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9/28/2013  Shasta Lake, CA (4 miles) - I have hiked the Bailey Cove trail that located the center portion of the Shasta Lake. Water level of the lake is very low more than 100 ft. It was quiet day because the off season that I thought but there was trail closed sign at the other side of the trail due to the trail damage, but I didn't see any damage of the trail.
9/28/2013  Lake Shasta Caverns, CA - The waterlevel of the Shasta Lake is very low, which means visitor hike down more to reach the boat, and boat takes us to other side of the lake. There is a bus waiting us and takes us to the cave entrance. It is a beautiful cave and we have to hike about 800 stairs total.
9/27/2013  Mt Shasta, CA - When I was driving from the Klamath Fall, OR, to the Weed, CA, on highway 97, these Mt Shasta (14,162 ft) and Shastina (12,330 ft) were visible all the way. It just had fresh snow and cloud top of it view was wonderful, I have to stop many times to enjoy it.
9/27/2013  Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, CA - This is a place to remember or a place to mend that catalog shows. All sculptures in this park was created by one artist, Dennis Smith. The sculptures were spread out by themes. It is a highway 97 road-side attraction.
9/26/2013  Upper Klamath Lake, OR - It is a large lake and quiet lake, located south of the Crater Lake National Park. I saw a few pople's secret fishing spots. There are all kind birds, it is a nice place for the bird watching.
9/26/2013  Crater Lake National Park, OR - I was not expected to see the snow but lot of snow on the ground in September. All roads were closed expect from the South entrance road to the rim. The snow view was beautiful everywhere, I enjoyed beauty of snow covered scene.
9/25/2013  Diamond Lake, OR - Snow started at last night and everywhere white at this morning. It was cold but view was just like the winter wanderland, beautiful. It was first day of snow in this season.
9/24/2013  Whitehorse Falls, OR - It is 15 ft waterfalls on the Clearwater River. The view deck was buit across from the waterfalls and view was wonderful. It is located near the Whitehorse Falls campground entrance and wheel chair access.
9/24/2013  Watson Falls, OR - It is 272 ft waterfalls that the highest in southwest Oregon. However water quantity was not enough to see the majestic view of the waterfalls. The bonus was before and after the Watson Falls, there are so many beautiful creek views with moss covered rocks or logs.
9/24/2013  Toketee Falls, OR - Toketee means pretty of graceful in Chinook language. This is my second visit, at last time this waterfalls was very elegant waterfalls, however at this time just like mad-man waterfalls sound, so many water falling from last couple days of rain.
9/24/2013  Clearwater Falls, OR - It is 30 ft gorgeous waterfalls by bright green moss coverd rocks all over the waterfalls. I don't mind to stay at this waterfalls location all day long. The waterfalls was not far from the parking lot.
9/23/2013  Steamboat Falls, OR - The Steamboat Falls is 25 ft waterfalls. It is next to the fish ladder, which seems to covered concreate building. The waterfalls has been cemented out, stranger looking, to avoid deterioration of the waterfalls, so that fish ladder is always adjacent to the waterfalls.
9/23/2013  North Umpqua River Rafting, OR - I didn't expected there was rafting group pass by, because the river water was cold but that didn't stop them to rafting. It was fun to watch the river rafting from the dry land. Water level is not so deep but river current was fast enough to move quickly.
9/23/2013  Little Falls, OR - There is a few small waterfalls exist in this area. The road side parking lot is tiny and maximum only 2-3 cars space. It was rain and wet rocks but I managed to hike down to the bottom of the falls to take photos.
9/23/2013  Fall Creek Falls, OR (2 miles) - This is suppose to a double falls but I found this is a triple falls, I have hiked up to till bridge to found it out. I enjoyed not only the waterfalls, I enjoyed hiking trail too, especially moss on the rocks view was so unique and beautiful.
9/23/2013  Susan Creek Falls, OR (3 miles) - This beautiful waterfalls drops 50 ft over mosslined rock cliffs. The trail to get this waterfalls is a wheel chair access trail. The moss covered both side of the trail was beautiful to watch and enjoy the hiking. The bonus was a small waterfalls in front and bottom of the large waterfalls.
9/23/2013  Deadline Falls, OR - The 2nd photo is the Deadline Falls that I took from the Tioga Bridge, the waterfall is short/small and far view. The Tioga Bridge was re-done recently and beautiful bridge.
9/22/2013  Salt Creek Falls, OR - It is 286 ft long beautiful waterfalls. The view point was only from the side of the waterfalls, I was hoping to see it from the across the watrfalls, directory from the waterfalls. Maybe there is a trail but I couldn't see it. It was mist condition but can't hide the beauty.
