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4/26/2016 South Fork, AZ - One side of the dirt road is the cliff on the higher up. One of the locals pointed out for me for the petroglyphs wall. I was expected some more petroglyphs, because rocks or rock walls are everywhere around here.
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4/26/2016 Salt River Canyon, AZ - This place is located between town of Globe and Show Low on highway #60. It offers stunning view, just like highway runs down from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the river, in this case Salt River, and going up to the North Rim. I have stopped by one of the lookout points and found some petroglyphs.
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4/23/2016 Signal Peak, AZ (1.2 miles) - This is the next peak and located northwest from the Pinal Peak. The Pinal Peak view was very nice from the Signal Peak Lookout. There is a house and about 50-60 ft height tower for fire protection team to use. The wind was very strong at the peak that the reason saw the fire protection team were coming up.
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4/23/2016 Pinal Peak, AZ (11.8 miles) - This is my second try, finally made it, first try was too much snow on the ground on 1/20/16, only one patch of snow I saw today, nicely cool temperature but very strong wind on the peak. I was not expected to see many houses near the peak, seems to those are all summer houses.
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4/19/2016 Devil’s Canyon, AZ (5 miles) - This place has gorgeous rock formation and extra ordinary view. It is well known for rock climbing spot, unfortunately I didn’t see anyone climbing. I have hiked in the Hackberry Creek, one time I was not sure I am dreaming or real, either way I really enjoyed there.
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4/16/2016 Supernova Petroglyphs Hunt, Agua Fria National Monument, AZ (14 miles) - Yesterday I got great time finding petroglyphs, however today was disappointment day, I couldn’t find it. There was event of the supernova at year of 1054 AD that created the Crab Nebula. Suppose to that record on the rock and I try to find it. Oh well...next time.
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4/15/2016 Brooklyn Basin, Tonto National Forest, AZ (2 miles) - This place like the Pueblo de los Mujeres, go through the Agua Fria National Monument to get it. I have hiked lower side of the cliff for one mile one way, there are petroglyph after petroglyphs, just keep coming and busy taking photos. I saw a few petroglyphs using red pigment. Complete Petroglyphs List.
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4/14/2016 Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, AZ (1.5 miles) - It is the largest and oldest botanical garden in Arizona and located northeast of the Picket Post Mountain. There are many trees, bushes, flowers and cacti, over 2,600 species of plants from the world and keep adding more every year.
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4/11/2016 Queen Creek Canyon, AZ - The segment of the highway to see the Queen Creek Canyon is narrow and rough, and currently construction is going on, but managed to stop and stop few times to enjoy the view, I don't know that allowed or not but I did. The rock formation is exceptional in this canyon.
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4/11/2016 Tonto National Monument, AZ - There are two major Cliff Dwelling that open for the public, and one mile on the paved trail to hike up to the Lower Cliff Dwelling and guided tour for the Upper Cliff Dwelling. It is located middle of the mountain, little higher side, a means view of the Theodore Roosevelt Lake is wide spread just front of the eyes, wonderful.
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4/11/2016 Theodore Roosevelt Lake, AZ - This is the largest man-made lake/reservoir on the Salt River entirely within the state of Arizona. This lake water requires limit to be released from the lake within 20 days. It is not far from Phoenix but go through from the Apache Trail that not so easy to get here.
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4/11/2016 Roosevelt Dam, AZ - This dam is making the Theodore Roosevelt Lake, spent $430 million and eight years of construction. Near the dam, there is the parts of the circle figure that eye-appeal design of the Roosevelt Dam Bridge. Prior to completion of the bridge, traffic drove over the top of the dam.
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4/11/2016 Apache Lake, AZ - From the Canyon Lake to Apache Lake on the Apache Trail drive that was nerve wracking, because too steep and too narrow road, a good thing was not heavy traffic, I was concentrating to drive, but suppose to view is breath taking. This lake is long lake by Horse Mesa Dam.
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4/11/2016 Canyon Lake, AZ - It is man-made lake on the Salt River by Mormon Flat Dam. This place is on the Apache Trail, highway #88 and surroundings by beautiful mountains. The Dolly Steamboat tour from the Marina that next time. There is one tiny town called Tortilla Flat on the way.
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4/2/2016 Manzanita Peak, AZ - This is a bonus peak, we have hiked up to this peak on the way back from the Pinnacle Ridge, and we named it. There are many Manzanita bushes with flower on the peak and near by. From the top of the peak, spectacular Pinnacle Ridge view. Near the TH, there are available water many places.
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4/2/2016 Pinnacle Ridge (Attempt), AZ (total 5 miles include Manzanita Peak) - There are many cacti, agave, bushes, trees and more trees that front of us to make our hike tougher. It was slow hiking because avoiding it and time was running out. We had a break on the border, we can see the peak veiw that so close.
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4/2/2016 Mt Turnbull, AZ (4.7 miles) - To drive up to the TH was tough, Eric had a flat tire. Snow on the some segments of the trail that was not expected, lot of bushes and trees to fight with, near the top is scrambling, steep rocks to climb up, but reward of view from the peak was just gorgeous.
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3/31/2016 Baby Canyon Ruins, Agua Fria National Monument, AZ - At the top of the particular area of the mesa in this ruin is room after rooms, about 100 rooms, by the south side of the Baby Canyon and north side is steep cliff. Petroglyphs are located on the cliff that just below the ruin. I came back via Baby Canyon with exploring that was challenging.
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3/31/2016 Pueblo Pato Ruins, Agua Fria National Monument, AZ (10 miles total include Baby Canyon Ruins) - This is the one of largest 300 rooms ruins in the Perry Mesa. I can see the Richinbar Sheep Petroglyphs site, which I have hiked on 3/17/16, at the end of the Perry Tank Canyon. I found some petroglyphs but suppose to much more.
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3/30/2016 Pueblo de los Mujeres, Tonto National Forest, AZ - This is one of the largest 150-200 rooms ruins in the Perry Mesa, and located in the Tonto National Forest but go through from the Agua Fria National Monument. Not long ago, they changed name from the Squaw Creek Ruins. There are many petroglyphs on the Squaw Creek side of the cliff.
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