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8/31/2013  Ramona Falls, OR (7 miles) - This is very popular place because when got back from hike, large parking lot was full and many cars were parking overflow parking area. I didn't know I need a permit to hike up in the National Forest, I drove back to the town to get it. It is Beautiful waterfalls, under the shade all the time, difficult to get nice photos.
8/31/2013  Clear Lake, OR - It was last holiday weekend before start school, a means there were many families enjoy in this quiet lake for camping activities. Water temperature was little cool side and no one try to swim but I saw kids were playing with water.
8/30/2013  White River Falls State Park, OR - It is the cascade waterfalls, it is dynamic and beautiful. Upper side falls are multiple waterfalls, spread widely, and middle falls is mascular and one big waterfalls, and lower ones is short and gentle waterfalls. The overview point is very small area to see all those beautiful waterfalls.
8/30/2013  Deschutes River, OR - This river is located at the west-central Oregon and belong to the Native American Indian for the generations, they allowed to us to enjoy the river activities, mainly fishing, but fee is involved. It is beautiful both sides of the river rock formation. There are short but very nice waterfalls near the bridge.
8/27/2013  John Day Dam, OR - It is located breath taking view of the Columbia River Gorge that the columnal basalt cliffs are visible. West of the Dam and north side of the highway in OR is place to camp with free of charge, dam company owns and maitain it. Native Indian can un-limited of salmon fishing, they sell it to the buyer with $5/lb or so.
8/26/2013  Ritter Hot Springs, OR (3 miles) - This place is located in the mountain, use to they have a community but not anymore, only the hot springs place is left. This place need professional TLC, otherwise I don't recommended. They called hot tubs, I called scary tiny cells. I enjoyed and I didn't know the tub I was in that belong to the cabin.
8/25/2013  Picture Gorge, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, OR - This is the pictograph site, and located at the south entrance of the National Monument and cliff of the John Day river. I found some but suppose to there are some more exist.
8/25/2013  John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, OR (4.75 miles) - The Thomas Condon Paleontology Center and Visitor Center, which is the museum. I have hiked to the Island in Time, Blue Basin Overlook trail, and Thomas Condon Overlook trail. The Island in Time was beautiful green color badlands, and trail is go through middle of the badlands.
8/24/2013  Kam Wah Chung State Heritage Site, John Day, OR - Massive Chinese immigrants came to the Canyon City during gold rush, 1862-1880. The tiny town, Canyon City, was the largest city in OR one time. Two guys made money from the gold and built a store. After mines shut down and most Chinese moved out, but they continue to served locals.
8/24/2013  Strawberry Lake, Malheur National Forest, OR (3 miles) - It is located in the Strawberry Mountain Wildness Area and many trails are there. There are nice tall trees, volcanic rocks, and beautiful lakes in this hiking trail. Addition to there are impressing mountain range near the lake. It was very quiet place but popular place.
8/22/2013  Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, OR - Peter French built a ranching empire that nearly 200,000 acres, which is the largest ranch in US history and this refuge was parts of his property. Diamond Craters, Buena Vista Ponds, Knox Ponds, KrumboReservoir and Malheur Lake are I have visited in this beautiful park.
8/21/2013  Petroglyphy Lake, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, OR (4 miles) - The Petroglyph Lake is beautiful lake, and rock wall is surronding the parts of the lake, the petroglyphs are located at this rock wall. There is no sign but follow the trail that takes you to the right place. This lake has no outlet but water level is seems to low.
8/20/2013  Hart Mountain Hot Spring, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, OR - Do you know all campgrounds are free of charge in the National Refuge? The refuge is located at the top of the mesa and steep roads to get there. The fenced hot springs is located in the camping area, I am guessing no one wear the swiming wear to soak in the hot springs.
8/20/2013  Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, OR - I saw a strange thing that the visitor center is open 24/7, I never see any places open 24/7 other than Las Vegas, of course. I saw many antelopes, I wonder how do they know it is the Antelope Reguge and safe to stay in this area?
8/20/2013  Greaser Petroglyphs, OR - Moving about 600 cows from high mountain side to lower level of their ranch. The street was full of cows. I got GPS coordinates to find the petroglyphs site but didn't work, however one of the ranch worker told me the exact location of the petroglyphs and I found it, what's a lucky day, if no cows movingday, I never find it.
