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8/30-31/2012  Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada - My daughter Lisa has not one, she has beautiful two sons. The second son, Kale, was born on July 29th that the reason I have visited my daughter's family in Pemberton. The first son, Kai, is very active & healty 3-year old boy. Also they have vegitable garden at the community garden center, it produces many variety of vegetables.
8/30/2012  100 Mile House, British Columbia, Canada - There are many mile related named towns such as 70 mile house, 100 mile house, 150 mile house and more. Those are mile count from the '0' (Zero) marker in the town of Lillooet, see the rightmost photo of the zero marker. The World's Largest Cross Country Ski found in the town of the 100 Miles House.
8/26-29/2012  Bella Colla, British Columbia, Canada - The middle of segment of the highway #20 is the 37 miles of the dirt road and about 8 miles are very steep narrow road with no gard rail, see the first 2 photos. When I reached the Bella Colla valley, a grizzly bear welcomes me. I have visited beautiful waterfalls and the Clayton Falls were among them. Also I have visited petroglyphs site and rain forest.
8/25/2012  Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia, Canada - It was just in time for the wild flowers. Seems to all wild flowers were blooming at the same time and flowers were everywhere. The temperature was cooler side. Surronding Canadian Rockies were showing the gorgeous view. The winter time snow view is the 1st row 2nd from left photo that from the information board.
8/25/2012  Glacia National Park, British Columbia, Canada - I just go through the Glacia National Park in early morning, which located highway #1. I have visited three boadwalks, which located west side of the Glacia National Park, such as Hemlock Grove Boadwalk, Giant Cedars Boadwalk and Skunk Cabbge Boadwalk. First two sidewalks are in the very impressive large size of the cedar tree forest.
8/24/2012  Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada - The Takakkaw Falls are the highest water falls in Canada, the quantity of the water in summer and winter are significantly different, see 1st row rightmost photo. I also visited Natural Bridge, Emerald Lake and hike up to the Hoodoos. The Hoodoos are located steep side of the mountain and its taller in size. Canadian Rockies are beautiful.
8/23/2012  Ghost Reservoir, Alberta, Canada - I never see any ones are swiming in Canadian lakes/reservoir that I told to young beautiful three ladies, they were eager to jumped down from the boat deck to the cold water lake for me, see 1st row 2-4 photos. The Ghost Reservoir is a man-made reservoir and people are enjoying in the beachs. The dam is a hydroelectric dam.
8/23/2012  Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada - World's largest Black Diamond is located in the town of the Black Diamond. The statue of the Men of Vision is standing at the top of the hill of the Cochrane town. There is a Cochrane ranch historic site hiking trail along the statue and I saw the 300 years old tree, impressed the its roots system.
8/22/2012  Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - 'High Level Bridge' is the official name of this world's highest and longest bridge. It is 314 ft height and 1 mile 47 ft long, built from 1907 and completed at 1909. The Fort Whoop-up is located near by, which surrounding by very tall fence. The Starship is located in the town of the Vulcan. This town is the Star Trek Capital of Canada.
8/21/2012  Milk River, Alberta, Canada - The Milk River is unique place because the only river in Canada to run into the Gulf of Mexico. That the reason 7 countries and 1 company used to own this area called '8 flags under' and France, Spain and USA were the among them and finally Canada owns now. World's largest corn stalk is located in the town of the Taber.
8/20/2012  Writing on Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada - The Rock Art, petroglyphs and pictoglyphs, were not so good condition and not impressed, but it is the largest Rock Art site in Alberta. However Hoodoos are different story, there are many hoodoos or look like hoodoos that everywhere in this park that was impressed. We can enjoy an eerie landscape of sandstone that they called.
8/19/2012  Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada - WL Tepee without covered is very large in size, when try to take photo with tepee and I, I have to step out few steps. Second photo picture was made by the concreate/cement and combination of the many small pieces. WL chess is located in downtown by the Library. It was Indonesia made and a guy is taking care of it, a means display it certain time not all day.
8/17-18/2012  Drumheller Badland, Alberta, Canada - WL Dinosaur is located in this place. Nice view from the Horseshoe, Okney and Horse Theif view points. Free Ferry to cross the Red Deer River. Wayne Ghost Town that living only 25 people, where use to 2,500 people. I also visited the Suspension Bridge and Atlas Coal Mine National Historical Site. I enjoyed to hike in the hoodoos area.
8/16/2012  Roadside Attraction #2, Alberta, Canada - Herea are the continuation of the World Largets(WL). Bronco Rider from Ponoka, Golf Tee from Trochu, Canada Geese from Hanna, Water Tower from Wetaskiwin and Pinto Bean from Macbean. The covered bridge from Linden that located in a small city park, which is the only covered bridge in Albert.
8/15/2012  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Photos are order by Royal Alberta Museum, Legislative Building and largest shopping mall in North America. In the Legislative Building, they gave me a personal tour that was very nice. At the Shopping Mall, there were many kids enjoy man-made wave beach and many other places. I guess they are just getting the recession wave.
8/13-14/2012  Road Attraction, Alberta, Canada - Canada has many roadside attractions and I am visiting many the World's Largest(WL)in Alberta. Here you go... WL Pyrogy from Glendon, which is a dumpling and potato and cheese inside. WL Mushroom from Vilna, WL Duck from Anndrew, WL Peter Fidler from Elk Point, WL Sausage from Mundale, WL Easter Egg from Vegreville.
