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9/29/2012  Las Vegas Moter Speedway, NV - 1,200-acre and 1.5-mile Superspeedway, the Las Vegas Moter Speedway is the world class speedway. The background of the speedway is very impressive the Sunrise and Frenchman Mountains. Most popular sport by number of fans that is the race car. There were so many fans in louder environment.
9/20/2012  Alabama Hills, CA - It is located east side of the Mt Whitney. The Mobuis and Heart Arches located in this area via Movie Road. it is called the Movie Road because movie companies like to come to shoot the movie in this area, it is nice rock formation and mountain view area. Also I found unique face picture on the large rock.
9/20/2012  Manzanar National Historical Site, CA - This place is one of the total 10 Japanese Camp/Relocation Center during WWII. There were 11,070 Japanese and Japanese American forced to lived here between Mar 1942 to Nov 1945 as prisoner status, they lost all their belongings such as house, property, car, funiture and everything.
9/19/2012  Bishop Petroglyphs Loop, CA - There were three petroglyphs sites for this loop, however only middle one is the good one. I really enjoyed middle one even sun lay was very storong for photos at that time. It was total 30 miles driving loop from the town of Bishop and all three sites are located by the dirt road.
9/19/2012  Panum Crater, Mono Basin, CA - It is located by the Mono Lake, and very nice Mono Lake view from the edge of the Crater. The 1st photo explained the Panum formed in a sequence of Rhyolitic Plug-Dome Volcano. It is relatively young crater, only 650 years old, and it has the central lava dome in the crater not like any other bowl shaped craters.
9/18/2012  Mono Lake, CA - When I arrived at 6:30 am, there were more than a dozen photographers from all over the world to wait at 6:47 am sunrise that was surprised, I was expected no-one there. The Tufa Towers are build up by the calcium carbonate (limestone). Alkali fly pupae used for the food source for the Native American in Mono Basin area.
9/17/2012  Virginia City, NV - it is a tourist town and go though the Silver City and Gold Hill, and narrow steep winding road to get to the town. Both sides of the street are parked many cars, and many stores are standing side by side, all those stores are old buildings. The town was originated by gold mining town in 1850's.
9/16/2012  Trago Hot Sprngs, NV - It is a wild hot springs, drive 13 mils on the Playa, see 1st photo, and few more miles from town of Garlach on the paved road to get there. The Playa is the sink, the water accumulate in this area after the heavy rain and will dried up by sink or vaporized. Some spots in the hot springs, very high temperature hot water comes out.
9/15/2012  Summer Lake Hot Springs(SLHS), OR - SLHS has one indoor pool and three outdoor small rock tubs. The Silver Lake was dried lake. I found only one petroglyphs rock from the Picture Rock Pass. Gray Cranes were found from the field. The Old Perpetual Geyser and Hunters HS, 2nd leftmost 2 photos, were dried out that south from the SLHS.
9/14/2012  Fort Rock, OR - South Ice Cave, Fort Rock State Park, town of Fort Rock and Hole in the Ground that I have visited. Inside the South Ice Cave was cold. The Fort Rock State Park was like a Roman Coliseum, see 2nd row 4th photo, with natural rock walls. The Hole in the Ground is the large size Crater and we can drive down to bottom of the Crater.
9/14/2012  Cascade Lakes Recreation Area, OR - I saw the Bachelor Butte, South Sister, Broken Top, Devils Lake and Elk Lake. The road condition was excellent and it is nice place to have a getaway weekends or vacations. There are communities and many houses but all houses are hiding under the trees and not visible.
9/13/2012  Lava Lands, Newberry NVM, OR - Lava River Cave is the longest uncollapsed lave tuve in Oregon. Benham Falls is like sliding waterfalls, not like drop down falls. Lave Butte was drive up and only 10 perking spaces at the top, and everyone gets the permit of drive up time when enter the park. 1st row right photo was a wildfire.
9/13/2012  Paulina Creek Falls, OR - The trail was nice easy hiking trail by the river, and many tall trees are both sides of the trail, total 4.6 miles hike. There were many small to medium size beautiful waterfalls along the way and no name for those waterfalls.
9/12/2012  Newberry National Volcanic Monument, OR - Paulina Falls, Peak Viewpoint, East Lake, Big Obsidian Flow, McKay Crossing Falls, those are I have visited during stay there. Addition to the railroad bridge that located near by. The far view of the snow capped mountains and edge of the lava flew from the top of the Peak Viewpoint was very nice.
9/11/2012  John Day Dam, OR - 1st row two rightmost photos that look like the roller coasterare are the way of the Salmon/fishes to swim up to the river, where impossible fishes to jump up the tall dam. At the near dam of both sides of the river are maintained by the Dam company, grass and trees are there, a nice thing is camping is free of charge there.
9/10/2012  Ginkgo Petrified Forest SP, Washington - The Interactive Center in the Ginkgo Petrofied Forest SP, where they had moved the basaltic Columns that the petroglyphs on it from the bottom of the river, the original location is under the water/river now. The relocated petroglyphs are all small in size and all in one place.
9/9/2012  Highway #17, Washigton - The highway #17 from the Soap Lake to the Dry Falls Dams was very scenic road. The Lake Lenore Caves are more like alcoves. 2nd row rightmost photo is the concept of the 10,000 years ago waterfalls, currently its totally dried falls, 2nd row 3-4th photos, so its called Dry Falls. Last photo is the Summer Falls.
9/8/2012  Lake Roosevelt NRA, Washigton - The long lake, which the Coulee Dam has been created. The wild fire that just started other side of the lake. The free ferry is not like a boat, just like moving floor. I saw turkeys and wait to they to cross the road. Indian princess promises to not turned back, but she did it and she converted into the rock, what's a story.
9/7/2012  Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada - Tiny parking lot only couple cars can park by the highway 3. Seems to very dry at this year, usually more water in the spots and green color than yellow. It is highly mineralized inland lakes in the World, especially high content of the Epson Salts. It is the First Nation property and thier celemonial place.
9/7/2012  Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada - Fintry Falls, Hardy Falls, WL Peach that the concession stand, town of Kelowna view from otherside of the lake, those are I saw from the Okanagan Vally. Also I saw the deers, salmons swim up to the stream and quails. This area is well known of wine country and saw many wineries and vineyards.
9/6/2012  Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada - The highway 99 from Pemberton to Kamloops, there were so many beautiful lakes and snow cap mountians. At the Kamloops, the rock formation that located in teh First Nation property, a means it located in the Indian Reservation. I noticed that all by the riverside houses have own boat deck.
9/4/2012  Scandinavian Spa, Whitsler, British Columbia, Canada - I am sure that I am living in someone's dream life. I travel anywhere I want to go. I have gorgeous two grandsons. My daughter and her family sent to me to the Spa in Whitsler to relax. I have to pinch myself many times to make sure its not a dream.
9/1-9/5  Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada - Tamao and Erik have joined me to cerabrate new arrival of Kale, my second grandson. Kai is my first grandson, he is active and healthy 3-year old boy. Chris and Lisa took us to the popular Farmer's Market in Whitsler. Chris showed us his second coffee shop in Whitsler that will open in near future. Lisa carry Kale and took I and Chaco, dog, to the One Mile Lake in Pemberton that located near their house. They have a vegetable garden in the community garden center.

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