Kay's Photo Journal - December 2012
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12/30/2012  White Rock Loop, Red Rock, NV (6.5 miles) - This is suppose to a training hike to build backpacking endurance and strength by carrying extra weight in the pack. Usually I carry 13 lb of backpack for day hike, today I added some rocks for extra weight and end up 25 lb. Hike was 2 miles/hr speed that was very good for the heavy weight hiking.
12/27/2012  Rainbow Gardens, NV (8.4 miles) - It is located between the Frenchman Mountain and Lava Butte near the Lake Mead. As name indicated it is very colorful place. The Frenchman Mountain - Rainbow Gardens area is one of the 100 best and most accessible, regionally significant sites in the Geological Society of America.
12/22/2012  Padle Canyon, UT (7 miles) - The TH is the Tuacahn parking lot and cross their property to get to the trail, seems to trespassing but that's the way to do, until the Padle Canyon saddle, the trail was ascending and both sides of the red rock walls were large in size and just gorgeous.
12/21/2012  Black Rock Mesa, AZ (9.7 miles) - I was driving by the Black Rock exit, I-15, many times and wondering where the dirt road goes. Today I have hiked on the dirt road, which run north to south. It goes to the top of the Virgin River Canyon at west side and highway I-15 overlook at east side. There were spectacular view and I saw many barrel cacti.
12/20/2012  Cottonwood Canyon, UT (7 miles) - I have hiked on the dry canyon bed for while and hoping to look up the Yant Flat area. When I got tired and turned back that the place was little shorter, one or two miles, from the bottom of the Yant Flat area. There were many branches, a means we can hike up to the many small canyons.
12/19/2012  Coliseum, Snow Canyon, UT (5.6 miles) - It was the perfect blue, white and red day (blue sky, white Pine Valley Mountain range and red rock in the Snow Canyon.) I felt a bad (may be not) that many people dropped out and I was waiting list #4 got a chance to enjoy this hike. Unbelievable beautiful rock formation and color, and view.
12/11/2012  Global Peak, Red Rock, NV (4.2 miles) - It is located between the Windy Peak and Black Velvet Peak. From far distance it is very small because compare with both sides of the large peaks, but when getting closer and closer it became pretty good size of the peak. Nice hiking weather, nice view, nice scrambling, we had all today.
12/7/2012  LVMC Holiday Party, NV - It was the LVMC annual holiday party and about fifty people showed up, a means lot of delicious foods to choose from. There were many gave the way prizes and awards, where awards were must earned to obtained, one award was handed out to 10 years old Toby, Joel's son, amazingly he earned it.
12/6/2012  First Creek Arch, Red Rock, NV (4.4 miles) - Only 4.4 miles hike but many people felt more than that like least 6 miles. It was fun hike by, first we hiked up to the First Creek Arch, then traverse and scramble up to the First Creek Lookout Peak, after that on the way back we stopped by the First Creek Waterfall. I used a rope three places.
12/2/2012  Mt. Wilson, Red Rock, NV (9 miles) - My GPS indicated 9.7 miles but bounced few times, so I decided 9 miles for this hike. It was strenuous hike. When we got at the peak, all we can see was gray color because we were in the cloud, cold and windy but satisfied to reach the peak, where I wanted to hike up to the Mt. Wilson for long time.
12/1/2012  Redstone Peaks, Lake Mead, NV (4.1 miles) - It was cloudy all day, but that didn't stop us, we have hiked up to 4 peaks today, Tall Cairn pk, East Redstone pk, Redstone pk and Mystery Cairn pk. Many steep loose rocks slopes but we managed and enjoyed beautiful view of the Lake Mead and many peaks surrounding us.

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