Kay's Hiking and Travel Photo Gallery - March 2012

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3/30/2012  Las Vegas, NV - Finally recovered from the sickness and headed to the center of the Las Vegas. The Cleveland Clinic / Keep Memory Alive Event Center, which was designed by Frank Gehry that is an unique building. The world's largest gold nugget is located in the Gold Nugget Hotel / Casino. The Las Vegas Strip is a state scenic byway and much more brighter at the nighttime than the daytime.
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3/4/2012  Hidden Valley Arch, NV - It is located Muddy Mountains Wildness Area. I hiked up in the wash to get to the Hidden Vally from the Colorock Quarry. Bottom three wider photos are the different views from the Hidden Valley: The first one is the west side of colorful mountain view, second one is the southeast side of the Muddy Peak view, the last one is the Hidden Valley Arcn.  Road Map
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3/4/2012  Hidden Valley Tinaja, NV - It is located Muddy Mountains Wildness Area and part of the Hidden Valley. The Tinaja is large in size and very colorfull, bushes and weeds are growing inside it. The first photo is the overview of Tinaja and second photo is the inside view.
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3/4/2012  Buffington Pocket, NV - It is located Muddy Mountains Wildness Area and southwest from the Valley of Fire. The dam is larger than I thought and visible from the dirt road, there was no water in the dam and many bushes and weeds were growing. The petroglyphs panel is large in size and located less than 300 yards south from the dam at narrow canyon.  Road Map  Rock Art
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3/2/2012  Kraft Mountain Loop, Red Rock, NV (ABF) - We hiked the counter clockwise for this loop that little different view than the usual way of the clockwise because the location of the sun. The leftmost photo in the second row, top photo was taken today with no water, and bottom was taken on January 2010, there was a lot of water and water level was about Roger's height.
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