8/12/2012  Jaremeo Family, Alberta, Canada - According to David the famer is the big gambler. He owns 6,000 acres of farmer land. In the property, there are least a dozen tracks/vehicles that each one has different purpose of usage. Addition to many semi-trucks and huge machines. I estimated least $2,000,000 famer machines/equipments are on the property and each one use it only couple month per year.
8/11/2012  Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada - The Bunnock is the bone and also the name of the game that uses horse ankle bones, 1st row 2nd photo is the horse ankle bone shape, which is the world's largest Bunnock. 1st row 3-5 photos are the World's Largest Sun-Dial and 2nd row photos are the provincial divider from Saskatchewan to Alberta, both located in town of the Lloydminster.
8/11/2012  Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatchewan, Canada - I was so excited to visit this place to see the Medicine Wheel, when I saw it I was very dissapointed, see the 1st row rightmost photo. There is no appearance of the Medicine Wheel like the Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, seems to someone's imagination to call it the Medicine Wheel. 1st and 3rd row first photos are from near by this place.
8/10/2012  Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada - I saw the large buffalo made from the barb wire, which means no one can touch it, and the largest solder was located near by. I saw the world's largest Tamahawk from the town of the Cut Knife, see the last two photos. The town of Cut Knife is surronding by many First Nations, a means Indian Reservations, so that the Tamahawk was dedicated to them.
8/10/2012  Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada - This national park was very similar to the Riding Mountain National Park, which I have visited on 8/8/12, by it is a resort town and lakes are the major attraction. Again the lake water was too cold to any one to swim. I was lucky to saw the black bear and moose on the road.
8/10/2012  Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada - I saw the world largest bee in the town of Tisdale and large elk at the town of Onanole. The river of the Saskatchewan river was beautiful and in large size. The road side weeds were 2 to 3 feet high and saw the mower to mow it. This mower was large in size and mow about 6 ft wide in steep grade road side. The driver stopped and took my photo for me.
8/9/2012  Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada - The name of the town was Hudson Bay Junction before but dropped Junction. That a confusion because real Hudson Bay is located very north side of the provinsial. It was booming town when trains were run many directions from this town, but not anymore. I joined to the indoor Farmer's Market and found the Chokecherry and High Bush Cranberry jellys.
8/9/2012  Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada - All roads in this park were dirt road, I guess that the why it was very quiet park. The signs indicate the name of the lakes but some lakes were no name. The 3rd row 2nd photo was the beaver house and 4th photo was the beaver dam. There were many beautiful lakes, ponds and sloughs in this park.
8/8/2012  Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada - The 1st row photos are from the town of Dauphin, and second row photos are from the Swan River and road side. I saw the different design church buildings in the Dauphin. The swan in the 2nd row is the World Largest Swan. The 2nd row center photo is the green water pond by some kind seeds flowting and last photo is a strange looking vihicle.
8/8/2012  Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada - The lakes are the major attraction of this national park. It is the resort town, yes there is the town inside the national park. I saw many water activities except swimming, lake water was too cold to swim. The boad walk was little challengeable because the boads were moving and sinking some places. Also I saw the wishing well
8/6/2012  Russell, Manitoba, Canada - This town provids nice park for camping for free of charge. The first photo called the Arthur the Bull, 2nd photo is the main street, 3-4th photos are the world's longest 44 seats bicycle with supporting/testing wheels. I have learned the wild high bush Cranberry and Chokecherry, those are very good for jellys or syrups. I saw the Ukrainian church celemony.
8/5/2012  Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada - The town of Kipling has the world largest Paperclip, see first three photos. The town of Rocanville has the world's largest Oil Can and more, see last three photos. The outdoor wall arts found from the town of the Whitewood. Each small town is trying to attract visitor's eyes.
8/4/2012  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - Regina is the capital of the Saskatchewan Provincial and I have visited the Legistrative and Executive Building, which is equivalent to the State Capital, and luckly to join to the building tour. Also I have visited Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Not many 'Royal' museums in Canada. I was amazed that they have replica but better condition of the St Victor petroglyphs.
8/4/2012  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada - The world's largest Moose is located in this town. There are 2 tunnels, one is called the Passage to Fortune that the story of the Chinese immigrant, another one is called the Chicago Connection that the story of the mafia. Those tunels are underground tunnels that connected three buildings. Natural mineral pool is located 4th floor of the Spa building.
8/3/2012  Davidson, Saskatchewan, Canada - The world's largest Teapot, 24 ft tall, is located by the highway #11 in the small town of Davidson. It is one of the many roadside attractions in Canada. The hiddler's stature is located near the Teapot. I am standing for the scale.
8/3/2012  Chaplin, Saskatchewan, Canada - The Chaplin Salt of the Earth is the largest product of the Sodium Sulphate in Canada, 4th largest in North America and 10th in the World. The salt water is 7 tims more concentration of the sea water. It is mainly use it for the detergent and sending it to all over the world. Only problem is the only 30 more years supply left.
8/2/2012  St Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada - The petroglyphs in this park were faded out and built the fence too far to see it, I was very disappointed, 1st row photos. However I saw replica of the petroglyphs in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Resina, 2nd row photos. 3rd row photos are the Swift Current Petroglyphs, which I have to hike in the tall glass field.

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