Kay's Photo Journal - October 2013
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10/27/2013  Hidden Peak, Red Rock, NV (8.8 miles) - I was thinking to climb this Hidden Peak for while since I have climbed to the Monument Peak, which is located adjacent to the Hidden Peak. My route was passed through the Mountain Springs Peak to get here. Nice weather and nice view, couldn't asking for more.
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10/25/2013  Craig Ranch Regional Park, NV (2.3 miles) - Grand opening today, after $130 million and 4 years to transformed from 18 holes golf course to the family park. It is 170 acres that included 5 acres of dog park and 65,000 square feet of the skate park. Today is Nevada day, holiday in Nevada, so that many kids and families enjoy the new park.
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10/22/2013  Little Finland Loop, Gold Butte, NV (11.7 miles) - This was 4+ in 1 hike, first hike up to the Red Sand Dune, then Kohta Circus, Little Finland, Kirk's Grotto and came back to starting point of the Mud Wash Petroglyphs Panel. It was perfect hiking weather, all destinations were exactly expected that made a perfect hiking, what's a day!
     (1) Red Sand Dune - Very bright red sand color dune
     (2) Kohta Circus - It is one of my favorite petroglyph panels
     (3) Little Finland - Imagination gets wild here
     (4) Kirk's Grotto - The entrance was blocked by the tree, the grotto was showing it was massive water run in this place for long period of time, currently it is dry.
     (5) Mud Wash Petroglyphs Panel - This is the starting and ending point of this hike.
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10/20/2013  Pint Vally Castle, NV (8.5 miles) - Crystal took me to the Pint Vally Castle, which is the tentative name of this place. I saw it from the ground level before but we hiked up to the atop of the Pint Vally Castle, the view was gorgeouse. Many colors are present around here but red color is most dominated one, very colorfull place.
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10/11/2013  Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA (4.5 miles) - It is beautiful rock configuations all over the park, red color is essential with the rock formation in this park. 3rd row second photo from left was the narrow ridge trail of top of the next right three photos at the same row, which I have hiked, the view was very nice from it.
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10/11/2013  Fossil Falls Recreational Area, CA - It is the dried waterfalls, use to massive water run from the Owens Lake into this waterfalls but not anymore. The agressive falling water curved rocks very well that figure of rocks still remined and telling the story. I was walking around to get best shots of the dried waterfalls.
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10/10/2013  Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns, CA - It is fenced out and two broken kilns in it. The wall of the kilns was very thin, I wonder how did it make to become so thin. There are missing good parts of the pices of the kilns, I guess that the reason fenced it out. I didn't see the mine near by that needed for these kilns. The information plate has been removed.
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10/10/2013  Keough Hot Ditch, CA - It is close to the Keough Hot Springs but more closer to the highway 395, it is hot springs creek and temperature was just right. A good quantity of clear hot springs water was runging in the creek. The mountain view especially the snow capped mountain view from the hot springs was wonderful.
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10/10/2013  Pleasant Valley, CA (3.2 miles) - My purpose was to find the Sky Rock Petroglyphs. I thought someone can tell me the detail, but I was wrong, no one tell it to me, seems to it is one of the secret places to not tell to the public. Anyway I walk around yesterday and today, I couldn't find that I am looking for, I'll try again some other time.
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10/8/2013  Mono Lake, CA - I was looking for the Mono Lake Hot Springs but road was soft sandy dirt road and 4x4 required, so I decided to visit it some other time. This is my second time to visit to see the Tufa in the Mono Lake. Seems to lake water level went little down but incretable view of the Tufa was still there.
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10/8/2013  Bodie State Historic Site, CA - This is the ghost town that the State of California owned it. Use to over 10,000 people called home at this place. It is popular destination for the visitors, parking lot was packed when I was there. The state preserved old houses very nicely. I enjoyed look at houses one after another.
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10/8/2013  Twin Lakes, CA - It is not far from the Buckeye Hot Springs and many camping grounds around the lake on the map that triger to me to visit this lake. It is gorgious mountain view by the lake that the reason people want to visit here. There are many hiking trails, but I was not ready to hike when I was there.
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10/7/2013  Buckeye Hot Springs, CA - It is located in the Buckeye Creek and mineral hot water is running down from middle of the cliff. Small tubs are made by creek rocks. Clothing is optional, my next tub was all necked, I asked a necked lady to take my photos, she refused but necked guy took some photos for me, fun to watch the necked people.
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10/7/2013  Travertine Hot Springs, CA - It is located southeast side of the town of Bridgeport. This is well known hot springs and many visitors. When I was there some pools were too hot and some pools were not hot enough, some people were soak-in but not for me. Clothing is optional, which means few people were naked.
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10/7/2013  Fales Hot Ditch, CA - Used to be Fales Hot Springs Resort, but not anymore and hot water is running on the creek in the private property. Originating natural mineral water is 140ºF, very hot, but just right temperature at the creek, where I was standing. It is located by the highway 395 and visible, otherwise I should to soak-in.
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10/6/2013  Grover Hot Springs State Park, CA - There are two pools, one is larger size cool temperature swimming pool and another one is sorking 102-104 ºF soaking pool. The swimming pool color is nice blue color but soaking pool is rusting funky color. After yesterday's long hike, it was rejuvenated to soak and relax in the hot springs.
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10/5/2013  Lagomarsino Petroglyphs, NV (8.3 miles) - I asked Colline for the direction and surprisingly she gave me a ride, only 10 or 15 minutes with her car, she didn't slow down on rough road, I hiked way back. This place has one of the largest petroglyphs collection in Nevada.     Click here for more Lagomarsino Petroglyphs photos.
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10/4/2013  Lookout Tower, NV - This place is located east side of the Washoe Lake State Park. it is tallest mountain and towers are visible that the reason I hiked up. I thought only couple towers on the summit, I was wrong there are tower community exist. The view from the summit was wonderful, I can see the entire Washoe Lake and Carson City.
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10/1/2013  Carson City, NV - I have visited the victorian houses/buildings in Carson City. Each house has original owner's name and built during 1800 except the Governors Mansion that built in 1909, see last row two left photos, and Krebs-Peterson house that built in 1914 and used for the Shootist movie by John Wayne, 4th row 2nd from right.
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