9/22/2013  Lowell Covered Bridge, OR - This covered bridge has a history and currently like a museum, all informaion is located on the bridge under the cover. It is not using for traffic for while. It is located on the Dexter Reservoir.
9/22/2013  Hardesty TH, OR - When I saw this place during driving, I have to turn back to actually see it, because the color was out of my imagenation. It was raining and muddy ground, I didn't hike much but it was extra-ordinately scene that I saw.
9/22/2013  Dexter Reservoir, OR - This reservoir is not far from the Cresent Lake and same to the Lowell Covered Bridge location. There was the frisbee golf tournament was going on near by the city park, enjoy to watch it, mainly players were guys.
9/21/2013  Cresent Lake, OR - There are many lakes in Oregon, and this lake was one of the lakes I decided to visit. It was quiet lake, only few people enjoy in this lake because of the off-season. The snow covered mountains that not too far from the lake were beautiful.
9/20/2013  Silver Falls State Park, OR (10 miles) - There are 10 distinguished beautiful waterfalls in this park alone, all those waterfalls have a name. I have hiked all those 10 waterfalls to enjoy, only one waterfalls, Winter Falls, has not enough running water. 10 waterfalls in one price that a bargain, isn't it?
9/18/2013  Larrabee State Park, WA - I spent too much time at the US side of the US-Canada Customes and Border because possesion of the home grown tomatos, which was illegal to bring it from Canada to US that I didn't know it. They confiscated my tomatos and dismissed me. This park was closest from the US Border and sea side State Park.
9/18/2013  Shannon Falls, British Columbia, Canada - It is located between Whistler and Vancouver, and road side attraction, highway 99. The waterfalls were long/tall beautiful waterfalls. Also I took some photos of the beautiful mountains that around this location.
9/17/2013  North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC, Canada - This is fun place for families especially family has small children. They have petting zoo like animals. Many artists, a dozen or so, were there to paint the beautiful mountains or plants. We picked raspberry and black berry, it is U-Picked farmer, and affordable price.
9/9/2013 - 9/16/2013  Whistler, BC, Canada - The Whistler is located south side and next to the Pemberton town. It is resort town and busy during summer and winter seasons. The cost of house is sky high, just like popular US resort towns. One of the popularity in summer here is bicycling, very high cycler population.
9/9/2013 - 9/18/2013  Pemberton, BC, Canada - These photos are from the Pemberton. 'Live in nature' that a good description of the Pemberton life. When sunny day, everyone outside to enjoy the sun because when start to rain, usually the rain last few days. When I was in the house in sunny day, Lisa and Chris pushed me to go out to enjoy the sun.
9/9/2013 - 9/18/2013  Lisa's Family, Pemberton, BC, Canada - Stay with my daughter Lisa's family for over 10 days, met at the Tamao's place in Victoria, and moved to Lisa's house in Pemberton. My two grandsons are very active and hard to keep up but fun to play with them, they have full of energy.
9/15/2013  Skookumchuck Hotsprings, BC, Canada - It is located between Pemberton and Harrison Hot Springs. We drove dirt road for over one hour to get there. It is popular hot springs because clothing is optional and seems to people like it. We stopped by at the Strawberry Point. 4th row two rightmost photos are courtesy by Lisa Ankeny.
9/14/2013  Tyler's Birthday, Pemberton, BC, Canada - Tyler is my groundson's friend and turn to 4 years old today. There were more kids than adults and many kids ride the bicycle on the like BMX setting trail in the playground of the provincial park.
9/14/2013  Skate Park & PBMX, Pemberton, BC, Canada - The Skate Park and PBMX are located by side-by-side. The Skate Park is made of the concreate and BMX is made of dirt. The bicycle is very popular around here, Pemberton and Whitsler, especially the mountain bike. Small kids start with no pedal bike, move by pushing the ground with legs.
9/14/2013  Scandinave SPA, Whistler, BC, Canada - This is one of the finest quality of SPA in the Whistler, which is the resort town and hold winter olympic three years ago. My daughter sent to me to relax and enjoy the day in the SPA, what's a treasure to have a daughter like that. Yesterday's long hike sore muscles were totally gone, the power of the SPA.
9/13/2013  Nairn Falls, Pemberton, BC, Canada (11.2 miles) - Started on the Lumpy's Epic trail and Brake Away trail, then reached the Nairn Falls. Massive water is falling from the Nairn Falls with very strong falling water sound that seems to mad-mad-mad waterfalls. There are few waterfalls but nothing good photo angles from the view points.
