Kay's Photo Journal - April 2014
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4/26/2014  Red Book Peak, Red Rock, NV (3 miles) - We were plan to climb up to the Pahrump Point, but snow on the top and rain below, so that we came back to LV. Harlan took us to the Red Book Peak, during scrambling the rain start and stop couple times but we made it. Last photo courtesy by Harlan Stockman.   Download GPS Trail File
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4/25/2014  Craig Ranch Regional Park, NV (4 miles) - There are so many flowers blooming right now in the park. It is large park, 170 acres, and everywhere green, I can't believe it is located in the desert. My loop to walk in this park is 4 miles without repeating, I do one or two loops for excercise.
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4/20/2014  Kawich Peak, NV (4.7 miles) - Eric brought a machete that between a knife and saw to chop the branches of bushes for bushwhacking. Last couple hundred feet was totally bushwhacking, without machete we have hard time or couldn't make it. There are many beautiful rock formation here.   Download GPS File
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4/19/2014  Rawhide Mountain, NV (1 mile, Attempt) - From the morning hike, I slide down three times because of too many loose rocks, I am recovring the twisted ankle and that were not good for my ankle. Addtion to falling rock hits me that made more uncomfortable, so I decided to turn back and relax left of the day. Eric and Larry made it to the peak.
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4/19/2014  Reveille Peak, NV (2.4 miles) - This peak is located at the central Nevada, closest town is Rachel. This was suppose to an easy hike, short distance and class 2, but tougher than I thought, pretty of loose rocks to climb up. The wide view from the peak was wonderful especially we can see the Area 51.   Download GPS File
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4/15/2014  Brownstone Petroglyphs, Red Rock, NV (11.8 miles) - This is the first hike since twisted my ankle that was over three weeks ago. I picked an easy hike today, mainly on the dry wash. It was treasure hunting, I have to find the locations of the petroglyphs, some of are located way high up, I was wonder how to get up there?
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4/7/2014  High Roller Ride, Las Vegas, NV - It's opened one week ago, 550-foot-tall that the world's tallest observation wheel, located behind/east side of the Flamingo Hotel/Casino. All new stores both sides of the pedestrian street to get to the High Roller from the Strip. 30 miutes of very quiet ride and nice Las Vegas Strip and mountains view.
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