Kay's Photo Journal - October 2012
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10/23/2012  Wildrose Peak, Death Valley, CA - It has nice view from the summit of the Wildrose Peak, we can see the both sides of the mountain ranges, west side is the Sierra Nevada Range, east side is the Amargosa Range and the Wildrose Peak is located on the Panamint Range. The dirt road just before the TH was downgraded from maintained dirt road to un-maintained dirt road, a means tough to drive.
10/22/2012  Trona Pinnacles, CA - Tufa is formed by precipitation of the calcium carbonate by boiling hot springs water in the lake. No water around here now, but it was in the Searless Lake, which exist between 10,000 to 100,000 years ago. It is the same process to the Mono Lake Tufa, however appearance is totally different, here is more large in size and some as high as 140 ft.
10/21/2012  Coso Range Petroglyphs, CA - The location is in the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, CA. The security is very tight and check thoroughly. Only US citizens are allowed on the tours. The petroglyphs are everywhere on the individual rocks in the Little Petroglyph Canyon, there are several more canyons and full of petroglyphs but only this canyon the tour goes. See My Rock Art Collection
10/20/2012  Calico Ghost Town, CA - 3rd row 1st photo is the world's tallest thermometer located in the town of Beker, CA. The Calico Ghost Town is a highly commercialized ghost town, and they charge $10 for admission fee to enter the town. The town is relatively small size but many man-made new and old objects to attract the visitors. The bottle house and Chinese bath tub are unique and fun to see it.
10/19/2012  Mojave National Preserve, CA - The gorgeous Josha tree forest is located in the northeast side of the park. The rail road crosses the center of the park. The Cinder Cone Lave Beds are located northwest of the park. The Kelso Sand Dunes are located southwest of the park. It is beautiful whitish color sand dunes. To hike on the sand is not easy but I have hiked to the highest sand dune mountain.
10/17/2012  Little Red Rock, Red Rock, NV - It is located at northeast from the Red Rock. The red spots are much more bigger than I thought and couldn't find the petroglyphs, which suppose to located in this area, where originally I thought I can find it easily. However I found a man-made dam, 2nd row 1st and 3rd row 3-4 photos.
10/8-11/2012  Birgit O'Connor Workshop, LV - My daughter, who is an artist, found this workshop for me, when I told her I want to paint the flowers in dynamic way. The workshop is the professional artist, Birgit, teaches us step-by-step using variety of techniques to paint the watercolor. All my classmates have many years of experience for the painting. Last 3 photos are my watercolor paintings from this class.
10/5/2012  Mt Charleston(11,918ft), NV - Hike started at 6am, it was dark and needed a headlight. The aspen trees were showing last minutes beauty. It was 17 miles 4,300 elevation gain, from south loop to north loop trail. The noth loop side that much more picture perfect scenes and incretable unique bristalcone figures near the timber line. Stopped the airplane clash site and we came back around 5pm.
10/3/2012   Hash House a Go Go, LV, NV - 'Hash House a Go Go' that the name of the restaurant and fun place to be because the portion of the meal is huge and not too many people can finish it. Tim, he was a co-worker of my previous work at CDOT before retire, visited Las Vegas from Denver and we had a lunch at this restaurant in the Imperial Palace. Some photos from the Harrih's Hotel & Casino.

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