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4/15/2014  Brownstone Petroglyphs, Red Rock, NV (11.8 miles) - This is the first hike since twisted my ankle that was over three weeks ago. I picked an easy hike today, mainly on the dry wash. It was treasure hunting, I have to find the locations of the petroglyphs, some of are located way high up, I was wonder how to get up there?
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4/7/2014  High Roller Ride, Las Vegas, NV - It's opened one week ago, 550-foot-tall that the world's tallest observation wheel, located behind/east side of the Flamingo Hotel/Casino. All new stores both sides of the pedestrian street to get to the High Roller from the Strip. 30 miutes of very quiet ride and nice Las Vegas Strip and mountains view.
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3/24/2014  Greenwater Canyon, Death Valley, CA (9.5 miles) - This is my 3rd times to visit the Greenwater Canyon to find the pictographs. I couldn't find the exact location of the pictogrphs from the Internet, a means explore nealy every canyons. Finally I found it that was sweet victory to me. However time was running out to explore more, that for next time.
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3/22/2014  Mt Wilson, AZ (6 miles) - We used Dennis Poulin's GPS file from the Peakbagger.com. However we didn't descent the same way he did it. We descend the dry canyon, originally we thought that was easier way out but turn out it was longer and strenuous hike. We crossed numerous times up and down the dry canyons/washes.   Download GPS File
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3/15/2014  Rainbow Peak (Attempt), Red Rock, NV - We were very close to the Rainbow Peak, however gusty wind at time to time, trail was not clear where to climb down to reach the bottom of the Rainbow Peak, and time was little later to attempt to the peak. We save this peak for future hike.   Download Gunsight-Rainbow GPS File
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3/15/2014  Rainbow Wall, Red Rock, NV - This is my second time to visit the Rainbow Wall. Very clear beautiful 360 degrees view. 1st row rightmost two phots are look down the Rainbow Wall from the top. Kyle was dangerously setting the edge of the Rainbow Wall, see last three photos.   Download Gunsight-Rainbow GPS File
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3/15/2014  Gunsight Notch Peak, Red Rock, NV (9 miles) - The mileage is a total mile of today's hike that include the Gunsight Notch Peak, Rainbow Wall and Rainbow Peak attempt. The Gunsight Notch Peak is just south of the Juniper Peak and short trip of on the way to Rainbow Wall.    Download Gunsight-Rainbow GPS File
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