Kay's Photo Journal - November 2013
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11/30/2013  Quartzite Mountain, NV (11.6 miles) - Funny thing was, we can't see the peak view for long time, finally we saw it just before the peak. Hiked dry wash road for over 4 miles and hike up to the mountain was very short distance. The view was breathtaking we can see the many mountain ranges surronding around here, even we saw Lake Mead.
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11/27/2013  Britt's Loop, Red Rock, NV (2.6 miles) - My GPS bounced few times in the canyons so mileage is not accuracy but not too far off I think. It was fun hike to go through the narrow canyons. Addition to we had fun bonus hike today to scramble up to near the Calico Tank Peak South from east side went through narrow canyons.
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11/25/2013  Red Cap Ridge, Red Rock, NV (4.5 miles) - I was atop of the Red Cap and Calico Tank Peak not too long ago, so avaid to go there again but I was about the same area for scramble up/down to enjoy nice sunny day. I was expected to see more snow but already melted and missed by one day. Today was warm sunny day, nice day for hiking.
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11/17/2013  Petroglyphs hike, Valley of Fire, NV (5.3 miles) - Let's find out as many as petroglyphs as possible that the purpose of today's hike. Only the three areas that most petroglyphs are exist and coulnd't find any other areas that little disappointed but nice hiking overall, no complained. I saw beutiful full moon.
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11/16/2013  Elephant Loop, Valley of Fire, NV (5.6 miles) - There are two distingushed elephants in the park, maybe more but I don't discover yet, anyway I hiked started at the Elephant Rock and Setting Elephant Rock loop, and hike around the the Cabins also. Nice hiking weather and nice view that all I wanted.
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11/15/2013  Rainbow Vista, Valley of Fire, NV (5.3 miles) - The Rainbow Loop was 3.8 miles with my own trail and Fire Canyon Overview Point was 1.5 miles hike. When getting closer to the any mountain/hill of rocks, surprised me because size is huge than I thought and many different colors as name indicates rainbow colors in it.
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11/14/2013  Fire Wave Loop, Valley of Fire, NV (3 miles) - The counter clockwise loop hike that started near the White Dome parking lot and go throuogh the Fire Wave and came back to where started. The color of rocks was much more softer side and saw many different patterns.
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11/14/2013  Prospect Trail, Valley of Fire, NV (7 miles) - When started hiking from the White Domes parking lot, I didn't have a concreate destination, just hike around that I thought, when I recongnized I was on the Prospect Trail, so I hiked from the White Domes parking lot to the Visitor Center and hichhike back to got to my car.
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11/11/2013  South Peak, Red Rock, NV (5 miles) - South Peak is located between the Hollow Rock Peak and highway #160, it is southernmost peak in the Red Rock, 1st photo from east, 2nd photo from west. It is unpopular peak because only I was the 2nd person to register. Mike Robison - Thank you for provided the register book and container.
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11/9/2013  Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Red Rock, NV - This event called the Mountain Man Rendezvous hosted by the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. When I got there, I can hear loud gun shots that was demonstration of the black powder rifles. They use heavy dutch oven to cook meals. Many hand-made items on sale in the vendor's tents.
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11/9/2013  Gray Cap, Red Rock, NV (5.7 miles) - Today's route was challengeable way to scramble up to the Gray Cap Peak and relatively easy way back. Rock quality changes from sandstone to limestone, also color changes from ivory white to red through the sandstone area. The weather was perfect for hiking today.
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11/3/2013  Calico Peaks, Red Rock, NV (5 miles) - We have hiked 5 peaks today, Calico Tank Peak, Calico Tank Peak South, Redcap, Redcap East, and New Peak. Our route to get to each peak was very challengeable, a means tough sclamble to get it. We saw Harlan in distance. 6th row rightmost photo is courtesy by Laszlo Haredy.
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11/2/2013  Pow-Wow, NV - This is the Southern Paiute Veterans Pow-Wow and located at the Moapa Travel Plaza. The regalia (don't call costume) is all custum-made and very colorful and beautiful. The dance music is only by the drum, few people play one large drum at simultaneously and sing with native language.
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