Kay's Photo Journal - June 2013
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6/29/2013  Humphreys Peak, AZ (10 miles) - This is the highest peak in Arizona and popular place to hike, estimated 350 people on the trail today, the largest group size was 150. On the summit, no one enjoy the view because bothering by the gazillion of the tiny flies. I still don't know why so many flies on the summit.
6/23/2013  Lexington Arch, NV (3.6 miles) - The size of the arch is larger than I thought. There are wildflower field between the TH and arch, I enjoyed many just in time beautiful wildflowers. The trail was well maintained. We hiked up to the under the arch that was short distance from the view point. First couple photos were taking from the view point.
6/22/2013  Granite Peak, NV (8 miles) - We camp out on the Lexington Creek Rd, a means we blocked the road, a good news was no one come to complane. I brought 7L of water and cached at couple places that was heavy. It was leisure pace hike, no hurry, enjoyed wildflowers and nature, even I took one hour nap on the suddle.
6/16/2013  Baker Peak, NV (9 miles ) - From Baker Lake to the both Baker Peaks, East and West, was 3 miles round trip, and Baker Lake to the TH was 6 miles one way. The rocks were all over the place, rocks after rocks. We climb up to the Baker Peak East first, at the Peak, we were very cold by strong blowing wind and no shelter to block the wind.
6/15/2013  Pyramid Peak, NV (9 miles) - Backpacking from the TH to the Baker Lake was 6 miles one way. After set up the tent, we hiked up to the Pyramid Peak that was 3 miles round trip from the Baker Lake. It was just in time to see many wildflowers. Susan and Jim climbed up to the Johnson Peak after the Pyramid.
6/12/2013  McFarland Peak, NV (8.3 miles) - It was nice under the shade hike by many tall trees until near the peak. First photo was taking from the North Sister. The arch was standing the atop of the cliff, without pointed out by Henry, we easily missed it. This hike was involved the class 3 climbs, but no problem with Toby, Joel's 11 years old son.
6/7/2013  Potosi Mountain, NV (8 miles ) - This was my solo hike. I was expected 6.5 miles but I did longer hike that caused by ran out of the drinking water, last couple miles without drinking water was toughest thing I never done and at the end of the hike my condition was heat exhaustion. There are many arches and caves but no time to explore those.
6/1/2013  South Sister and North Sister, NV (6 miles ) - We hiked to the South Sister first and then to the North Sister in the Spring Mountains Range. There are many beautiful mountains surronding to it, see 1st row. We saw three arches and wild horses along the way. We tried to cease the illigal still active campfire and pick up their trashes, lot of.

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