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1/15/2017 Goler Gulch Petroglyphs, CA - Is this possible to find a needle from haystack? My answer is 'yes'. That’s happened today, I didn’t have any clues nor exact location of the petroglyphs, but I found it. The Goler Gulch has so many side canyons and trails, and no time to check all those, addition to rocks are everywhere. About 3.7 miles of hike, I was lucky enough to find it. I have a good luck, I should to get a lottery/powerball ticket.
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1/15/2017 Goler Gulch, CA (7.4 miles) - Gold nuggets that still people are finding from this gulch, although California gold rush is way over. There are many mines in this gulch that include large and small scale of mines. Beside the gold, this area is a dirtbiker’s play ground, I saw and heard about a dozen dirtbikers today. It is nice place to hike, not much elevation gain, variety of rock formation to enjoy.
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1/11/2017 Rademacher Hills Trail, Ridgecrest, CA - Last few days were rain, rain and more rain, and finally got a nice sunny day but very strong wind, by the way I underestimated that Ridgecrest has very strong wind. I have hiked parts of the Rademacher Hill Trail today, end up very short hike by strong wind.
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1/6/2017 Newberry Cave, CA (1.5 miles) - I can’t find the exact location of the cave from the Internet nor from the Mojave Rilver Valley Museum. I stopped by the town of Newberry Springs and started to ask to the locals, one of local who is a realestate agent took me to the TH and gave me the right information that helped me to get to the cave. The rare green pigment of the pictographs that I never seen from anyplace else. Unfortunately 3,000 years old pictographs figures are all faded out.
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1/6/2017 Dead Mountain Petroglyphs, CA (5.5 miles) - The powerline road was sandy and bumpy road. Suppose to wash down to get to the canyon, but washs are everywhere, just head to the canyon that I did it. The canyon is wider than I thought. Unbelievable thing was location of the petroglyphs, located middlle of steep edge cliff, no way least for me to get there. If you go there, bring a zoom lens. There are many petroglyphs.
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1/5/2017 Bridge Canyon, NV (2 miles) - The road was sandy and deep in some spots, I couldn’t go last 1/4 mile or so because of it. I found some petroglyphs but not much. Some petroglyphs are seems to new or some thing added and looks new.
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1/5/2017 Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum, Laughlin, NV - Riverside Hotel & Casino they display third floor full of classic cars, some of are I never see or heard about it, some of are for sale. All displayed classic cars are very shiny, I was feel bad to my car because my car never shiny like those cars.
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1/4/2017 Mosquite Springs, CA (7.5 miles) - The road is very sandy, some places are very deep sand, I was planning to drive up to the petroglyphs site, but last few days of rain made puddles and impossible to cross with my car, I decided to hike. There are many similar rocks around here but petroglyphs are only this site. I found some but not many.
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1/3/2017 Painted Rockpile, Fort Irwin, CA - There are so many painted rocks in one place - overwhelming. Soldiers come from all over here for training, when complete the training, they leave painted rock for their memory. I took many photos but not all, I wish I take all photos and posted here.
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1/3/2017 Desert Tortoise Integlio, Barstow, CA - I was expected only one Integlio but I found two, one is smaller size. Desert Tortoise Integlio is like sun shape to me rather than tortoise. Also I have stop by to the small cave and alcove site that not far from the integlio site by the Old Highway #58.
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1/3/2017 Bizzard Rock, Barstow, CA - This stand alone rock is located west side of the bridge on the first avenue in the Barstow. There are many broken glassess on the ground. I found some petroglyphs on the south side face of the rock but not much.
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1/3/2017 Mojave River Valley Museum, Barstow, CA - There are displaying many items in the musuem includ petroglyphs, many are replica but there are real ones too and don’t know where get it, or maybe don’t want to tell me where from. They sell many spcecial kind books that can’t find from regular book stores.
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12/29/2016 El Paso Peak, CA (5.2 miles) - Last couple days I was hiking bottom of this mountain, and want to hike up and did it today. I saw only 1.2 miles distance hike from the Peakbagger.com that too short for me, I decided to take a longer hike, parked car much lower place. View from the peak was just wonderful, I can see where I was last couple days exactly.
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12/28/2016 Terese Petroglyphs, CA (3.8 miles) - This is more like continuation of yesterday, drive up to the powerline road and parked before wash, and hike to the petroglyphs site. There are many petrolglyphs at the lower and southwest side of the slope. This place is not far from the Sheep Springs petroglyphs site with bird’s eye view.
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12/27/16 Mojave Desert Ranges, CA (8.2 miles) - I was heading to the Terese Petroglyphs site, but road was ATV and dirtbike road, and I can’t drive my car. I tried to hike all the way but timing was not good at this time of the year, I started later morning, when I saw powerline road, I should to drive this road. Turn back and enjoy hiking. Saw old minings and springs.
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12/20/2016 Black Tank Wash, Mojave National Preserve, CA (5.4 miles) - There are petroglyphs north side of the Aiken Arch which I was missing. Today I stopped by to find it out and finally completed Black Tank Wash petrolgyphs hunting hike.
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12/20/16 Amboy Crater, CA (3.3 miles) - Black lava on the trail through to the top of the crater. When got to up, already in the middle of the crater then hike up some more to get to the rim of the crater. The view from the rim was very nice. Later I learned the town of Amboy, currently only 8 people where 600 people at the peak, no drinking water, from well water is salty than Ocean water, and bring fresh water from outer town.
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12/18/2016 Mormon Peak, South Mountain, AZ - It is small size mountain but nice to hike up and popular, and I did. Asked people the name of this peak, no one knows and no name yet, so I named it. It is by the Mormon Trail, so name is make sense, don’t you? The Phoenix view is very nice.
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12/18/2016 Pima Canyon, South Mountain, AZ (7.4 miles) - It is very popular place to hike, people parked thier car at the side of the road for lease 1/4 miles. I have hiked in the canyon not on the trail, so that avoid crowd. I found some petroglyphs on the way.
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12/17/2016 Hansen House, Phoenix, AZ - After the Charlile Bell Well petroglyphs hike, Steve invited me to stay overnigh in his house. He has a large house where four childrens are grew up and not living with them but they still keep their rooms. Took hot bath that helped to heal my blisters. Thank you Steve and Catherine for your hospitality.
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12/17/2016 Charlie Bell Well, AZ (4 miles) - This is my second try, first time I was freaked out because it is one of the illigal immigrants, smugglers and illigal drug dealers to go though here that the ranger said. People are die by dehydration, so that goverment provides drinking water and helping station. To hike around here, need to get a permit. The petroglyphs are on the individual rocks. When I got there with Mike and Steve, I did not feel danger instead of excited to finding many petroglphs.
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12/15/2016 El Dorado Hot Springs, AZ - My 2nd time to visit here. At last time, gave to my LV car plate, that owner remember it and soak private tab for one hour free of chage, what’s a treat. The hot springs water is odor free, it is very clear water, I really enjoyed it especially after few days of adventure.
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12/15/2016 Dripping Springs, AZ - I just had a long hike and do not want to hike today, and someone told me my car can not go there, so that hitchhiked ATV. 6 people group took me to the Dripping Springs and showed me a cabin, thank you everyone I got a great time especially Tom for ATV ride. I was not expected but its very popular place for ATV, there were about 15 ATVs parked at the parking lot. There are many petrolgyphs before the Dripping Springs.
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