Kay's Photo Journal - January 2013
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1/29/2013  East Peak, Red Rock, NV (3 miles) - The East Peak is located east side of the East Monument, lot of easts. Not many breaks in this hike, only one break in one direction, a means pretty fast pace hike. There were tons of scramblings to climb up on the boulders/cliffs. The 1st row rightmost photo is courtesy by Richard Natale.
1/27/2013  Sentinel Peak, Lake Mead, NV (8.5 miles) - This is Harlan's 7th times and Susan's 5th times here, they took Michelle and I, both first timer here, to the Sentinel Peak and three more peaks today. Weather was much better compare to last few days and we enjoyed all four peaks. Views from the peaks were spectacular.
1/23/2013  Mayor's Loop, St George, UT (5.8 miles) - The Mayor's Loop trail is connected with many trails such as Virgin River, Bloomington, Larkspur and Fort Peach Wash Trails. It is located near/under the I-15, south side of St. George and exit #5. I passed by many times and wondering where the trail goes, today I walked parts of the trail.
1/20/2013  Spirit Mountain, NV (4.4 miles) - The rock formation of near the summit of this mountain is incretable beauty. I have joined to the private group that they are hike to the Spirit Mountain once a year for decads. After hiked I understand why they are going every years. Also nice colorado river view. The survey mark doesn't have a mountain name on.
1/19/2013  Brown Peak, CA (6.5 miles) - All members in these photos except me, were climbed up both Brown and Eagle Peaks today, which included Jim, a means Jim did Eagle Peak twice in two days. The bench mark indicates Evelyn instead of Brown Peak, I guess Evelyn Brown the name of the person after named this peak.
1/18/2013  Eagle Peak, CA (3.8 miles) - Jim and I were climbed up this peak by one day early than LVMC scheduled. My reason was to spread out to hike up three peaks in three days. I have experienced before that two peaks in one day and next day hike was awful, I barely made it because I was so tired and my legs didn't move.
1/15/2013  West - East Traverse, Valley of Fire, NV (8.4 miles) - It was relatively fast paced hike today. The temperature was cold side to start but didn't last long, at the end of the hike it was nearly 60 °F. We saw many arches and nice petroglyphs along the way. The view changes in every few minutes and everywhere so beautiful.
1/11/2013  South Bowl of Fire, Lake Mead, NV (3.2 miles) - This was a bonus hike for today. We have hiked around the Murphy's Peak with counter clockwise loop. The rock color is very bright red and so many holes in the rocks in this South Bowl of Fire.
1/11/2013  Black Mesa, Lake Mead, NV (3.8 miles) - The black volcanic rocks are everywhere in this area. Atop of the mesa is relatively flat and filled with black volcanic rocks. The view from the top of the Black Mesa was wonderful especially the Lake Mead, Callville Bay and Fortification Hill are very closer view.
1/8/2013  Summerlin Peak, Las Vegas, NV (5.6 miles) - We have hiked two peaks today, Summerlin Peak and Mt Woody. Shortly after we started hiking, they mentioned me that there are cave men living in the cave that not too far from the TH.
1/5/2013  Murphy's Peak, NV - The Murphy's Peak is nasty and difficult to scramble up/down little mountain, because the steep slope with loose rocks. The loose rocks are Harlan described 'broken dinner dish rocks' that exactly I felt, it was noisy when step on. The last photo is courtesy by Harlan Stockman, see the steepness of the slope.
1/5/2013  Anniversay Narrow Peak, NV (9 miles) - The Anniversary Narrow is a beautiful slot canyon/narrow, but we diddn't stop at all, we just go through it. The views from the saddle and peak are beautiful, 360 degrees view, especially the Bowl of Fire is located just below us. 1st photo was taking from the Murphy's Peak.
1/3/2013  Corkscrew Peak, CA (7.8 miles) - It is located east side of in the Death Valley and west side of the town of Beatty. We have hiked the Corkscrew Peak and the Little Corkscrew Peak, which was the sharp knife edge peak. Harlan was dancing atop of the Corkscrew Arch, click the last photo to see the dancing Harlan animation.
1/1/2013  Valley of Fire State Park, NV (3.3 miles) - Nevada State Parks open house day, no entrance fee and free guided hikings. The Valley of Fire State Park is among them and its called 'Valley of Fire New Year's Day, First Day Hikes'. They offer about a dozen variety of hikes and I have picked couple hikes to join them.

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