Kay's Photo Journal - August 2014
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8/28/2014 Amphitheater, Fortification Range, NV (3.5 miles) - The hiking trail takes you to the view point. This amphitheater is large in size and gorgeous, see first two rows of photos, except first two photos, that from left to right of top parts of the amphitheater and third row photos are below it.
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8/27/2014 Tuff, Fortification Range, NV (2.4 miles) - The Fortification Range is located north of Pioche and east side of the highway 93. The white tuffs are sticking up in the green mountain. The rock formation surronding tuff is nice too. When closer to tuff, the size of tuff increased and recognized it is large in size.
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8/27/2014 Petroglyphs Butte, NV - This place was on the way to the Morey Peak/Ghost Town, so I stopped by for my second time here. The sign has been removed and griffite was increased that sad to see it. Other than that, petroglyphs are remind beautiful and strong impression on the red rocks surface.
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8/26/2014 Morey Peak, NV (14.6 miles) - I approached from the Morey Ghost Town, it was long hike. First four miles were miner's road hike, and next two miles on the hiking trail, after that no trail. At near the summit, blue sky changed to darker sky and hail started then rain. I was determined to summit the peak in the rain. Oh boy...I am glad it's over.
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8/26/2014 Morey Ghost Town, NV - The dirt road to get to the Morey Ghost Town was very bad and I have to end driving 1/4 mile below the ghost town. It was gold and silver mines and produced less than 1/2 million dollars. There was a post office here at one time, currently only few building remind standing.
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8/25/2014 Shooting Gallery, NV - Drive on the rough road to get to the TH. There are total 12 stops to take a look at many petroglhphs that the booklet said but I am guessing we can find some more petroglyphs. There are many similar brown and rounded boulders, when get there rocks are all over.
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8/20/2014 Crystal Wash Entrance Site, NV - Crystal Wash Main Site and this place is a same area, but enter from different entrances. This site is south from the Main Site and mainly in the dry wash. #5 of the booklet is not petroglyphs, see 2nd row two leftmost photos, holes through in the rock.
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8/20/2014 Crystal Wash Main Site, NV - This is a rock art, petroglyphs, site and small booklet is available to take from the register box. Each point has a marker, see last row leftmost photo, it is small in size and can't find it easily. I believe there were much more petroglyphs in this area but fade out quickly.
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8/20/2014 Crystal Wash Camp, NV - Seems to someone(s) camp out here for long time, there are many empty rusting cans and broken glasses by the rock shelter(s). It is not far from the highway 93 and not visible from it, so nice place to camp out.
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8/19/2014 Caliente, NV - It is historic railroad town, still old train station is standing and use it for the city office. Some time train does stop that for waiting other side to pass by. The city got a grant, $11.7 million, added a new pedestrian trail that go through the entire town, and it is very nice to walking around.
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8/18/2014 Beaver Dam State Park, NV - Drove 28 miles on the dirt road to get this park. Use to have a manmade-earthen dam but damaged by flood and removed it. There are beautiful white ash-fall tuff forest, I don't know why but no trail around there. I enjoyed hike in and around it.
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8/17/2014 Rainbow Canyon Petroglyphs, NV - The Rainbow Canyon is a scenic route to drive through. There are couple places to find the petroglyphs and pictographs. I have visited couple petrolyphs sites, where one of the pictograph site has been damaged by flood.
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8/17/2014 Elgin Schoolhouse State Historical Park, NV - This is one-room schoolhouse donated to state. Funny thing is, there is road closed sign near the kershaw-Ryan State Park, but state park rangers told me, go ahead to drive through on the Rainbow Canyon with caution. There are couple places need to repair the road but no plan to repair it.
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8/16/2014  Kershaw-Ryan State Park, NV - It is located two miles south from the town of Caliente. Natural spring water is available in this park that water feeds a wading pool, it is cold water even sunny hot summer day, we can't stay too long to soak in the pool. Floods in 1984 destroyed the park and closed for more than a decade, but open now.
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