means "Mars" last name of the originator. Self guided tour is available for chocolate factory but workers got day off for weekends in December, so I got empty factory tour today.
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12/13/2014 Pinballl Hall of Fame, Las Vegas, NV - This place located across from the Liberace Museum. They have 275 pinball machines and still all machines are good working condition. They called interactive museum, anyone can use any machines, some machine is one of kind and over $100,000 price tag.
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12/9/2014 Christmas Magic, Craig Ranch Regional Park, North Las Vegas, NV - It is located north side of the Craig Ranch Regional Park. It's opened 5pm-10pm entire month of December. A few people started to decorating the park more than one month ago and finally Christmas Magic is arrived. There are so many animated display all over.
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12/9/2014 Bitter Ridge, Lake Mead, NV (2.2 miles) - This place is visible from long distance and beautiful. At the top, there are large cairns, west side has one and east side has two. West side peak called the Bitter Ridge Tall Cairn Peak and east side peak called the Bitter Ridge East Peak, from Peakbagger.com.
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12/6/2014 S Cove Peak, Lake Mead, NV (9.5 miles) - It is located in the Jimbilnan Wildness in Lake Mead. I called it "Ridge Wow" hike because when reach a ridge "Wow" came out. The view was incredible, pinnacles, rock formations, mountains, arch and Lake Mead. There are tons of un-named mountains/peaks/hills around here.
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