Kay's Photo Journal - April 2013
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4/28/2013  Temaki-Sushi Dinner, Las Vegas, NV - Sushi dinner but not ordinary sushi dinner, it was fun sushi dinner because create own sushi ourselves. There are many different kind sushi in Japan, this kind sushi called "Temaki-Sushi", which means roll sushi by hand. Everyone busy to make own arrangement of sushi, and we had a good time.
4/27/2013  Bridge Mountain, Red Rock, NV (12 miles) - This route was loop, started at the Pine Creek TH and Pine Creek / Fern Canyon / South side to approach to the Bridge Mountain and Rocky Gap Road to reached the Willow Springs Parking area. It was fun scrambling hike, and weather and view were we can't ask for more.
4/23/2013  Gardian Peak, Lake Mead, NV (15 miles, 11 hrs) - It was solo hike, parked my car near the MM24 to cross over the Pinto Ridge that was easier than I thought and egress was just west of the Sentinel Peak. However finding the Gardian Peak was not easy, the peak was not visible from the closer view. The view from the peak was gorgeous.
4/20/2013  La Madre & El Padre Mts, NV (10 miles) - 1st row 2nd photo was from the Red Rock/south view, 3rd photo was from north side view and 3rd photo was from after the El Padre descending view. La Madre Mt is the highest point, 8,154 ft, in the Red Rock Canyon NCA, and view was spectacular for all directions. We saw few fossils along the way.
4/15/2013  Wildflowers around St. George, UT - These wildflower photos are shot during 4/10 - 4/14 from variety of the around St. George hikings. Most flowers were tiny to small in size and fully blooming. I was lucky and just in time to see all those beautiful wildflowers.
4/14/2013  Virgin River Petroglyphs, AZ (3.7 miles) - I was at this Virgin Rivr area before and didn't think we are visiting the same place. The weather was nice and I thought I can find some more petroglyphs addition to existing ones. Well...I didn't find the additional ones but it was nice to see existing ones, just like meeting old friends.
4/13/2013  Crawford & Gifford Loop, Zion, UT (7.6 miles) - The original name of hike was "East of Zion up the Backside of Crawford and out Gifford" It is beautiful place to hike and a splendid view of the rock formation especially the wave like figures. We went through few gulches, some gulches have too much water, but most of were dry enough.
4/12/2013  North Red Cliffs, UT (2 miles) - This place is located at the north side of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, drive up on the Oak Grove Rd from town of Leeds, and not too far from the Oak Grove Campground. It is beautiful red sandstone rock configulation around this area.
4/12/2013  Heath Wash, UT (3 miles) - I have hiked in the bottom of the Heath Wash that located near the Yant Flat. The both sides of wash walls were getting very high shortely after from the dirt road, which was my TH, just like I was hiking in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. After 1.5 miles, the scene changed that the place I turned back.
4/11/2013  Pentagon Arch, UT (3.5 miles) - It is located next to the Babylon Ghost Town. The rock color is bright red and beautiful place, but I didn't see anyone hiking there. I was hiking off the trail and made a loop my way, a gulch which I came down was a challengeable but I made it. The Pentagon Arch is large enough to me to walk through.
4/11/2013  Babylon Ghost Town, UT (3.5 miles) - It's located by the Virgin River and northwest of Hurricane. I was expected more houses/buildings in the ghost town, I found only one house and two buildings remainings. Also I found one mining cave and gate was placed and couldn't get in. I was not expected to see the petroglyphs that was bonus for me.
4/10/2013  Maze, UT (3 miles) - The TH is located east side of the Upper Sand Creek Reservoir, see 1st photo, which is north of the St. George. The Maze is not so large area, relatively smaller than I thought but very unique rock formation and not easy to lost. We have hiked only 3 miles, however as many miles as you can hike in this area.
4/8/2013  Jury Duty, Las Vegas, NV - It was cold day, the fresh snow on the Mt Chaleston and morning rain for around my house. It was my second picked for a jury pool in 4 years. The jury selection was long process, 1st pick 35 potential Juries, 2nd reduced to 20 people, 3rd reduced again to 10 people. It was expected one week long of the civil trial.
4/7/2013  Desert National Wildlife Range, NV - The wildflowers are beautiful but I didn't have enough time to take all wildflower photos yesterday, so I revisited wildflowers area and spent time to shot wildflower photos today. The peak of the wildflower blooming should last few more days, if weather is nice.
4/6/2013  Sheep Peak, NV (10.4 miles) - All kind wildflowers were blooming, it was spectacular to see flowers everywhere in the specifc area. It is located at north of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas view was not clear but 2nd row rightmost photo. There were many remaining snow patches near the summit. Also there were many hoodoos along the way.

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