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2/16/2017 Painted Rock, Old Woman Mountains Preserve, CA - I tried to go through from the town of Essex via the Sunflower Springs Rd, but road condition was very bad and almost my nervous breakdown. A ranch owner pass by and told me the easy road, which is the powerline road, also he told me the petroglyphs site and pictographs cave. Lucky, I found both.
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2/15/2017 Coyote Hole Springs Petroglyphs, CA - This place is just out side of the Joshua Tree National Park, near the town of the Joshua Tree. There are many signs that seems to more than petroglyphs. The petroglyphs are scatted in the main dried wash, some of are way up the cliff. I didn’t checked but there are some more petroglyphs in the outside of the main wash also.
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2/14/2017 Pleasant Valley Petroglyphs, JTNP, CA - It is located by the Geoloogy Tour Rd in the Joshua Tree National Park, I am happy to find it but disapointment was only a few, much less than I expected. However it was nice wide view area.
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2/14/2017 Joshua Tree National Park, CA - I have visited the Colla Cactus Garden, Skull Rocks, Jumbo Rock and Squaw Tank in the Joshua Tree National Park. It is February but there were many people all of those areas.
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2/13/2017 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road, AZ - This is my new car, which has everything I wanted and more. Shine spotless beauty was last only one day, after that dirt all over, because I enjoy drive on the dirt road and 4x4 road. I have to learn so many nice things rather than just drive for this car, well I will get there but not now.
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2/12/2017 Last Chance Canyon, CA (6miles) - I have hiked only north side of the canyon. I saw many different color of rocks, very bright pink to white like pink and between, rust red, brown and pinch of black, white, green, dark to light brown. West side of the canyon was gorgeous light green rock formation, I enjoyed there.
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2/12/2017 Holly Ash Cleanser Mine, CA - There are a half dozen of mine caves here and we can walk in. The caves are least 100ft long and 20ft wide each, some of are connected at the end of the caves. The Mine was operated from 1939 to 1958, produced white pumice for polishing substances or used in plaster and agricultural products.
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2/12/2017 Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA - It was showing the beautiful rock formation at roadside of highway #14 east side, I have to stop by to enjoy a moment. It is not the main part of the Red Rock Canyon State Park, but it is gorgeous formation.
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2/5/2017 Science on Sphere, Barstow Train Station, CA - Global display system instead of flat screen. 4 projectors to display on 6ft diameter sphere screen, each projector display different part of satellite data. I saw few programs, but there are hundreds of programs do exist. I saw the weather, population, water, how earth formed and few more.
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2/5/2017 Railroad Museum, Barstow, CA - Inside the museum is packed railroad related stuff displayed. There is a model train to watch that’s enjoyable for small kids. There are many old trains displayed at outside the museum. Admission is free of charge.
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2/5/2017 Rainbow Basin, near Barstow, CA - Weather was funky, a means color doesn’t come out right for photos. This is the place to visit on sunny day. There are many colors in this area, when started driving the loop, green color was dominated, soon many more colors showed up.
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2/5/2017 Chan Nguyen, CA - It is a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple and called Buddhist Meditation Center. All statures are made of white marble, beautifully done those. Some of are familiar to Chinese, Japanese or Asian Countries. Seems to relatively new place, landscape is not done yet. There were many people inside the building to celebrate the new year.
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1/30/2017 Murphy’s Well Petroglyphs Site, CA - There are not much petroglyphs now, I assume there were lot of petroglyphs before but all faded out or under the lichen. The main rock few petroglyphs on it that I wanted to see it for long time.
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1/29/2017 Fort Piute Petroglyphs Site, Mojave National Preserve, CA - The petroglyphs are located in and near the old Turkey Farmer. Petroglyphs are on the individual medium size rocks on the ground, I found many petroglyphs from here.
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1/28/2017 Fort Piute, Mojave National Preserve, CA (4.8 miles) - Buit the fort to protect the US Mail delivery system but main road had been moved and this fort didn’t last long. Unexpected thing happened, two ATVs got there incredibly fast speed, it is uneven rocky and narrow road, they gave me a ride, all I can say was 'woooooow too fast'.
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1/28/2017 Counsel Rocks Archaeological Site, Mojave National Preserve, CA - It is also called Re-Birth Rock or Womb Rock. It is an archaeological site, suppose to can find rock art.
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1/28/2017 Woods Wash, Mojave National Preserve, CA (3.2 miles) - It is located east side of the Hole-in-the-Wall. I found many petroglyphs, there exist group by group, when find one, there are many more petrolgyphs that area. I didn't go father because I had enough petrolgyphs already. I am sure I can find some more if go little more father.
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1/28/2017 Hole-in-the-Wall, Mojave National Preserve, CA - There are lot of holes, small to tiny caves look like. Located near the Hole-in-the-Wall. It was fun to got inside, I bet small kids like this place to explore.
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1/27/2017 Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert research Center, Mojave National Preserve, CA - One of the largest cave in the Mojave National Preserve is located in this place. Inside the cave is full of pictographs. They don’t advertised nor open it for the public. Caretakeres are living there to protect it for 24/7. Don’t tell, don’t show, what’s protecting for?
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1/27/2017 Edgar Peak Petroglyphs Site, Mojave National Preserve, CA (6.3 miles) - According to my search, there are petroglyphs at the end of the canyon. The canyon is getting steeper and tougher, when I got at the dry waterfalls, I have to turn back because I know the limitation of the solo hike. It was very close to petroglyphs that was sad moment but I tried.
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1/26/2017 Old Dad Mountain Petroglyphs Site, Mojave National Preserve, CA (6.5 miles) - The canyon is located bottom of the Old Dad Mountain. I didn’t know the road condition, mainly sandy dried wash, so I started to hike. The canyon is wide opening but getting narrow and more narrow that the spot petroglyphs are located. Shortly after that canyon is surroundings by waterfalls, where I turn back.
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1/25/2017 Afton Canyon, CA (6.2 miles) - This place has so many gorgeous rock formations and variety of rock colors. Train rail road is dominating in this area, there is no hiking trails, we have to hike by the rail road that was not expected, and couple large puddles on the road, my hiking boots got all wet.
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1/17/2017 Canebrake Site, CA - It is located near the town of Canebrake and road was approach to the Chimney Peak. I saw couple boulders have few motars, small holes, that Indian use to grind up acorns or seeds. The pictographs are fading out but still visible with naked eyes.
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