Kay's Photo Journal - November 2012
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11/28/2012  Gila Trail, Snow Canyon, UT (7.6 miles) - It is located between highway 18 and Snow Canyon State Park, and run from north to south. We have hiked only one way from north to south, which means mainly all down hills hike. There are very nice rock formation at time to time, and rock colors are very bright colors. We saw Petroglyphs.
11/27/2012  T-Bone Hill, St. George, UT (4.6 miles) - T-Bone Trail, sound good, so I have no knowlege but started to hike, soon I saw the US Flag at the top of the hill, I thought I have to be there, so hike up to the T-Bone Hill, see 1st row center photo that show the 'T' shape, which this place called T-Bone Hill. It was easy and relaxing hike.
11/26/2012  Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion, UT (3 miles) - I wanted to hike up this trail since we have hiked at the Observation Point. The trailhead and trail are the same to the Observation Point, about 1/2 mile or so the Hidden Canyon Trail turn right. There are few chain wires to support hikers by narrow and steep train.
11/25/2012  Grafton Ghost Town, Rockville, UT - 1st row right 4 photos are the world speed record holder of the cars that located just before the Grafton Ghost Town. I thought a guy was building the airplane but instead of he was building the fastest car in the world in his car garage. Only few houses remind and preserved in the Grafton Ghost Town.
11/24/2012  Ceder Pocket West, AZ (3 miles) - We suppose to hike up to the Beaver Dam Mountain, AZ, but the wind was so strong and forced us to quit. The plan B was moved to other side of the mountain range and avoid the strong wind. We enjoyed the exploratory hike in the colorful rock formation area suronding by the beautiful Joshua tree forest.
11/23/2012  Mescalito Peak, Red Rock, NV (7 miles) - It is located between the Bridge Mountain and Rainbow Wall, and center of the Pine Creek, which divert into the Fern Canyon and Mescalito Canyon, we took the Mescalito Canyon (south) route. It was scrambling all the way to the peak. The weather and view were we can't ask for more.
11/17/2012  Rainbow Wall Summit, Red Rock, NV (9 miles) - My GPS bounced back many times in the narrow canyon, so mileage is not accuracy but least 9 miles are adequate for this hike. We were lucky because we had rain only short period of time. View from the summit was incredible. It was dark, when we got back to the parking lot.
11/16/2012  Oak Creek, Red Rock, NV (5.5 miles) - The weather was funky today because large cloud cover the area at most of the morning but sunny some times, and rain sprinkles at time to time that caused warmer or cooler temperature, people were busy to wear a jacket or remove it. However the rainbow was a good size and we enjoyed it.
11/11/2012  Las Vegas Air Show, NV (4.6 miles) - Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas hosts the Aviation Nation 2012, which is the Las Vegas Air Show. I wanted to see the air show by look down not up for couple years. Today I hiked up to the south side of the Sunrise Mountain range, I was lucky to find the best spot to look down the air show. It was spectacular.
11/10/2012  Moapa Peak, NV (6.6 miles) - LVMC has so called 'Classic 50 Peaks' and this peak was the last peak for Bart and Collin, they have completed all 50 peaks in 17 months, we celebrated with champagne on the summit. Just before reached the summit, there are sharp knife-edge ridge to go through. Beautiful 360° view from the summit.
11/6/2012  Peak ee Toe, NV (5.5 miles) - Two peakes today, 'Far Peak' and 'Peak ee Toe'. The route to get to the 'Peak ee Toe' that was discoved by Richard, Steve and Eva not too long ago. It is located west side of the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. We used ropes for three places. It was strenuous and lot of scramblings but I enjoyed it.
11/4/2012  Dr Hammargren Open House, NV - He was the former Lieutenant Governor and neurosurgeon. His open house is famous in Las Vegas because he collected many extraordinary items. There were long line just before the open house, people are eager to see his collection. There are tons of items everywhere inside and backyard of his house.
11/3/2012  Kraft Mountain Peak, NV (3 miles) - Hiking pole is not required this hike that Bill said. Sue said the three points of contact technique to use it, which is both hands and one foot to make sure it is safe to move up/down the another foot. We used this three points technique for almost entire hiking today. It was beautiful hiking day.
11/1/2012  Big Dune Loop, Valley of Fire State Park, NV (5 miles) - Brian has discoved this trail and a new hike for the ABF. It was fun to hike this route because climb up and down on the rocks, slots and narrow shutes, also hiked on the big red sand dune. The trail was surronding by the fire color red rocks, and the view was we can't ask for more.

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