9/12/2013  Community Garden, Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada - Many vegetables and flowers are growing in the Pemberton community garden. I guess lot of moisture, enough sun light and good soil in this area that caused by the vegetables are growing so good in Pemberton even lot of snow in the winter.
9/10/2013  Joffre Lakes, British Columbia, Canada - There are three lakes, upper, middle and lower lakes. The lakes colors are amazing blue-green color because water from the glaciers. More amazing thing was, my grandson, who just turn to 4-year old, he climbed this hike, which was class 4 for him, he got mom's help instead of using lopes.
9/9/2013  Ferry from Nanaimo to north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - It was way to Pemberton, we cross the ocean by ferry from town of the Nanaimo to north of Vancouver. It was large ferry, two floors for vihicles. We can see the Vancouver from the distance that many tall buildings were standing, see 1st row rightmost photo.
9/9/2013  Petroglyph Provincial Park, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada - The petroglyphs are disapearing because of the weather, but still we can see some, and replica ones are very clearly displayed. It is not far from the highway #1 of the town of Nanaimo.
9/8/2013  Victoria Beach, British Columbia, Canada - The water was cold side and no one swimming in the ocean, but many beach activities were going on and everyone enjoy the sunny weather at the Victoria beach. My two grandsons are love to play with sand. We had relaxing nice time there.
9/7/2013  Erik's Birthday, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - About 25 people that count every babies, gathered to celebrate Erick's Birthday in the Japanese restaurant, near the China Town in Victoria. Erik was happy 42 years old birthday boy, everyone was happy with delicious Japanese foods.
9/7/2013  Farmersmarket, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - I found rare things from this farmer's market were, yellow oyster mushrooms, Monkey Brain mushrooms and a tomato plant was growing directory from the tomato. There are more than farmers booths, any kind venders are welcome to have a booth in this place.
9/6/2013  Tamao's House, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - 'Yuzuru' is the Tamao's new born baby and after 48 days of traveling, finally I met him and his family. My daughter's family and I were enjoy to stay at the victorian house. The economy of Victoria is strong, a means house price is sky high, their house is nearly 1/2 million dollars.
9/6/2013  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - When ferry enter the Victoria bay, foggy disappered and we can see the nice Victoria view, however sky was still gray. Victoria is the capital of the British Columbia, so that many goverment buildings located here. Also nice sea side town and many travelers are vising this town for year around.
9/6/2013  Ferry from Port Angeles, WA, to Victoria, Canada - Ferry was half hour delay because the strong foggy situation. I never know the foggy watcher does exist that the people watch the front the ferry with naked eyes, see the center of the 2nd row photo, 2nd row 2nd from left photo was nearmiss boat, almost ferry hits that boat.
9/5/2013  Port Angeles, WA - The Port Angeles is located northern US and tipical coastal town, and ferry goes from this town to Victoria, Canada. When I was walking around one of the trails, I saw huge lumber boat, the lumber trucks after trucks to fill up the lumber boat, that was rare view for me to watch.
9/3/2013  Scenic Beach State Park, WA - It is located north side of the Kitsap peninsula that they called, between Seattle and Olympic National Park. The ocian view, I should say inlet ocean view is calm and beautiful refrection of the mountains. The fisherman was half in the water to try to catch the salmon.
9/2/2013  June Lake, WA (3.2 miles) - This place too located in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. The lake was not deep enough than I thought. Suppose to three waterfalls but only one is active and one is bearly and one is not active. I didn't know there is trail to go through to the waterfalls and can go to see the close look.
9/2/2013  Lava Canyon, WA - This place too located in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. The trail start with paved for half way then convert to the slippery dirt trail. The highlight of this trail was the narrow suspention bridge. The view from the suspension bridge is breath taking cascade waterfalls.
9/2/2013  Ape Cave, WA - It is located in the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. The opening of the cave is relatively large in size, however underground cave is not so large, narrow and layers. The under the opening entrance is very nice view of the outside.
9/1/2013  Curly Creek Falls, WA - I saw many beautiful waterfalls before this place, so that this far distance of view point and skiny waterfalls didn't impressed me at all. May be the same reason, no one here to see the waterfalls.
9/1/2013  Lower Falls, WA - The TH parking lot was full of cars because this is one of the popular Washington State waterfalls, the water was cooler side that didn't stop people to swim in the bottom of the waterfalls. Few different waterfalls combine to build up this waterfalls. It is beautiful place to spend nice sunny day.
9/1/2013  Zig Zag Falls, OR - The road to get to the waterfall was old highway. Short distance hike from the TH to see small scale but beautiful and massive falling waterfalls. There were many small and short waterfalls along the way.

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