8/20/2013  Kinney Camp, Sheldon NWR, NV (2 miles) - It was just like the Thousand Creek Gorge from far distance and very impressed view, this place is behind the hill and can't see from the highway. When started to hike to the gorge, suddenly old gost ranch showeed up. This ranch was located best location in this area.
8/19/2013  Thousand Creek Gorge, NV (9.6 miles) - It is in the Sheldon NWR area. I have started at the bottom of the gorge but weeds and bushes are too high and not comfortable and easy to hike, so I quit after one mile or so, then I climb up to the top of the gorge to hike continue. I went all way to another entrance, it is beautiful gorge view through out the hike.
8/18/2013  Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, NV - The man made pond for warm water pool to enjoy, and released small fishes that eat human dead cells. The shower house is running warm water 24/7 with two shower heads, they don't want to stop water running that better to water source to stay in this area that I was told. The Opal mines are near by.
8/17/2013  Lovelock Cave, NV (1 mile) - The ranger told me that there are petroglyphs inside the cave, so that I drove on the dirt road more than 20 miles to get there. I asked another visitor to look, but we couldn't find it. Inside the cave is not large in size. However there is a deck to view inside, I enjoyed there even can't find the petorglyphs.
8/16/2013  Kyle Hot Springs, NV - Currently no care takers at this place that means not clean enough, but I was there and enjoyed the hot springs anyway. There are two old hot tubs, one has clear hot water and one has milky color warm water in it. I didn't try milky color one because I can't see what in it. There is no signs and not easy to find it.
8/16/2013  Pole Canyon Petroglyps, NV (4 miles)- The ranger gave me a brief description of the Pole Canyon Petroglyphs site that was not accuracy enought to follow to the site. I drove the narrow mountain dirt road and couldn't find it, it was disappointed and at next time I'll bring the GPS coordinators. I enjoy the hike on the upper side of the Pole Canyon.
8/15/2013  Rye Patch State Recreation Area, NV - Rye Patch Dam is 75 ft height earth filled dam that was very dry. The park is 22 miles long reservoir on the Humboldt River, suppose to water filled reservor but no water any places, bone dry, except 1/2 mile of deep spot area has old water. Serious water shortage here!
8/15/2013  Lovelock, NV - Lock your love, Don't let love pass you by, Love remains locked - those are the town of Lovelock catch phrases. Anyone can came to lock thier love in this town. Have you locked your love yet? There are hundreds of locked love. If you have unstable love, come here to lock your love to secure it, seriously! I did the court house tour.
8/14/2013  Carson Hot Springs, NV - This is the reward for me for yesterday's long hike. I like to get a reward after the long hike each time. Anyway I was at the hot springs early morning, there are many old people already there. This is a nice community hot springs pool, by the way there are two tubs for hot and warm, and one large swiming pool.
8/13/2013  Bowers Mansion Regional Park, NV - I thought this is the hot springs but not. It is natural mineral water but not heated, so that it is cold swimming pool. The water was too cold for me to swim or stay in the pool, I stay only 10 minutes or so and got out.
8/13/2013  Deadman's Creek Trail, NV (9 miles) - The Deadman's Creek Trail is only one or two miles long but I have hiked beyond that. When I saw strange black, red, purple and brown area at the top of the mountain, I wanted to see it, so I have hiked up to that place. It is unique place but I don't know how to call it.
8/12/2013  Nevada State Capitol, Carson City, NV - Nevada is one of the states that no income tax to report that save money and time(preparation of the income tax is headache, you know) for us. I have visited many state capitols, and NV state capitol is one of the state capitols that didn't impressed me. I also visited the Nevada Supreme Court, next door.
8/12/2013  Washoe Lake State Park, NV - This lake is beautiful and large in size but I didn't see anyone in the beach or play in the water, I wonder why? The lake is located 5 miles north from the Carson City, very convenience place to be. East side of the lake, there are the sand dunes that very strange look and weeds are growing on the dunes.
8/11/2013  Dangbery Home Ranch Historic Park, NV - This is very strange place bcause the State Park of Nevada catalog has a list of this place, however no signs at all, I asked one of the neighbors to find out, when got into the property, no information is available and no one to help me out.
8/11/2013  Walley's Hot Springs, NV - It is up-scale of the hot springs near the town of the Genoa, which is the place of the first settled by Mormon people in Nevada. The total coordinate vacation packages are available and also one day pass to the hot springs too.
8/11/2013  Mormon Station State Historic Park, NV - The tiny town of the Genoa is the tourist town, which the Mormon Station State Park is located. It is the first settle place in Nevada and still old Mormon Station is standing, it is museum now.
8/11/2013  Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, NV - I've been to Spooner Lake, Lake Tahoe and Chimney Beach in this park. Lake Tahoe is big and beautiful lake but I saw water level is little lower. There are many cars and many people everywhere around the Lake Tahoe, just like California.
8/10/2013  Dayton State Park, NV - The Dayton SP is small park and not much to see in the park. The Rock Point Mill was one of the large mills in Nevada at one time, it was dismantled and moved to Silver City. The Carson River that run in the park has no running water.
8/8/2013  Fort Churchill State Historic Park, NV - Fort for US Army for the Pyramid Lake War that fought with Native American Indians. This Fort cost $180,000 to built and sold at auction for $750 to Buckland Station owner, who built a house with material of abandoned Fort. The Fort is a ruin now.
8/6/2013  Lahontan State Recreation Area, NV - It is the reservoir like the Lake Mead but small scale, no water in the reservoir because not enough snow on the mountains for last couple winters that ranger said. It was sad to see it, not only no visitors but that affect to all agriculture businesses.
8/6/2013  Shoe Tree, NV - This place is located on the highway 50 near the town of Fallen. My pair of hiking boots was with me for last 4 years and we had wonderful time together. I decided this is the final place for my hiking boots. There are tons of shoes on and under the cottonwood tree.
8/6/2013  Grimes Point Archaeological Area, NV - It is located just out side of the town of Fallen. I guess many petroglyphs do exist but hard to find it because the rocks are all black and visibility is not good, also many petorglyphs are dissapearing by wearing out by the weather.
8/6/2013  Smith Creek Hot Springs, NV - After long hike of the Arc Dome Peak, I've been stop by this hot springs to rejuvenated and refreshed. It is located in the Smith Creek Valley by the dry lake or sink near the highway 722, which is the nearlest hot springs from the Arc Dome.
8/4/2013  Arc Dome Peak, NV (14.2 miles) - At the biggning I thought distance is 7.1 miles total, but that not the case, it was mileage of the one way. A means it was total 14.2 miles of long trail hike. I saw many animal foot prints, one of the large foot print that I was not familer of and I found later that the large mountain lion's foot print.
8/4/2013  Ione Town, NV - This town has a sign to tell us to refuse to die. It is very small town, use to have several stores but not anymore. And I think the life in this town is not easy but some people love to live here isn't a special?
8/3/2013  Diana Mine, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, NV - This is one of the guided tour to go inside the Diana Mine. The inside has many layers of tunnels, up, down, left or right. Working condition was not so good with the candle light but they did incretable work to make a profit.
8/3/2013  Ichthyosaur Museum, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, NV - The Ichthyosaur actual size, 65 ft, is displayed at outside of the concreate display wall. There are nine Ichthyosaurs reminings in the building, yes they built a building surronding the fossils to protect it.
8/3/2013  Berlin - Ichthyosaur State Park, NV - This State Park has three major attractions such as Berlin Mining Town, Ichthyosaur Museum and Diana Mine. The Berlin Mining Town is self-tour base, however special free tour was available on this day and I was lucky to join them.
8/2/2013  The Sump Badland, NV - This Sump Badland is located north side of the Fish Lake and east side of the highway 264. There are all kind different color of the rocks and un-toughched/un-developed beautiy still does exist.
8/2/2013  Fish Lake Hot Well, NV - Here is my sectet that after the hard hike to the Boundary Peak and Montgomery Peak, this is the place to treat self to relax and rejuvenated. It is located only 7 miles from the east side of highway 264. There is a nice hot springs tab and two large cool water pools.
8/1/2013  Montgomery Peak, CA (13,441 ft) - It is only 1.1 miles from the Boundary Peak, however from TH, it is 11.6 miles total. It was tough short hike from the Boundary Peak by good size rocks all over and steep train. There is tiny space on the summit but spectacular view.
8/1/2013  Boundary Perk, NV (10.1 miles) - The Boundary Peak is the highest peak in Nevada, 13,140 ft. I climbed twice in one day, first from TH and second came back from the Montgomery Peak that located in Califoria. I did a loop hike because sliding small rocks was fun with me like doing a surfing.

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